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Released by request. This mod removes all grass from underwater landscapes. This should result in a slight (or possibly large for some) increase in performance when near water. Unless you're roleplaying a scuba diver, you're unlikely to ever actually see all of the seaweed in this game anyway.


The esp consists of only 3 edits and is an extremely lightweight mod overall. It should conflict with nothing and load order should not matter. No DLC is required as none of them added new underwater landscapes.



In my honest opinion, a mod of this simplicity does not constitute a slot in your load order. Here I will give instructions on how to merge the effects of this mod into an esp of your choice using Tes5edit. This will be a very simple process and require limited to no experience. I recommend using your merged patch, however most people do not seem to use a merged patch, so another good choice would be a custom armor mod, or pretty much anything that you will not be removing from your load order and will not be receiving updates, or else you'll have to repeat this after every update. (definitely don't use your bashed patch for this)

1. Install the mod and drag the esp all the way to the top of your load order.

2. Open this mod as well any mod you wish to use to forward the data into. I will stress again that this is best done with either a personal tweak mod you may have, or a mod that is finished and will not be receiving updates anytime soon. I personally use my merged patch.

3. After Tes5edit has finished loading, click the plus box next to Seaweed Destroyer.esp, then the plus box under "Landscape Textures". You should see 3 entries: LRiverBottom01, LRiverMud01, and LCoastOceanFloor01. Hold the Ctrl button and click on all three so that they're all selected, then right click on them and select "copy as override into". It will ask you if you're sure, just click yes.

4. A window will open asking you to select which mod you wish to copy the data into. Tick the box next to the mod you wish to merge this into and hit OK. Close Tes5edit and make sure the mod you added the data to is checked when prompted to save.

5. Go ahead and uninstall my mod, as you will not need it anymore, start the game and enjoy.



Notes: It's actually surprising how much of an impact this can have on certain set ups. Especially if you're already pushing your game to the limits with a lot of other mods and texture packs on an older machine. I originally uploaded this to the Nexus, but I'm preparing to release some of my "real" mods, and I much prefer the community here at LL. Hopefully this will enhance someone's game in some way.

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