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Starwarsbattlefront2 Nude Leia replaces Anakin 1.0.0

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About This File

Nude leia Replaces Anakin with 3 Apperances and a bonus helmet option.
Again all credit for nude model goes to ImsorryHan


Nude Leia replaces Anakin's 3 Apperances with a bonus helmet apperance on seperate file.I really enjoyed making this one it felt like a great idea.I finally Learned how to put helmets on the nude bodies so the helmets will bring more life to the nude mods that are currently available to me to use.Again can't thank ImsorryHan for releasing his files without them I wouldn't be able to make them.
I think I may make a SFW Clothed mod for Leia replacing Anakin too.Future updates for this mod will include different Hairs and Helmets if it is desired.Maybe Text edits and Starcards.

V1- 1st Apperance-Nude Leia with Hoth hair
       2nd Apperance-Nude Leia with Anakins Robe
       3rd Apperance-Nude Leia with Rey's Hood
       4th Apperance-Replacing the Hood is A clone MK2 Helmet.
        Optional Files- White Jedi Robe and White Saber


 Optional files go above the main mod to work.Also don't have Nude Leia mod by Imsorryhan and my mod both active my mod has it installed already.The HOOD/HELMET APPERANCE BUGS the heads hair to fix it change the character model after selecting the apperance then the hair or hood will appear.Don't have the Leia Nude mod and my mod both active my mod has the Leia nude mod too.



Here is a thread were you can leave me feedback or suggestions.


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