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  1. Thank you ! Here you go ,I added mermaid and witch now THICC_v1_body_preset.package Masoko_v1_body_preset.package
  2. well ; male pussies are too weird for me lol , Im ok with futa but thats my limit )
  3. yeah its possible I'll do it soon , to get thoses unpainted cc some fat cameltoes )
  4. For the BC's hip slider , I made an "evolved" version of this one actually , and all BC's sliders hip/butt/breast can't be edited (by me at least) because they are BGEO bone morph . BC's hip slider
  5. Thank you , glad you like it ! Indeed the male body is lacking some poly to create real nice pectoral and abs muscles , its even worse for female in my opinion , breast is the most frustating slider to make ) And yeah even with the smoothest top / bot body part , when you use any slider , thoses squarry EA body mesh bones come trough . If there are some flaw they are caused by morphmaker wich create some bumps sometimes . I try my best to prevent that and resmooth then update , but some bumps keep coming back whenever I create the Dmaps... Cmar himself quoted : "DMap
  6. Hi, here is cammy CC , the sims is custom made so no tray . http://www.mediafire.com/file/4ybe8b54l9bn8ey/SaikyoC4_CammyUpdated.zip/file Saikyo_CammyX_hokusai26.package here is the custom body string I made , Saikyo version was too soft for me .locarion body acc /right ring finger , thumbnail is a chun li pic for jasmine : https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-sims-female-youngadult/title/jasmine-agrabah/id/1415414/ this is the sim https://amazonsims.blog.hu/2018/09/12/the_sims_4_dinsey_hercegnok old school Disney CC
  7. Thank you very much ! Im focused on female for the moment , but i'll do male too . I added Dumbaby shoulder height to male , I'll check that NarciCC's trap and shoulder slider no problemo . For the bulge its already done for female : shrink /enlarge/stretch/tight sliders are modifying the zone , and 2 more incoming , height and forward/backward so yeah lol 6 pubis slider ) For male bulge I'll do it too . I use WhibbyGaylord's slider my favorite one is the Cornfed down , I'll pack it alongside Vibrantpixel's profil and back thickeness sliders , for a smooth general morphing
  8. No problem ! Its not the new file in my main mod but the one in my previous post here that work for male and female .
  9. Finally done , I totally forgot your request and indeed its way better with Dumbaby's shoulder slider . hokusai26_SHOULDER_slider_Masoko_sliderv2.6_THICC_v1_REWORK_v1_THICCCLEANv1_HEEL_v1.5_Hellfrozeover_Dumbaby_bundle.package
  10. Indeed it does not work for male , because once you touch the hip height all your WW animations will be off . here is the male/female for HIP area version if you dont mind missmatched penis animations . I replaced the shoulder height male/female by the way better indeed Dumbaby's shoulder height . and HEEL THICC and masoko are female only now . hokusai26_SHOULDER_slider_Masoko_sliderv2.6_THICC_v1_REWORK_v1_THICCCLEANv1_HEEL_v1.5_Hellfrozeover_Dumbaby_bundle.package hokusai26_HIP_slider_TIGHTv1_STRETCHv1.1_ENLARGEv1_Shrinkv1_HIPSHAPE_v1_COWBOY_v1.2_COWB
  11. Front : Left right is EA big small , up down is GAP , slider focused on inner thigh . Left side Left right is the great Dani paradise's thigh slider left is soft right is fit . Up / down is the perfect Piruxsim's knee height slider ( same side as Dumbaby's hip height > full control on leg height/lenght ) Right side : Up down is my profilTHICC slider focused on rear thigh Left right is vibrantpixel's profil thickeness slider focused on front thigh . Back si
  12. Thank you ! I see , you wanted to make some skinny sim ) its true that I always go thicc and they are other shapes aswell^^ . BTW the thigh sliders are done , just need to make the gifs .
  13. Thank you , it was indeed the level option , I was doing all other step fine but not the level that give transparency , clip studio as it aswell .
  14. Thank you . I mainly use clip paint studio for texture tweaking , I'll try in photoshop . Usually ( in clip paint studio) When I try to make an overlay it appear too dark or just grey instead of transparent ex : I use a skin overlay to get a grey tone reference , I convert my image to the same values , my image and the skin overlay are matching together perfectly . So if I add a detail on a skin overlay , there is no problem . but if I try to make that detail a standalone , it become too dark or grey instead of transparent like in sims4studio previewer . I
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