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    I live in a cabin in the woods, in the central US. I'm a CGI artist, a rabid HALO and Skyrim gamer, and when I'm not gaming or modding, I make a living writing "hard science" military science fiction.

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  1. Some of those cells that the cleaner is showing, were not changed except to drop an X marker into them (for teleporting). But as with the other things you mentioned, I will definitely go back and look at them, and start over if necessary. I don't mind starting over or fixing things, if it means other people will be able to enjoy the mod. Otherwise, what's the point of making it, if no one else can have fun with it! 😁
  2. I don't get why the meal script doesn't work. It does work for me, and the other people in my house, but then we all have the same install and all that. For the meal script all I did was use the Drink script you already had helped me with (remember that a week or two ago, in the forums?) But I'll go back and try again. ROTFL -- you're right about body replacers on LL -- I did not even think about it that way, and I should have!
  3. I'm not quite sure why you're getting that with the texture paths, but I'll go back and check them as you suggest. Not quite sure why the scripts aren't working for you. I'll check those over again. Don't clean the mod. There are no dirty edits in it -- every change in it was intended. Cleaning it, especially with TESxEdit, breaks it. And wow, thank you for the zip file -- you obviously went to a lot of trouble to do. That was really nice of you! Edit -- also, didn't realize so many people use clothing or body replacers, since no one I know does so, thank you for pointing out that lots of people do use them. The Pebbles were meant more along the lines of "tokens" that weren't touchable, so to speak. But I like your idea better, of being able to drop or grab them.
  4. Alla's Oblivion My Way View File Alla's Oblivion My Way Little additions to make Oblivion more fun Dragonwing Lodge If you explore the mountains, you'll find a small house. You'll have to solve a few riddles to take possession of it, though. Inside you'll find a bed, plenty of safe storage, cooking and crafting amenities, and two rather special wall decorations. (If you are using the CObl version, you will discover one other interesting thing in the Lodge.) Cloud Ruler Quarters It seems wildly unfair not that Martin and Jauffre had private quarters -- after all, one's the Emperor and the other is the Head Blade -- but that they expected the hero to share the dorm-barracks. No. Just no. Look for the Hero's Quarters in Cloud Ruler Temple; you'll find safe storage and the usual amenities. (And the extra interesting thing that CObl provides.) Crafting Stations The Herbcraft Notes acts as a full leveled Alchemy Apparatus set, and the Enchanting Manual acts as a Spellmaking Station (because not everyone wants to join a guild just to mix a potion or enchant a sword). Fun with Cooking You will find cooking amenities not just in Dragonwing Lodge or the Hero's Quarters, but throughout Cyrodiil (usually outdoors). Cook Pots will make 4 Meals; Mixing Bowls will make 2 Salads; Drink Pitchers will make 2 Drinks. A CookBook lists what you can make, and what ingredients you need. (Each recipe requires 3 ingredients). Pebbles, Clothes, Gear, and Jewelry There are several "Pebbles" to be found in various places -- in containers, at various shops, in the possession of many people and creatures. These Pebbles can be used like Sigil Stones to enchant your armor or clothes. There is also some enchanted jewelry which will help you on your adventures. Most Chest items (Cuirasses, shirts/blouses, robes) no longer hide amulets and necklaces. Let's face it, either you spent a lot of money on your jewelry, or you risked your life to acquire it. You want people to see it! Brother Maborel's Paint Horse That is a really stupid name for a horse, so he has been renamed in honor of a famous racehorse. Keep in mind, none of the goodies are just plunked down somewhere obvious. You will have to look around, use your brains, explore, and examine things around you. (But nothing is terribly hard to see, locate, or use.) ================================================================================================== Requirements for AllaObMyWay = OBSE Requirements for AllaObMyWay-CObl = OBSE + CObl AllaObMyWay/AllaObMyWay-CObl should play nice with most other mods. (I highly recommend Kuertee's "Eat and Sleep", Kvatchcount's "Return the Stolen Items Redux", and TheWizardKs's "Word of Recall") ================================================================================================== Install = Manual install recommended. Choose ONE ESP only! Place AllaObMyWay.esp, Meshes, and Textures, into your Oblivion\Data directory. When you're asked to "Replace" click "Yes". (You won't overwrite any existing files, all that will happen is the meshes, textures, and icons for AllaObMyWay will end up where they belong.) *OR* Place AllaObMyWay-CObl.esp, Meshes, and Textures, into your Oblivion\Data directory. When you're asked to "Replace" click "Yes". (You won't overwrite any existing files, all that will happen is the meshes, textures, and icons for AllaObMyWay-CObl will end up where they belong.) Uninstall Remove AllaObMyWay.esp or AllaObMyWay-CObl.esp from your Data directory. Remove AllaMeshes from your Meshes folder. Remove AllaTextures from your Textures folder. Remove the 8 "Alla" icon files from your Textures>Menus>Icons>Clutter Folder *****DO NOT ATTEMPT TO "CLEAN" THIS MOD. All changes are intentional. "Cleaning" will simply break it and render it unusable.***** If you need to find something from this mod in the CS, just look for anything prefixed with Alla -- Scripts, Meshes, Textures, Icons. Note: You may find the console commands "GetBaseObject" and "SetActorFullName" handy. To use GetBaseObject drop the item on the ground, open the console, click the item, and type GetBaseObject. That will give you the item's code; the first two characters will be the number of the mod the item comes from. To use SetActorFullName click a creature, open the console, and type SetActorFullName MyExample or, SetActorFullName "My Example" if the name has a space in it. ================================================================================================== FAQ It doesn't work! Did you choose ONE ESP and place it in your Oblivion\Data directory? Did you place the Meshes and Texture folders in your Data folder? Did you ACTIVATE the plugin? Did you use BOSS, SkyBSA, or something similar, to sort your plugins? Did you refrain from "cleaning" the mod? I did tell you not to, remember? I installed AllaObMyWay or AllaObMyWay-CObl correctly, but I think I found a bug! Uh-oh. Can you describe it so I can try to fix it? What happened, under what conditions, and can you repeat the problem? Hey, this other mod does some or all of the same stuff! It's nice to have variety, isn't it? May I use your models or textures? NO, you may NOT use my models or textures without express permission. May I use your scripts? YES, you certainly may. Scripting for Oblivion (and Skyrim) confuses the snot out of me. Once I finally figure something out, I want to share it and perhaps save others the cost of a case of aspirin. Submitter Allannaa Submitted 09/21/2021 Category Other Requires OBSE  
  5. Mem -- TDA -- Fejeena Thank you all so much for the help and advice. I finally got things working!
  6. Mem -- that links to an empty page but I'll go back through that wiki and keep trying TDA -- Thanks, I'll try that
  7. I can do this for Skyrim, but for the life of me, I can't seem to do it for Oblivion. When the player clicks the Drinks Pitcher (an activator) it should pop a message "What do you want to make?" "Cider, Grape Juice, Nothing" It DOES that. If you pick "Cider", it should find out if you have 2 apples + 1 Firesalt. If you do, it should remove them from your inventory and add Cider. If you don't, it should say "You don't have the stuff for that". It does NOT If you pick "Grape Juice" it should find out if you have 2 grapes + 1 Frostsalt. If you do, it should remove them from your inventory and add Grape Juice. If you don't, it should say "You don't have the stuff for that". It does NOT It also never allows the Drinks Pitcher to activate again. I made the Activator - the Drinks Pitcher; I made the Cider (retextured Ale bottle, vanilla Ale icon); I made the Grape Juice (same). At the moment, the pitcher, a bunch of apples, grapes, firesalts, and frostsalts, are all sitting on a table in an otherwise empty test cell. I play-tested this with only Ob and SI loaded (well and OBSE) so I know there's no mod conflicts or anything. The trouble, I am positive, is my script -- Even though the Construction Set saved and compiled it with no problem. This is what I wrote: What have I done wrong or left out?
  8. EDIT -- I finally managed to get BOSS to sort of run, had to use a real old version I found on a thumbdrive -- Here's what it gives me. (deleted original reply, edited to show triumphant battle with my computer) Here's what it gives me.
  9. When I open the console in Ob, I get several lines of text (I can't seem to screen shoot, or I'd post the whole mess). Unexpected token type 66 (42) encountered Error in script 06003101 That message repeats 8 times. I can't quite figure out what's going on. Thus far, I've got : OBSE (latest version off the Silverlock site) Darnified UI (latest version) The DLCs BattlehornCastle, Frostcrag, HorseArmor, MehrunesRazor, Orrery, Shivering Isles (which I already had, but let the new download overwrite it), SpellTomes, ThievesDen, VileLair The game seems to run fine, but that error is freaking me out, so I haven't installed any mods yet other than the new DLCs themselves. Could the problem be that I downloaded the DLCs from Steam, but just put them into my original Ob install (from back in the days when you had to stick your disk in to play, long before Steam existed) and am therefore NOT running the game through the annoyance of Steam? Any help or ideas would definitely be appreciated!
  10. Nazz and GreyCloud put my first statement much better than I did myself -- Tools aren't necessary, BUT, used right, they can make things easier, and can help find problems. GC -- good catch. I mean, you know... I would never just start cussing when a computer dies and stick the old ancient "oh-shit-no" flash drive in the new computer to reinstall Skyrim and my mods without paying attention... Not me.... LOL But Darkfalz, the big thing is, pick the mods you think look cool -- install them, and their requirements, the way the author says to -- test them a few at a time -- and never be afraid to ask for help! (And never be afraid to admit you screwed up, and thank the person who pointed out your error -- Thanks, GreyCloud!)
  11. Nazz makes a good point -- if you're roleplaying, you can roleplay ANYone.
  12. I'm with Winny. What I do in my own home is none of Steam's (or Microsoft's, or anyone else's) business. Period. Not to mention my slow-ass ISP can't deal with being online. If anyone in this house is online (Steam or EA crap) on PC or XBox, well, no one ELSE can be online, and that includes checking email, paying bills or anything else.
  13. Actually, you don't need any "tools" to get your mods working properly, and a lot of the time those so-called "tools" don't do anything but screw things up, confuse you, and prevent you from knowing exactly how your own game works. I stay far, far away from LOOT, TesxEdit, NMM, and MO, and guess what? I have no problems not directly related to something minor that I screwed up myself. 1.) Load Order is the MOST important thing to get right. If that's wrong, all kinds of bad stuff happens. Therefore, when you download and install a mod, READ where the mod author told you to put it in your load order. Keep in mind also, some mods don't show up in your "Load order" but they have to be installed properly, and in the proper order. For instance, FuzRoD'oh doesn't show up, but you have to have it for many mods which don't have voices, in order to see the subtitles for the dialogue. Mods that depend on other mods always go BELOW those mods -- as an example: Schlongs of Skyrim Core.esm SchlongsofSkyrim.esp VectorPlexusRegularAddOn.esp That's their placement in the load order; any other way, and they don't work. Another example is SexLab itself. It has to be loaded before anything that depends on it to work, including, well, just about every mod on this site. So your (again, just an example) load order would be: SexLab ZazAnimationPack SexLab Aroused SexLab Dangerously Nude SexLab Mind Control 2.) The second most important thing to get right is FNIS. Any time you have a mod which adds animations, YOU RUN GENERATE FNIS FOR USERS. Period. No matter what. And you follow the directions for FNIS to the letter. Doing that clears up about 99.99999999999% of animation glitches and crashes. 3.) A lot of people run into trouble trying to use several mods which all do the same thing. For instance, you CANNOT use AFT and UFO both. Your followers will lose their minds. Pick ONE. You may be able to use a variety of armor mods, but you can't, for instance, use (examples only, not real mods) SillyGlassArmor and NewGlassStuff both. Pick ONE. The same holds true for lighting mods, or smoke mods, or weather mods, or water mods. Pick ONE. You can't use a mod that changes the Ratway in Riften, if you're also going to use DestroyTheThievesGuild -- and so on. 4.) Another problem a lot of folks have is ENB settings, and for that, you will have to find an expert. Just search the forums here at LL for ENB, and you should find guides and troubleshooting info that will help you. 5.) When you install a mod, be very sure that you follow the mod author's instructions as to where it goes in your load order, but also, don't activate a lot of mods at once. (Activate = tick the check box so they load). For instance, you'd activate SOSCore, SOS, and VectorPlexus -- and test your game. Then you'd activate Populated Cities, Dogs of Skyrim, and More Nasty Critters (and of course their requirements) -- and test your game. That way, if something causes trouble, it's much easier to track down which mod had the issue or the compatibility problem. Find it, fix it, and go on to the next set. 6.) And the final problem many people have, is that they're too shy, too stubborn, or too confused to ask for help. Don't be. ASK. That's kinda what we're here for. If you're so confused you don't even know what to ask, say so! And remember, often you will need to give an example of your load order, or of your Papyrus log. Sometimes that's all it takes for someone to figure out what's wrong and help you fix it. Here's an example load order, from my own game, which works perfectly with no crashes, no issues, no problems, no save bloat. Good luck!
  14. The easiest way I ever found to fix Grey Face, was to open the CK, load Skyrim.ESM and nothing else, select *every* person-type NPC except ghosts, and hit Ctrl F4 to export all face gen data. Bam. Done. Fixed, no matter what mods you may be using. However, be aware, it can take up to 5 minutes to generate all those files.
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