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  1. Nazz and GreyCloud put my first statement much better than I did myself -- Tools aren't necessary, BUT, used right, they can make things easier, and can help find problems. GC -- good catch. I mean, you know... I would never just start cussing when a computer dies and stick the old ancient "oh-shit-no" flash drive in the new computer to reinstall Skyrim and my mods without paying attention... Not me.... LOL But Darkfalz, the big thing is, pick the mods you think look cool -- install them, and their requirements, the way the author says to -- test them a few at a time -- and never be afraid to ask for help! (And never be afraid to admit you screwed up, and thank the person who pointed out your error -- Thanks, GreyCloud!)
  2. Nazz makes a good point -- if you're roleplaying, you can roleplay ANYone.
  3. I'm with Winny. What I do in my own home is none of Steam's (or Microsoft's, or anyone else's) business. Period. Not to mention my slow-ass ISP can't deal with being online. If anyone in this house is online (Steam or EA crap) on PC or XBox, well, no one ELSE can be online, and that includes checking email, paying bills or anything else.
  4. Actually, you don't need any "tools" to get your mods working properly, and a lot of the time those so-called "tools" don't do anything but screw things up, confuse you, and prevent you from knowing exactly how your own game works. I stay far, far away from LOOT, TesxEdit, NMM, and MO, and guess what? I have no problems not directly related to something minor that I screwed up myself. 1.) Load Order is the MOST important thing to get right. If that's wrong, all kinds of bad stuff happens. Therefore, when you download and install a mod, READ where the mod author told you to put it in your load order. Keep in mind also, some mods don't show up in your "Load order" but they have to be installed properly, and in the proper order. For instance, FuzRoD'oh doesn't show up, but you have to have it for many mods which don't have voices, in order to see the subtitles for the dialogue. Mods that depend on other mods always go BELOW those mods -- as an example: Schlongs of Skyrim Core.esm SchlongsofSkyrim.esp VectorPlexusRegularAddOn.esp That's their placement in the load order; any other way, and they don't work. Another example is SexLab itself. It has to be loaded before anything that depends on it to work, including, well, just about every mod on this site. So your (again, just an example) load order would be: SexLab ZazAnimationPack SexLab Aroused SexLab Dangerously Nude SexLab Mind Control 2.) The second most important thing to get right is FNIS. Any time you have a mod which adds animations, YOU RUN GENERATE FNIS FOR USERS. Period. No matter what. And you follow the directions for FNIS to the letter. Doing that clears up about 99.99999999999% of animation glitches and crashes. 3.) A lot of people run into trouble trying to use several mods which all do the same thing. For instance, you CANNOT use AFT and UFO both. Your followers will lose their minds. Pick ONE. You may be able to use a variety of armor mods, but you can't, for instance, use (examples only, not real mods) SillyGlassArmor and NewGlassStuff both. Pick ONE. The same holds true for lighting mods, or smoke mods, or weather mods, or water mods. Pick ONE. You can't use a mod that changes the Ratway in Riften, if you're also going to use DestroyTheThievesGuild -- and so on. 4.) Another problem a lot of folks have is ENB settings, and for that, you will have to find an expert. Just search the forums here at LL for ENB, and you should find guides and troubleshooting info that will help you. 5.) When you install a mod, be very sure that you follow the mod author's instructions as to where it goes in your load order, but also, don't activate a lot of mods at once. (Activate = tick the check box so they load). For instance, you'd activate SOSCore, SOS, and VectorPlexus -- and test your game. Then you'd activate Populated Cities, Dogs of Skyrim, and More Nasty Critters (and of course their requirements) -- and test your game. That way, if something causes trouble, it's much easier to track down which mod had the issue or the compatibility problem. Find it, fix it, and go on to the next set. 6.) And the final problem many people have, is that they're too shy, too stubborn, or too confused to ask for help. Don't be. ASK. That's kinda what we're here for. If you're so confused you don't even know what to ask, say so! And remember, often you will need to give an example of your load order, or of your Papyrus log. Sometimes that's all it takes for someone to figure out what's wrong and help you fix it. Here's an example load order, from my own game, which works perfectly with no crashes, no issues, no problems, no save bloat. Good luck!
  5. The easiest way I ever found to fix Grey Face, was to open the CK, load Skyrim.ESM and nothing else, select *every* person-type NPC except ghosts, and hit Ctrl F4 to export all face gen data. Bam. Done. Fixed, no matter what mods you may be using. However, be aware, it can take up to 5 minutes to generate all those files.
  6. I'm female, and the *only* game I've ever played where I don't use a female character, is Halo, for reasons which should be obvious. I've tried playing "male" a few times (once in EverQuest, remember that one? And once in Skyrim) and it just feels so odd. I can't wrap my head around how men think, so I can't seem to roleplay them in a way that's immersive. In all honesty, I roleplay pretty much my real self, except of course, the real me can't Shout and doesn't live in a magic and myths world. But that's what I like about Skyrim (and MassEffect, and Halo... I need to learn more games, don't I?) is that I can be me -- in a fantasy world. That's how I immerse. I always have male followers, though. I ditched Lydia about 5 minutes after getting her the first time all those years ago, and I paid Jenassa off and sent her back to the Drunken Huntsman after our first adventure together. I rarely wear skimpy armor (seriously? fight a dragon in nipple rings and chainmail panties? Um, no thanks, I want to live through it!) and I rarely have my followers in skimpies, either. I do love SoS on my followers, and I love watching them get sexxed up, though. (which I guess explains why I like PuppetMaster so much.)
  7. All my playthroughs are SexLab. I'm not even sure my game would start if I didn't have SexLab stuff, because my computer would think it wasn't actually me playing. LoadOrder USLEEP SOS SL ZaZ SLA SLAC SLDN DCO SkyTEST Realistic Animals & Predators DogsofSkyrim ImprovedClosedFaceHelmets AutoUnequipAmmo DestroytheThievesGuild (LOOSE) -- Pisses me off that the high and mighty Dragonborn can eliminate the Dork Brotherhood but not the nasty thieves, so I love this mod CuttingRoomFloor PaarthurnaxDilemma AllaKedrisFollower -- my own follower, obviously AllaSkyrimMyWay -- adds my own armor and some retextures to Skyrim's ugly furniture, plus some cute food like pizza and ramen, and body texture replacers I made the week Skyrim came out, while I was waiting for my slow-ass ISP to download Steam and verify my GameStop purchased disk or whatever Steam does Hypothermia iNeed FNIS SkyUI My fave part (aside from watching my male follower "respond" to various things, if you know what I mean, is that usually when I get to HighHrothgar, things have been running long enough that the Greybeards generally masturbate as they teach me the shouts. Last night I even missed demonstrating my Fus-Ro shout because I was so busy laughing at the fact that all four Greybeards were doing the masturbate animation in unison and "in step" so to speak. Not quite as funny but still giggle-worthy, Jarl Sig-whatever of Falkreath masturbates *every time* I go visit him for thane-related quests. But it's in keeping with his snotty personality, isn't it? Second funniest lately was when an Armored Troll and a pet husky (Sceolang, I think it was) decided that my follower and Frea needed some action, at the same time Serana's risen-dead draugr decided she did too. So they're all three merrily sexing away, and I'm fighting skeletons by myself as best I can between giggles. I've even managed to get all the achievements, though Steam doesn't register seven of them -- I think because if you use the console at any point, something goes weird, and you're supposed to save, quit, and come back, which I always forget to do on the rare occasions I have to use a console for something. Oh, another fun incident was having a Steward in each HF house, a Housecarl in each Vanilla house, Serana, Frea, and my own follower, and watching them all get happy. By the time we visited my last house, I'm sure the three of them were worn out. That also gave me the opportunity to see just how many female-female-male animations were possible. It was awesome. Weirdest incident was an accidental use of Bend Will instead of Fus-Ro-Dah. Once "tamed", the dragon couldn't get enough of my follower, Serana, Lydia, or me. He kept chain-sexing us; as soon as his current partner would orgasm, he'd drop that one and move onto the next. It went on for almost fifteen minutes before I gave up and re-loaded the save just prior to that so we could actually kick his draconic ass. Also, at one point, I had some sort of mass-sex mod (don't recall which one) and due to some sort of glitch, the entire Imperial army was more interested in each other than in beating up the Stormcloaks. I almost felt bad shouting StormCall at them and watching them die as they sexxed. Almost. Not quite. Current playthrough, I've done ever single radiant quest I can find listed anywhere, but I haven't yet gone to Dragonsreach to start MQ, haven't gone to Ft Dawnguard to start DGMQ, and haven't (obviously, since I haven't started MQ) had to fight cultists and read their letter. I've even become a vanilla vampire and had to go to Fallon in Morthal to get un-vampired. So far, anyway....
  8. My "dream mod" would be a very lightweight bondage accessory mod for MALE characters, including and especially male Khajiit. It wouldn't have any requirements except SKSE, SOS, and "vanilla" Skyrim (and I mean only Skyrim, not HF, DG, or DB). The accessories would consist of a collar, a set of nipple rings/loops, a set each of wrist and ankle cuffs, a glans piercing (Prince Albert, I think I mean?) which would not act as a chastity item, a cock cage on a chastity belt which would also deny anal entry, and could hold something in the male, and of course a plug to use with it. The nipple and penis piercings would vibrate and shock (though probably not both at once), as would the plug, and they would increase arousal, if the mod checked for SexLabAroused and found it (for instance). Keys would be required to remove the collar, cuffs, and belt/cage, and some sort of tool to remove the piercings would be necessary (based on the "tongs" nif from vanilla). It wouldn't need MCM to configure, because the shock/vibrate events would just happen, maybe every 3-4 game hours. A shock from the piercings would affect mana regen; a shock from the plug or collar would affect stamina regen. Applying an item would give the PC a message box to the effect of "You feel the slight constriction of the collar (belt, cuffs) as it locks around your neck (waist, ankles, wrists). Applying an item to an NPC might give a message box to the effect of "<Target's Name> catches his breath as you slide the piercings through his nipples (penis)" or "<Target's Name> clenches his teeth as you force the toy into his body (lock the cuffs around his wrists, whatever, you get the idea)". Items and of course their keys would be scattered throughout Skyrim in various unlikely boxes, barrels, or bags, and might even be lootable from defeated enemies. (Okay, not from dragons or wolves or something... unless the dragon or wolf happened to eat someone who had a key or a set of nipple rings in his pocket.... hmmm....) Although the mod would not require anything but the above, it would "play nice" with other bondage mods; that is, it might check to see if a DeviousDevices mod was present, and if so, share those scripts. If it found SexLab Aroused scripts, it would use them as needed. If not, it would carry on with its own basics. If SLAC was in use, it *would* open or remove the belt so the creature could use the man, OR, it might use an oral only animation. There would be no "female models" of the items, because they would be strictly for use on males and male beasts. (And I guess werewolves? Are those beasts?) It would be extremely "script-light". It would not require the use of any MOs or NMMs or any of that stuff, but would be a simple "Drop the ESP, BSA, Script, and SEQ folders into your Data Folder, and go!" And if I knew more about scripting than "Oh god, I better ask for help", I'd do this myself. In fact, I already have the message boxes done, the LeveledItem loot lists made, and the accessories made and textured, though I haven't fitted them to a body yet, don't know how to make 'em lock or vibrate, and have no clue how to make a script go "Hey, is ThisOtherMod here? If so, Use ThisOtherMod's scripts. If not, Carry on by yourself". (TL;DR, I have the mod made already, with no scripts because I stink at scripting!) (slight side rant -- Why is there so much stuff for females, but so little for males? Why is there so much stuff for enslaving/dominating females, and so little for males? Why are there so many "dominant male" options, and so few dominant female options? Why are there so many submissive female options, and so few submissive male options? Why is there so much girl-girl stuff, and so little boy-boy stuff? Sheesh! Some of us women appreciate other women, but prefer men, remember, folks?) Anyway, that's my dream! (edit, Woops, spelling error)
  9. Now you know why there are still some of us who don't bother with NMM or MO *wink It is frustrating, but sometimes Skyrim just won't play nice with itself. Glad you got it going!
  10. The first thing you might try is to uncheck/disable (NOT delete) ALL mods except Update, HF, DG, DB, and the HiRes Texture packs. Start Skyrim, but don't click NEW to start a new game. Instead, open the console with the ~ key and type COC HelgenHomestead Then hit Enter. Let the game load you into that cell (it's a relatively empty, totally safe, vanilla cell). Then exit, without saving. That should generate a Skyrim.ini that "understands" that you have all the official content. Then, one by one, check/enable your mods and as you do each one, again load into the HelgenHomestead cell, make sure the mod is "up" and not crashing you, and exit without saving to go on to the next mod. This method generally works, whether you use MO, NMM, or manual install of your mods. If it didn't work, try this: Check your User>MyDocs>MyGames>Skyrim> Skyrim.ini file Be sure you have this: Now check your Steam>SteamApps>Common>Skyrim> SkyrimEditor.ini Under General, you want to be sure you have and under Archive, be sure you have NOTE the order of things in the SResourceArchiveList2 in both the Skyrim.ini and the SkyrimEditor.ini. For some reason, for some people, it must be exactly that order. That should clear things up for you.
  11. Those wondering about the Rebuild/Clean solution -- You do know you can Export and Import your SL setup, including your supressed animations. That option is on the same page with the Rebuild/Clean.
  12. @ItalianDragon Only "new" mod was the DD for Him Reboot mod, to replace, obviously, the older version. I'll try disabling that and see what happens. @Nazzzgul666 I was so weirded out I deleted all my saves, so I'll have to start over. Maybe it won't happen with the filters turned off as you mention. I'm trying *not* to have to turn Papyrus logging on. This computer is beyond ancient, so we all know how slow things will be if I do have to turn logging on. This is a clean install on this computer; I *had* a nice new one, but it a-sploded (before I even got as far as installing Photoshop and MSOffice, let alone Skyrim) so it's currently on its way back to the manufacturer for fixing. If it matters, here's my load order (same as it's been forever) The "Alla" mods are of course my own; the only one I've redone from scratch lately is AllaKedrisFollower01, and I really don't think separating Kedris out of the vanilla follower system caused this. Besides, everything was working fine on a test run, and still working fine once the DD stuff was installed -- right up until this afternoon. *sigh* The computer gods don't want me to play Skyrim, that's all I can really figure. ? EDIT -- Okay so ... I forgot that the follower had on a chastity belt. Once I unlocked and removed it, animals couple correctly with him. Weirdly enough, however, with HIS belt removed, ALL male NPCs now couple correctly with nearby animals.... I swear, I didn't make the chastity belt, and I didn't mess with it in NifSkope or nuthin'. It's just the "padded" one that comes with the DDa, DDi, and DDx stuff. I never touched it other than to install it. And I don't have anything that equips devices on random NPCs or anything like that. But when I took Kedris's chastity belt off, everybody worked again. Sanguine is out to get me. That's the only explanation.
  13. No idea where this question should go, so if it doesn't belong here, someone please move it for me. Person on person animations seem to be fine, regardless of any restraints or regardless of location (cave, open street, etc). However, ALL animals, when engaging either the player or NPCs, are ... well... Reversed! For example, a horse's head is at the actor's crotch, and it's basically teabagging the actor, rather than engaging in "doggystyle". Same with dogs, wolves, bears, sabrecats, and everything else I've tried to look at today. It doesn't matter if it's me, my custom follower, or Nazeem or somebody -- no matter what, the positions are wrong. I'm ot sure if the NPC/Player is wrong and needs to be rotated 180 degrees, or the creature needs to be. I have run FNIS, I do have FNIS creatures installed correctly, SexLab has creature animations selected, and ArousedCreatures is set up correctly. (I know all of the above, because I've been setting them up the same way forever.) The problem just started today. Any thoughts or ideas?
  14. I have the DD series, including the stuff for males and for beast races, but there are more goodies I'd like my male Khajiit follower to have access to. Since I can barely figure out how to open BS/OS, I was wondering if anyone has conversion sets (if that's what they're called) for male beast races.
  15. Actually, the problem solved itself. I saved and closed Skyrim (for different reasons) and upon going back in, the first bandits we came across (white river watch) were obliging enough to torment the follower too. So hey, it's all good!
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