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  1. There is now a pdf guide kindly made by Ladythoms . Available in the download file , every slider are compiled there . Body_Overhaul_Slider_Project_Manual_v1.7_by_Ladythoms.pdf
  2. I can't pack them in another file or ; the presets I put on shoulder as slider will conflict because they have the same modifier . But I made my files NO random so no more random townies . hokusai26_SHOULDER_slider_BODY_PRESETS_[5packed_NO_RANDOM]MALE_UPDATE_v1.9_Hellfrozeover_Dumbaby_NarciCism_Darko_Miiko_bundle.package hokusai26_body_presets_V.1.2_4packed_NO_RANDOM.package
  3. You are welcome . that shadow is easy to fix , I can do it if you don't know how , just send me the file .
  4. Its a penis rig problem penis rig is packed inside WW now , it use to be an addon made by Asmodan22 who created the rig . Slider don't have rig in them they ask them to move , the only slider I have packed who use penis rig is Crilender's gem slider so yeah it's an issue with the WW version you have or maybe a rig file search "rig" . remove your savegame file and tray , erase localthumbcachefile , try with another WW version to see if it work .
  5. Thats a really weird one , maybe a default head conflict . Look for "cien" file in your mod folder they are head default replacement Cien - No EA Lashes V6 For - Females only.package Cien - No EA Lashes V6 For - Males only.package I use ONLY thoses 2 if you have others , remove them NANDONG files are also head default replacement , Noir and dark made one also , search and remove .then put the both v6 cien I sent
  6. What I see there is a missmatched skin ; what is the skin you use here ? Its a "normal" problem , the normals is what tell the location to a texture to be displayed at the proper location . every CC has normals . Skin for knowing where to be place on the mesh and mesh are the opposite , they tell to the texture where to place . So change skin and top mesh and see if you can isolate the issue . preset have normals too , slider aswell , my slider and preset have no normal issues . So yeah check and swap everything and test .
  7. Thank you what do you mean by seams ? here Bull maxed EA preset no other slider Then I tried with Musclor and NarciCism's trap maxed no flaw noticed . Maybe the preset you use , the CC , others slider conflict ? Edit ; I found the problem , it appear when you max out the EA muscle slider past 60% it starting to add flaw So I have to tone down this slider I guess 2nd edit ,; its not my slider its EA muscle slider , after 60 % it create flaws on the upper neck , even with a EA body with no slider . So yeah I can't edit EA default muscle /fa
  8. Wow its quite a BIG problem there I tested all my slider , with that precise CC and I didn't I found any issues Was susspecting Crilender penis slider but no problem so , there is a conflict in your mod folder instal "Sims 4 tray importer" it has a build in conflict detector . Did you tried without your CC folder only my slider ? Always use the 50%/50% method to find the problem its quite easy remove half /test/> problem still there /remove half ect you will find the issue very fast that way .
  9. Thank you , and yeah its on the foot : left side up down left side foot left/right is heel slider You missed the description ) remove the original file if you have it ofc .
  10. You must have a conflict , because Cmar's breast separation is packed on the front laft/right like the original spot . Maybe female male frame sim or vice versa ?
  11. 9 slider files and 1 body preset file for each post part 1 got [[BB] and Allure file aswell So yeah nothing is lost )
  12. Thank you ! The Cmar's butt height slider for the profil right side was removed by mistake . Is that this spot you reffering to ? I removed the Cmar's butt height slider from the butt : profil right by mistake to thoses 2 following ones . Right side : down is a work in progress slider Asssmall Right side : up is Gzckrg's butt slider the height adjustement one (small) Tell me if you miss the Cmar's 2nd butt height slider or not . I might try something else and create a brand new one for this spot , maybe a more complex bone morph posture
  13. Almost all slider are used here to give the almost perfect thicc look I was trying to do with THICC slider V1 Hamburger Butterfly shape v1 "normal" bottom [BB] retouch default top . THICCCLEAN overlay then 20 % of Miiko'sSophieV2 SLIDER not body preset ofc Thissisthem skin with custom nipple placement .
  14. I use to only put the files related to the post description . So each post with different files . But it was not easy to keep track on every post , leading to mistakes with different files version in each one as you saw and helped me clearing thoses mistakes . On this site the description file upload , gifs ect , is limited . The files you can upload to be downloaded aren't So yeah I put all 3 post with all the same files and the post are just there for description purpose .
  15. I removed the description from part 1 because no more space available . And I cleared all unnecessary text The post is becoming more clear .
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