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SKYRIM UUNP HDT Body With Corrected Nipples 1.1

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About This File

UUNP HDT Body replacement for well formed and more symmetrical nipples


This file contains a UUNP HDT reference-body which can be exchanged with the old one.

I overhauled the nipple-to-breast-area because my piercings need a more precise adjustment at exactly this place of area.

Besides I was little frustrated in the gameplay with the overall form of the nipples since longer time ago.

As the UUNP HDT Body is not exactly symmetrical (which is not really known and which is no problem at all),  I made the corrections in a MINIMAL way so that this body is FULLY compatible with the old one. It´s a SAFE COPY of the original one with a manual mesh-edit under BodySlide itself.

The pics show the precision of the fitting of the rings and even with a 100% MANGA and full settings of the SH and SSH - breast-sliders, you get fine results at the mentioned area.


(I also saw, that the butt area is not exactly symmetrical-I´ll later try to overhaul that area also)

(I know that pure symmetrical bodies are BORING and cause a DOLL-effect-specially if it comes to FACES. Anyway is a little more precision for some assets necessary, like now for the piercings and jewelry in ZAP.




Installation: -> manual installation ! (DO NOT USE A MOD ORGANIZER FOR INSTALLING THIS FILE !!!)


Installation - folder: Skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\ShapeData  (make a safe copy of your old UUNPHDT body first, and then give this one a try)



There´s no need to build any old files with BodySlide-this body is edited VERY, VERY less and it doesn ´t matter to existing clothing. Clothing, which show free breasts/nipples, can instead be rebuild if wanted.


Enjoy the nudity!







What's New in Version 1.1


Version 1.1 contains a CUSTOM UUNPHDT body with hands 


I added a CUSTOM UUNPHDT body shape  plus it ´s custom HANDS and FEET for a replacement for the UUNPHDT body with it ´s hands and feet. This shape can also be used for a new follower or for some different modding purposes. It ´s shape is based on the DAZ genesis 8 female-shape.


This is custom stuff for Bodyslide-EXPERTS only-do not use if you don ´t now what you are doing. I will not give a guide or any sort of help herewith. 






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