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Starwarsbattlefront2 Nude Iden Versio Replaces Kylo Ren 2.0

13 Screenshots

About This File

All credit for the nude Model goes to ImsorryHan
Every since Imsorryhan released his Awsome Nude mods I wanted to use them with other characters. I have had this Idea of using Iden with kylo ren as a sith .So I decided to make it myself.Thanks Imsorryhan for sharing your project files.All I did was swap kylo with nude Iden.If you are going to use this mod only have this one active not both this mod and Nude Versio Mod.My mod has them both active since I don't know how to use blender or import models. It took me 2 whole day too even figure out frostyeditor not very begginer friendly but I figured it out so I thought I would share it since there isn't many adult NSFW mods for this game. 



Don't have my Nude Iden Kylo Mod and the Nude Iden mod by IMsorryhan both active my mod has it installed already.

V2- 4 Apperances
       Nude Iden with regular hair
       Nude Iden with Rey's last jedi preorder skin hair
       Nude Iden with Rey's last jedi preorder skin hair and a cape with hood down
       Nude Iden with Cape and Hood Up
    2 Eye Version Regular and Sith eyes from Maul

 Helmeted Version- Nude Iden with her Helmet

                                Nude Iden with Sith Trooper Helmet

                                Nude Iden with Kylo's 2nd Helmet with cape hood down

                                Nude Iden with Kylo's 1st Helmet with Cape hood up

  Kylo's 1st Helmet and Sith trooper Helmet are Buggy to Fix Select the apperance and then switch character Model and select Kylo Again.

 Also comes with optional Vader Lightsaber Files red and Purple and Black and a Custom Abilities mod too which need to be Above the main mod.


Here is a thread were you can see previews of mods I am working on and were you can leave feedback or Suggestions.



Here is a poll to decide which Big nude mod for the Trooper Factions I should Focus on.


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