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LUSH Body + Real Girl Skin Conversion (Bodyslide CBBE HDT) v1.3

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About This File

List of LUSH Gears: Here


v1.3a Real Skins with Pube is online. Previous upload had incorrect body texture.


NOTE: The included normal map in Real Girls Skin file is customized for 0 weight. If you would prefer more shadows under breasts, then please download file 100 weight normal map.zip in download section.



Two for one meal deal. This body replacer goes from near-flat petite to curvy busty. Also included is my CBBE conversion of Real Girls Realistic Body Texture for UNPBO by Zonzai. It's a lighter skin tone with some facial pores smoothed over and other cosmetic adjustments as you see in screenshots.


Additional preset added for big breast fanatics. LUSH++ is a super busty version. However not all LUSH Gear armors have been tested for LUSH++ so some clipping may occur. See photos below.


Also available is compatible sexy walk and run animations by LeCid. Pease run FNIS after installing.


Mucho kudos to Kittensmasher for adjusting pregnancy stomach weight nodes.













.: F.A.Q.

What is Bodyslide?

It's a software by Caliente that conforms armor to CBBE body types. First the armor must be converted to default CBBE body using Bodyslide Outfit Studio.


How do I use LUSH Body or other body replacers?

Download and install via Nexus or unzip contents into your Skryim game directory.


How do I convert vanilla armor to fit LUSH or other body replacers?

Search Nexus for keywords 'Bodyslide' and 'CBBE' (or your preferred body replacer). Download and install. For LUSH Body or other CBBE body replacers, install in the order below. These mods will ensure you get boob and ass bounce. Be sure to run FNIS after installing any animations (See FNIS FAQ).


0) Install latest SKSE (Google Skyrim Script Extender)

1) Realistic Ragdoll and Force by dDefinder1

2) FNIS Behavior by fore, followed by any custom animations

3) Caliente Beautiful Bodies Edition(CBBE) by Caliente

4) XP32 Maximum Skeleton by xp32

5) HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT

6) Caliente Bodyslide by Caliente

7) Bodyslide Compatible Outfit Packs such as Remodeled Armor for CBBE by chronotrigger77

8) CBBE LUSH (this) or any CBBE body replacer with Bodyslide.

9) Run FNIS, run LOOT.


Run Bodyslide, then do the following:


1) Open Bodyslide

2) In "Outfit/Body", select CBBE Body HDT.

3) In "Preset", select your preferred body preset (CBBE LUSH, etc...). Play with sliders and save your body.

4) In "Outfit/Body", select your armor then click "Build"


5) Click the magnifying glass next to "Group Filter", then click "Choose Groups"

6) Click the groups your armor belong to, click ok.

7) Click "Batch Build". Unselect any bodies that you see (i.e. CBBE Vanilla, CBBE Slim, etc..) then click ok.




Anything for CBBE and Bodyslide. However, as with any outifts that have been converted to CBBE, some clipping issues may occur. Please notify me if you see this.



Some breast deformation can occur with custom animations that install their own custom skeletons or any mod that does so.


NOTE: Any clipping with standard animation or when standing still is a bug so please notify me.



SG Hair Pack 268 by HelloSanta (Google it)

Real Girl Skin CBBE Conversion by Samisme74 (Original by Zonzai)

The Eyes of Beautyby LogRaam

RANS HeadMesh Variants by RAN46 - Round faced

CBBE Bodyslide by Caliente

Immersive Saturation Boostby Aplestormy

What's New in Version v1.3


  • v1.3a Real Skin with Pube - previous file had incorrect body texture. This corrects this.
  • v1.3 Adds LUSH++ preset. Improvements to my previous Real Girl Skin conversion.

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