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  1. Hey Pixel, how are you? I just wanted to say hi and thank you for that amazing body mod. Would you mind if ask if you're going to keep working on it or you are tired of the Sims already like me that just keep playing it for the character custimization and building plataform lol.

  2. Hmm, can you come back, take a couple of screenshots?
  3. Soon I’ll add a height variation to my slider, so wait a bit
  4. Yes, I remember you. I am glad that everything works again.
  5. no, sliders with different sizes can work together, remove the old one
  6. Do you even need to delete old files? There everything is now with conflicts, because I did not change the file index from version to version. In this case, the fact that you have conflicts here is not my fault. By the way, since when did you decide that my mods have a connection with each other? There can not be such that if you need to replace something, then you need to delete something, no, it does not work so you can delete any file and everything else will work.
  7. Wow! Amazing screenshot! Try to choose a more transparent color overlay skin
  8. This is the most true truth. Texture developers do not assume that the user will want to see the spicy places.
  9. Its overlay version Remuros Skin R16 + wild_guy's nipples + allure's pink color nipples
  10. My modification is modular, you can remove everything you do not need or dislike including the slider. If you do not want to see big forms, remove BreastSlider from the mods folder or ButtSlider if you do not want to see big asses.
  11. Thanks for the support, I will be a little slower with the updates XD
  12. Hehe ... Yep, I thought about the name for three months and it looks like I didn’t lose
  13. Thank. Yes, you must remove the old versions when updating, otherwise there will be errors and a broken gaming experience. However, if the problem persists, try downloading the mod again, possibly the files could be damaged. But if this does not help, then try temporarily removing other body replacements from your mods folder and checking how the mod will work.
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