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Body overhaul slider project . 3.8

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About This File

New thigh slider , Replaced HFO shoulder up/down by Dumbaby's shoulder height slider for female and male , MASOKO HEEL THICC are female only slider now .


Be sure to update frequently and replace old files .



Hi everyone .



I present to you my female body overhaul project .

The goal is to have the maximum amount of slider packed on each spot for you guys to really enjoy your CAS and not having to choose between sliders .

So no more useless left and right profile with the same ones .

Most of my slider are original and created by me but some slider are just too good and popular

 so I pack them with mines as I explain further on this post .

Its also a body parts project as you can see I made another post for it wich display the Hamburger pussy series for the moment .


The files are organized following each location or hotspot control :

shoulder / chest and back chest / hip / butt / thigh (for the moment) .

Its a long post to read but there is a lot of content so its worthed your time I guess )



For the shoulder slider pack we have 4 slider packed in one spot .



1) Masoko slider

( from the Congolese word that mean butt ) .

This slider tilt the pelvis and change the overall shape to try to give that African body type style .


Location : up/down on the right shouler and 3/4 on the right shoulder too.





cc friendly for the most part


2) THICC slider :

A slider that enlarge and reshape pretty much the whole body .

Work with most of cc's , just try and see as usual .

Combine it to enlarge every body preset .

Location: left/right on right shoulder 3/4 right shoulder too .

there is 2 variation , one for the left one for the right

edit : left  is THICC  v1 reworked

right is a new THICC ( THICCCLEAN ) way more subtlle , wich was made from a CLEAN maxed body

so use the breast slider wisely after maxing out this one




THICC maxed








3) : HEEL.

 a pelvis tilt only slider to fine tune the posture as you like .

Having the high heel effect is possible now .

More tilt would be really bad for the sim spine/look/CCs , its already a CC killer .



Location : left/right back shoulder .



Maxing out theses 3 sliders can lead to extreme / funny looking sim / weird as fck / 

CC stress test for content creators  results .

4) I packed the 3 precedent slider with  Hellfrozeover's shoulder slider  and Dumbaby's shoulder height slider to save some space .

and because

Not everyone know how to relocate sliders with   Cmar's Morphmaker

( You  should try , its easy to learn and convenient to use )

Having to choose between sliders is really frustrating .

I will remove  theses sliders and any other creator content if its problematic for the creator .

Credits to all of them .




Breast slider that push the boobs together and reshape them slightly without any underboob bug or texture deplacement .

Location right chest

Two shapes that can stack on each other .


 CLEANv2 the smoothest shape of the 2

Location right chest  :  left / right and 3/4 right chest left /right.




Up /down  and 3/4 right chest up/down is CLEANFAT with shoulder pushing down to create a weight effect .




"Mix them or just use the one you like the most"


Advice : for the best results , max EA chest slider first

Then use CLEAN v2 : left/right .

Then if you want  even more boobs, use CLEAN FAT  : up down .



"push them together with precision"


The front hotspot is off course occupied by the great Cmar'breast separation slider

all credits to the creator .



left side

the left side is EA big/small : left / right  .

And the really smooth Redheadsims's breast alteration slider

all credits to the creator .

left side : up /down






Soporosyntic's Allure and Hiroki's Better Body[BB] female top .

I sent them a message but they are inactive so I hope they dont mind .

I retouched a bit their mesh :


Allure :





Allure retouch ; alternative nipple placement .




BB :







BB retouch ; more poly and smoother .




Back chest location

profil left : 2 breast shaper




left /right is "SURF" , a reshape who is great to make pointy/growing tits


UP/down is "LAZZY ", this one tilt the breast , slight push the thorax and shrink the rergion between shoulder and breast to give a weight effect .

both slider can be stack but not maxing them can have a better effect .

Just a small reshape is better .

Both work the best with Allure_retouch (used in picture)

or BB retouch , all my breast slider are really bad with Helio's HB

EVE is not great either (v3 v5 fine still) ; they have another nipple placement and they become squarry looking and texture are messed up .

test and see .


Backchest location:

Profil right we have HFO chest wide /narrow /in/out

credits to the creator .


Hip area slider pack:


Suggested by Daniela NANY Design


make the hip wider or push them together , everything is shaping accordingly .

Allow you to have the perfect tigh gap you want .

Great for fat sims , wide hips , sim with huge tighz or teen sims...

The TIGHT version pack all the pelvic region and make the tighs touching each others .


The STRETCH version , do the opposite .

CCkiller ? not so much surprisingly , use it with care tough .

Its a fine tune slider with extreme possibilities

location front hip : left right spot




Back hip location :




EA big small  hip is left right



up/down is COWBOY slider (they are 2 version big and small)

I made them for having the hip butt and the upper thigh matching together when morphed .

  Work well with EA's hip slider as you can see in the gif i mix both .


For the  front hip location : up and down .

We have the famous LUUMIA's smooth hip shape off course




On the left side an 3/4 left side UP/DOWN spot

I placed the excellent Dumbaby's Hip Height slider



credits to the creators .


for the right side we have .




 Right hip and 3/4 right hip spot : up/down .

My version of hip shape , 2 of them








For the Right hip and 3/4 right : left/right spot






Shrink or enlarge pubis region , for CC fine tuning , morphology adjustements and compensate for TIGHT/STRETCH morphing .




Butt location

back side




Off course I placed the great  Cmar's ehanced butt slider

credits to the creator .

but I reworked from scratch right and up :

Bottom side cheeks wide and top cheeks wide

so its like a new slider or a v3 kinda .


left right up down arrows


left side




I tried different classic butt slider and the smoothest of all is the pixel's butt slider .

I dont think its possible to get it better so I dont bother trying to make one .

 credits to the creator .

up down butt low/high

right/left big small


right side





we have for left / right , a butt shaper/ size slider  PEAR and ONION.

            the thighs are morphing accordingly .



UP down is Cmar's ass low / high from ehanced butt slider , I might change it for 2 other butt shape .


63641937_cmarlowhigh.gif.c39e183aaecfe63b360fd991cb41c5e1.gif old and obsolete version of PEAR and ONION on this gif .



Thigh area .


Front :

Left right is EA  big small , up down is GAP , slider focused on  inner thigh .


Left side

Left right is the great Dani paradise's thigh slider left is soft right is fit .


Up / down is the perfect Piruxsim's knee height slider ( same side as Dumbaby's hip height for a  full control over hip/leg height/lenght )


Right side :

Up down is my profilTHICC slider focused on rear thigh

Left right is the very good vibrantpixel's profil thickeness slider focused on front thigh .


Back side :

 Up down is the great Cmar's ehanced thigh slider , up big / down thin ,  (I reworked the big to be more smooth .)


Left right is the well_made Vibrantpixel's  bow leg slider .




Dont telecharge any other creator's slider , they are already included .

Links are for credits purpose .


For instalation : put the files in your mod folder .

One file for each slider spot .

(Replace them individualy if I update)


For Allure_acc :

Replace your Allure_acc  if you have it by Allure_acc_hokusai26retouch .

Its not a standalone its Allure _Acc edited so you can only keep one version



For[BB] :

The [BB] default top  must be installed as intended by the creator .

"Mod folder >!!BB>!!!!BB>[BB][Female]Top_hokusai26retouch".

Exctract the !!BB file .

 Put all the "!!BB folders"  into the mod folder if you dont have BB mod already .

( theses folders are for the load order )


If you have it already just replace the BB_female _top you have with the [BB][Female]Top_hokusai26retouch .

 ( putting all the default body parts or skin that you have in that last file is great too .)

( Always only 1 default file for each body parts ; eye , top , bot ect )

Remove any default female top if you have one .



Here is the List of slider packed with mines , remove them if you have one of thoses .

Dumbaby's Hips Height Slider

Cmar's BreastSeparationSlider


Pixel's butt slider

HFO's ShoulderSliders

LUUMIA's HipShape

Redheadsims's breast alteration slider 

HFO's Female Chest Depth and Width

Remove all the sliders that are using the shoulder , the hip, the chest and the butt spot , or it will conflict and dont work .


I recommend this program .


Dont play without it .

You can find doubles even if they have other names with the build in conflict detector .

You can find the problem you cant find with it .

Isolation of broken cc is ez too  , just make a sim without any cc , then put broken cc on it then go in tray importer to check what CC's the sims have on him and erase them .






I tend to keep smoothing out my sliders over time to make them more CC and other sliders compatible .

So I keep updating them until im satisfied , replace every time the old slider by the new one .

( Dont hesitate to report something you dont like , a flaw, or any suggestions )

But first versions are great  for me because they were my first idea so they merit to be adapted in body presets

instead of being lost .



masoko v1: very small waist , great for anime/cosplay/ sims






back thicc.png

THICC v1 body preset


Other body preset incoming .





mixed sliders


next slider incoming : Knee area .



The cc's you can see in my picture are sometimes custom made or modified by me .

All of my body parts you see in my pictures are reworked meshes


The best results are achieved when using slider slightly , because they stack on each other and sometimes modify  the same region

so you can have a too thicc sim very fast , use them with care and see how they mix together.


If the morphing animation get slow its because my sliders are complex and moving a lot of  things in the same time so its hard for the cpu to calculate ,

Just do it slow .


Feedbacks , ideas , pictures of your sim and comments  are greatly appreciated .

Sorry for my bad english its not my mother tongue .


Take care .


I put a lot of time and effort into this project for you guys so if you  want to support my work  : buy me a coffee .





Art by me .


What's New in Version 3.8   See changelog


Replaced HFO shoulder up/down by Dumbaby's shoulder height slider for female and male , MASOKO HEEL THICC are female only slider now

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