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af CARTOON String Bikini Outfit 2 1.0.0

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About This File

af CARTOON String Bikini 2


This is a One-Off Demonstration of an altered EA body with a custom String Bikini.  

Always best to start with the Games own Sim Mesh for UV & image alignment.


I used my “Bald 2 Skin” as a matching template so vagina and nipples will show properly. It should show perfectly with any skin.


The body is a Cartoon with an “Hour-Glass” overall contour.  The Breasts are large, firm, Slopping, with a deep undercut, and a more pronounced cleavage.  It has large protruding nipples although they can only be seen when looking from the side with this outfit.


The Waist is very narrow – like one who practices being cinched into a corset. The Hips are very wide. The leg-gap is much more defined as is the butt crack.  The Butt is more “Bubble” like, with firm definition and tight tuck at the legs. The Thighs and Calves are more defined, as is the upper Chest.


All key animation points are matched except nipples "Y" position so hands may penetrate a little into the breast unless reduced by slider. All other positions are matched to EA standards.


It is not compatible with other EA Sims with regard to Clothing style accessories as Hips are too wide and waist is too small.  No Garment Swaps as this is a unique body. Great for a Beach Attendant or cocktail server. 


All the images provided show with Sliders set at their neutral positions (center of slide range) for all EA slides. No other Augmentation sliders installed (They show EA base setting only)


All-in-all, not bad… Probably much better as an entire series with outfits, tops, bottoms, and nude parts… Don’t know.  What do you think?

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