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Starwarsbattlefront2 Nude Twilek Replaces Luke 1.0.0

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About This File

A nude Twilek replacing Luke with Voicelines and 4 Apperances.


I used Nude Leia's body and the original ingame twilek head and replaced luke.I also took 100 lines from the original twilek and replaced luke's voice lines.I am really proud how it came out I gave her 4 apperances replacing all of luke's.Note this mod is INCOMPATIBLE with my other nude leia mods because it turns nude leia body Blue.WARNING this mod will mess up leia also because I had to use her body to make my nude twilek.The apperances use scarfs to cover up the misalignment with the head and nude body no way around that currently with my skills. Her apperances tend to bug so to FIX CHANGE CHARACTER MODELS then switch back the apperances will appear. 

Credit for nude model as always goes to Imsorryhan https://www.nexusmods.com/starwarsbattlefront22017/mods/1932

V1- Full twilek Voicelines
      Apperance 1- Nude twilek with Kylo's default scarf green saber
      Apperance 2-Nude twilek with a Specialist Scarf Blue saber
      Apperance 3- Nude Twilek with Arc Trooper Armor
      Apperance 4- Nude Twilek with Anakin's Jedi Robes and scarf
      Optional color swaps- Dark Blue Arc Trooper Armor,Black Arc Trooper Armor, Dark Blue Jedi Robe,


WARNING INCOMPATIBLE with my other Leia mods and will also turn Leia blue ingame no way around that for now since I used Nude Leia's body for the twilek.Apperances tend to BUG TO FIX CHANGE CHARACTER MODELS and switch back the apperances will appear.


For the optional files for color swaps place above my main mod.




 Here is a thread with some previews and were you can leave me some feedback

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