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Alla's Hidden Island






The Hidden Island is a small, uncluttered landmass in the Sea of Ghosts.

Some sort of lingering magic, perhaps left over from the collapse of Winterhold into the sea, makes the climate of the island a little warmer than usual for the northern portion of Skyrim.

On the Hidden Island is a spacious, uncluttered, follower-friendly dwelling.

To reach the Hidden Island, simply travel eastward from Winterhold, until you find the Boat Ramp. Hop in the rowboat, and you're on your way.





  • There are crafting amenities including a small smelting pot to make ingots from your ores, an anvil, armourer's bench, grindstone, and tanning rack. There is a small garden, with potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, leeks, carrots, and gourds.
  • There is an apple tree and a juniper tree, several kinds of mushroom, and various plants and flowers.
  • There is some wildlife, as well as a malamute (bigger than a husky, for those not sure of the difference in breeds) and a percheron (a grey-dappled draft-horse).
  • There is a hotsprings pool with seats for bathing in front of the mansion, and behind the mansion is a small outhouse with a working privy.


  • The large, uncluttered mansion has a fireplace with a cooking pot, and a loft with an alchemy bench and an enchanter's table, as well as a bed, which grants the "Well-Rested" bonus.
  • There is plenty of room to place furniture or other personal items, and all storage containers except the mead keg in the dining area are safe storage.
  • And, of course, there is the Hidden Estate's special feature. The walls are hung with original art.

Requirements: Skyrim and Update



Preferred Method -- Extract the files, and place the ESP and BSA files in your Skyrim > Data directory

NMM Method -- Let it do whatever it is that it does


Load Order: This mod must be placed BEFORE (above) any creature mods to ensure that the dog and the horse do, in fact, behave correctly. (For instance, if you run a "quiet dogs" mod, you want this above that, or the mal will drive you nuts barking.)






  • This is the VANILLA version of Alla's Fantasy World. DO NOT use them both together. I'm not entirely sure what would happen, since they're basically the same mod. I think Skyrim might a-splode or something, though.
  • Sometimes it's a little hard to find the activation spot for the boat to and from the Island. Just move your mouse a little and you'll find it.
  • The climate doesn't match the rest of Skyrim's far northern area. That's because I run needs mods, and I don't want to freeze to death before I even get from the boat to the house, so I figured no one else wanted to, either.
  • The reason there are an apple tree, carrot plants, and tomato bushes is that it always struck me as weird that these things didn't, in fact, exist in Skyrim, even though their products did. (Of course, then Hearthfires came along, and it did have carrots, but I'd already made mine by then.)
  • The space is uncluttered, and most things in it are static, or have havok turned off, because while I know my butt's a little big, I loathe going into a building and seeing things fall to the floor every time I turn around. Or hearing things fall to the floor, as happens in Breezehome. What the Oblivion, are there ghosts up there or something?!
  • Yes, the percheron and the malamute are based on real pets.

All original artwork, including all textures and all meshes, ©Beth Kuda 2000-2014.

No portion of this file may be reproduced, uploaded, or used in any other fashion except in the context of review articles.

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