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About This File

Most Recent Changes

01SEP14 1133

  • Fixed - Typo in the _SLSubmitBountyEnd script where the 4th Bounty Slot was being assigned to the 1st Execute slot. All 5 Bounty turn ins should be properly executed now.

27AUG14 2222

  • Fixed - Added a check to prevent the "cower" effect from happening during sex scenes from the recent Calm effect update. After the current scene is over, the cowering will begin again.

24AUG14 2215

  • Updated - The Calm effect works differently now. After you beat down a victim in combat, the Calm effect will no longer be removed if they see you fighting others. (It will still be removed if you attack them directly).
  • Added - Additionally, if you have raped and/or robbed them, thus giving them the "Victim" faction, they will now cower any time they see you, and stop cowering once they no longer see you.
  • Reminder - The Calm effect only lasts for 1 hour. Additionally, it is a Magic Effect, which means it is auto removed if/when you change areas, due to how Skyrim works. That means a bandit that you leave outside may be passive when you go into their hideout, but they will probably be agro when you come back out, for instance.
  • Added - 4 new Bounty Alias slots, allowing you to capture and turn in up to 5 Bounties simultaneously.

28JUN14 0825

  • Fixed - Made change to "Post Coital Bliss" code. Should now properly reward only 1 rank increase for all scenarios.
  • Updated - Changed it so a failed seduction attempt's -15% penalty will bypass the 10% minimum chance. Like married/engaged and guards, this could actually lower the chance to < 0 for new characters, requiring you to increase your character's chances through the various means to have another shot with that particular NPC.

22JUN14 0049

  • Added - Option to disable the player from being raped if they surrender. This allows a death-less alternative to simply reloading upon losing, including being robbed of gear, but without the player being raped.

08MAY14 2323

  • Updated - After the Player Surrender scene is finished, the player will only be fully stripped if the "Steal Gear" option is turned on. Otherwise, they will now remain in whatever state they selected in the Framework MCM for victim stripping.
  • Updated - After the Player Surrender scene is finished, immediately before they are bound, the hostile sentient actor that is designated to "Steal" the player's gear and/or gold will now move to stand directly in front of the player for a moment. This is to help in a large group scenario so the player has an idea of which actor has their stuff.

03MAY14 2242

  • Updated - Player Surrender will now utilize the Framework's stripping setting instead of just being fully stripped.
  • Updated - Moved the Player Robbed action to when they are bound at the end of the Player Surrender. The actor that will be considered the target for the player's gold (and gear) will be the first of the last two to take a turn.
  • Updated - Ashal added an API command in 1.55 to facilitate this scene, disallowing the player to redress from whatever state they were in at the end of each assault. This is why I had originally had the theft occur first.
  • Updated - Due to this new API command, the mod requirement section has been updated to reflect the 1.55 Framework.

29APR14 2127

  • Framework 1.54 had deprecated some of the scripts I referenced. Updated Submit to reference the current Framework scripts. This largely affected checks for Sentient and Non-Sentient creatures.
  • Removed 'Combat' checks for player surrender. Given both Submit's built in scene abort (Push the hotkey during sex) as well as the Framework's own abort hotkey, there is no real concern for getting stuck in a sex scene while getting attacked.
  • Additionally, added a Global state to ignore invalid target checks after the player had already surrendered and been taken at least once per scenario. This Global is reset after everything is over and you escape.
  • This above should resolve the erroneous "You are still in combat!" messages. That message has been changed to "Your opponent doesn't accept your surrender!", which should now only play if you try to surrender and there are NO valid targets and your character hadn't been assaulted yet.
  • Removed the 'Sexual Preference' check on the second person if you are trying to initiate a threesome to make the process easier. The check is still valid on the first person you try to seduce per scenario.
  • Due to development using the Framework 5.4, the mod requirements section has been updated.

29MAR14 0932

  • Added custom voice overs for Vex using existing resources for purposes of the speechcraft related portions of the mod. Due to how laborious this process ended up being, I doubt I will attempt this for any other NPC's.

11FEB14 2301

  • Added a "Female Role" speech option to the consensual 3-ways so the player will default to the "center" position in the Devil's 3-way and one of the 'female' roles in the Tricycle animations. The first option is the standard "male" choice, the second option is the "female" choice.
  • Added this small update to the Serana plugin as well.

09FEB14 1850

  • Added support for Serana and her custom voice set. This plugin in 100% optional. In order to use it, you must download http://www.loverslab.com/topic/26307-shared-serana-dialogue-modders-resource/ along with the Sexlab Submit Serana plugin. Also requires Dawnguard DLC.
  • Removed the Global check for active followers in case follower mods are resetting the Global to allow for multiple followers to be added. Only making a Teammate >= 1 check now.

20JAN14 1740

  • Updated - Auto-Disabling the Death-Proofing during a Brawl, Auto-Re-enabling after combat ends.
  • Updated - Revision of the Player Surrender, allowing it to Calm ANY hostile within the cloak's radius, even things you normally can't surrender to. If there are no valid targets after a few seconds, the Calm effect is removed from everything within the initial radius. If there are valid targets, then invalid targets remain calm while the valid ones do their thing.
  • Updated - Allowing the 'Valid Target' radius to be settable from 25-2000 without Line of Sight, in 25 unit increments, with the default at 500. (500 *should* be roughly equal to ~24'). Valid targets with LOS use the default upper range of 2000, which *should* be roughly equal to ~96'.
  • Fixed - Should no longer engage in "solo air humping".

11JAN14 2048

  • Updated - Added SetInvulnerable() flag temporarily in the OnEnterBleedout() section, in the event that a low HP character is getting one shot by something that hits multiple times. This was tested against a fast attacking Sabrecat after using player.setav health 1, so every attack was a one shot, and it allowed the death proofing restore to function, even with multiple hits.
  • Updated - Increased the delay between the death proofing check for valid targets before it moves on to the "Wounds are mortal..." section from 2 to 5sec to account for possible script lag on people that might be running a lot of script heavy mods and/or have a lot of papyrus errors/warning bogging their system down. If 5 seconds isn't enough times, you might have more serious underlying issues.
  • Updated - Relabeled the MCM option 'Can Be Randomly Assaulted While Bound' to 'Multiple Assaults Active'. In addition to the current effect, during player surrender it also controls whether or not it checks for more valid targets after the first round of assaults finish.

10JAN14 2312

  • Added - MCM Option to disable Player Attacks. This turns off the Shout, Grapple, and Ambush attacks. If the Manual Surrender is on while this is off, you will surrender in combat even if your weapon is out.
  • Deleted - MCM Option to disarm the weapon from NPC victims after a Shout is used. It never really made sense, and could potentially get confused if you hit more than one target with the Shout. The disarm is still active in the Grapple and the Ambush, since both of those are close quarter attacks.
  • Updated - Removed the "Ignores Combat" flag from the AI Package that is applied to the valid targets when the player surrenders. This flag was potentially making NPCs just stand there if the AI Package got left on for some reason.
  • Updated - Auto trigger the spell that removes the Calm effect from nearby enemies if you attempt to surrender and get the message "You are still in combat". I suspect some of the times the player tried to surrender and the NPCs would just go passive and walk off was the player was still considered in combat, but there might not have been any obvious signs of this previously.

09JAN14 2215

  • Added - MCM Option to set the Repeat Rate for when it checks if you get assaulted while bound. Settings are 5, 10, 15s, default is 15s.
  • Added - MCM Option to set the Surrender Target Select Radius. Settings are 250, 500, 750, 1000 units, default is 500.
  • Fixed - Capped the increasing chance to be assaulted while bound at 100%.
  • Updated - Mentioned using the hotkey to free yourself in the MCM mouse over descriptions where applicable.
  • Updated - Made the checks to see if the player was bound see if the cuffs were equipped and not just in the inventory.
  • Updated - Made the cuffs part of the NPC outfit, making it more likely they would be automatically equipped due to how outfits work.
  • Updated - Modified the checks to valid targets to make bounties. Civilians should again be properly excluded. Only Hostile, Stormcloaks, & Imperials should be valid targets.
  • Updated - Added a message in the event the player is still in combat if they surrender, due to an opponent being outside of the range of the pulse or an invalid target.
  • Updated - Other crap I forgot.

Basic Mod Description

The original concept of this mod is to allow your character to engage in combat with an opponent (Random bandits, necromancers, etc), beat them down, and then have the option to initiate the "aggressive sex" animations on them as opposed to just killing them. Since its conception, the mod has grown in scope to the point that the original description doesn't cover everything, so I will simply list the main features:

  • Force weakened NPCs to submit during combat, allowing the player to then rape and/or rob them.
  • Use stealth to ambush sleeping or unaware NPCs, allowing the player to then rape and/or rob them.
  • Bounty turn ins, allowing the player to turn in hostile NPCs to guards for a gold reward, as opposed to just leaving them standing around.
  • Make it possible for the player to surrender to hostile NPCs, either manually or automatically, which will cause them to be raped and robbed.
  • Speechcraft options to Seduce, Bribe non-hostile NPCs, allowing the player to engage in a variety of consensual sex acts with them.
  • Speechcraft option to Coerce non-hostile NPCs, allowing the player to then rape and/or rob them.
  • Non-rape option to allow all of the overall functions to work (i.e. no rape, just robbing). Any consensual sex will still be left in.

Requirements for Sexlab Submit

SexLab 1.55 (Or more recent)

SkyUI 4.1 (Or more recent)

SKSE 1.7.0 (Or more recent)


Requirements for Sexlab Submit Serana

SexLab 1.34 (Or more recent)

SkyUI 4.1 (Or more recent)

SKSE 1.6.16 (Or more recent)



Sexlab Submit 09FEB14 1850 (Or more recent)


Submit Shout Hotkey

This feature was added on 07JUN13, and replaced the previous method of dropping combat via modified Bleedout/Flee dialog scripts. It functions as such:


  • The 'Submit Shout' functions like any other shout in the game, specifically like the very first one you learn, "Fus". Simply push the Hotkey button you configured for this and you will shout at your target if they are in range. (This is an aggressive action, so using it in town will make guards attack, etc)
  • Despite the 'Submit Shout' functioning like other shouts, you do not need to truly learn it like the other shouts. What this means is 1) You don't have to unlock the Shouts through the main quest and can do it as early as Helgen, and 2) You won't have some oddball spell or two cluttering up your spellbook.
  • The 'Submit Shout' has a default cooldown of 10sec. This is configurable between 5-15sec. This cooldown will also trigger the overall shout/power cooldown, and if you use a regular shout/power, then this will also be on cooldown until the first shout is ready again. This is to prevent you from just mindlessly spamming this function and cheesing it out completely. <_<
  • If the target resists the shout, you can simply use it on them again once the cooldown expires. This can be done as many times as needed, provided that both you and your target remain alive, for obvious reasons. :P
  • The 'Submit Shout' requires the victim to at least be <=90% life (major increase from the original <=20% from previous versions) or else they will auto-resist. From there, it has a variable success chance, based largely on the victim's health %, speech, and level versus the player's.
  • SuccessChance = (((100 - THealth) * PHealth / 100) + ((PSpeech - TSpeech)/4) + (PPrime - TPrime) + _SLConfig.Difficulty - _SLSubmitFailurePenalty.GetValue() )
  • Prime/TPrime is the highest value between OneHanded, TwoHanded, Marksman, & Destruction.
  • There is a cumulative -10% penalty to the 'Submit Shout' success chance for each failure, to a maximum of a -50% penalty after 5 consecutive failures. This penalty is reduced by 10% for each success. So in other words, past failures make it more difficult, past successes makes it easier.
  • There is a MCM slider that will give a bonus to success from between 0-25%.
  • SuccessChance is hard capped at a max of 90%, so there will always be at least a 10% chance to fail no matter what.
  • SuccessChance is hard capped at a min of 10% chance to succeed, plus the 0-25% bonus chosen from the MCM slider, for a total min of 10-35%.
  • There is a debug.notification option which will display your success chance and what you rolled versus that chance, as well as letting you know if the victim is still > 90% health (or simply an invalid target, such as animals) and auto-resisting.

Submit Grapple Hotkey

This feature was added on 10JUL13, and is simply an alternate, and slightly more difficult, method of getting an NPC to submit during combat:


  • The 'Submit Grapple' functions identically to the Shout in all respects except for how it is executed in combat.
  • It is designed to resemble more of a close quarter grapple attack and is intended for players that might prefer a slightly more challenging method to initiate a submit attempt.
  • Unlike the Shout, which enjoys the rather forgiving targeting of a cone effect, the Grapple is treated like a 'Contact' spell, meaning you have to be very close to your target.
  • Unlike the Shout, which shares the Powers cooldown, the Grapple is not tied to any cooldown. Instead, it costs 50 Stamina per attempt.
  • Success results a brief beatdown of the opponent and you strip their mainhand weapon (It is then added to your inventory), after which everything works identically to how the Shout works.
  • Failure results in both the player and the opponent staggering briefly away from each other as they fight you off, which means if used in the middle of a big melee, failure poses more of a penalty as you will be unable to react for a few moments unlike the Shout.
  • Failure also adds a 10% failure penalty per attempt, just like the Shout. Success reduces any penalty by 10%, just like the Shout.
  • The Grapple uses the same success chance algorithm as the Shout.
  • There is a small visual cue when you attempt the Grapple so that even if you are out of range with your target, you will still see that your character attempted something. It still costs 50 Stamina even if you are out of range of your target.
  • There is a MCM option to toggle between using the Grapple vs the Shout.

Submit Ambush Hotkey

This feature was added on 27JUN13, but the original version was completely thrown away and redone from scratch. The new version was released on 06JUL13. It functions as such:


  • The 'Submit Shout' functions when standing just as before. However, when in stealth, the 'Shout' is disabled. Instead, you can attempt a 'Submit Ambush'.
  • You must be close to your victim (Within range of a contact-only spell) and either they don't have Line-of-Sight on you or they must be sleeping.
  • Unlike the Shout, which shares the Powers cooldown, the Ambush is not tied to any cooldown. Instead, it costs 50 Stamina per attempt, similar to the Grapple.
  • If you fail, the target will push you away and start combat, causing an assault bounty if used on a nonhostile NPC. (You can still always just wear them down and then use the Shout or Grapple on them.)
  • Sleeping SuccessChance = (((100 - THealth) * PHealth / 100) + (PSneak - TSneak) + ((PPrime - TPrime)/4) + 50 + _SLConfig.Difficulty)
  • Normal SuccessChance = (((100 - THealth) * PHealth / 100) + (PSneak - TSneak) + ((PPrime - TPrime)/4) + 25 + _SLConfig.Difficulty)
  • PPrime/TPrime is the highest value between OneHanded, TwoHanded, Marksman, & Destruction.
  • There is a MCM slider that will give a bonus to success from between 0-25%.
  • SuccessChance is hard capped at a max of 90%, so there will always be at least a 10% chance to fail no matter what.
  • SuccessChance is hard capped at a min of 10% chance to succeed, plus the 0-25% bonus chosen from the MCM slider, for a total min of 10-35%.
  • Success results in you automatically robbing/raping the victim. Failure results in them going hostile.
  • Nearby guards will trigger an AssaultAlarm (Bounty) if you use this on civilian types and they see you. As well, they will also trigger it if they see you robbing/raping your victim, so use at own risk in town. ;)
  • There is a small visual cue when you attempt the Ambush so that even if you are out of range to your target, you will still see that your character attempted something. It still costs 50 Stamina even if you are out of range of your target.

Follower Support

This feature was added on 15JUN13, and was made possible in large part to studying Ashal's SexLab Framework demo 'Matchmaker' and I repurposed parts of it for this feature. It functions as such:


  • It will still require dialog in order for it to use this feature. Your followers will not just start automatically raping NPC's, as I have no interest in that as I feel the novelty would wear off quite quickly and just get annoying, and I am making this mod for myself first and foremost.
  • After you have successfully forced an NPC to submit, you previously had the option to either have a turn or to just strip and rob them. Now, if you have at least one follower with you, you will have a third option to let one of your followers have a turn.
  • After choosing that option, you have 30 seconds to then talk to one of your followers and select the option to let them have a turn. If you do not do this in 30 seconds, then the effect on the original victim will wear off and then nothing will happen. You will then just have to talk to the victim again, then talk to your follower within 30 seconds. This is simply to prevent something screwy happening if you start the process and then walk off and leave actors associated with things and never complete the process.
  • Once you talk to your follower within the 30 second window, there will be two options available. 1) Just let them take a turn on their own, which will initiate a two-way sex scene between the victim and the selected follower. 2) Join your follower in a turn with the victim, which will initiate a three-way sex scene between the victim, the selected follower, and the player.
  • By default, the targeted victim should always be in the 'victim' position in any sex scenes, including the 3-way ones, but it is always possible that the ordering gets confused, especially if you let the 30 second window time out and have a lot of false starts before you actually finish the dialogs and begin a sex scene. In my testing trying to break it by catching in between states, I had this happen once, so just use the 'actor swap' SexLab hotkey if it happens.
  • Your followers have a Morality setting. 0 = They will commit any crime. 1 = They will commit 'Violent & Property' crimes (Theft/Trespassing). 2 = They will only commit 'Property' crimes. 3 = They will not commit any crimes. Given the nature of this mod, by default, the follower you select has to have a Morality setting of "0" to be okay with raping someone, otherwise they will simply turn down your suggestion.
  • If "Lore Friendly" isn't too much of a concern to the player, I have added an MCM slider that will let you set your minimum Morality check from anywhere from the default of "0" (Meaning only those that will commit any crime will join in raping a victim) to "3", which will then allow any follower you have to join in.

Player Surrender

This feature was added on 10JUL13 due to popular demand. It functions as such:


  • 'Player Surrender' is triggered by pushing the Hotkey while in combat, not sneaking, and your weapon/spells sheathed.
  • Once triggered, all hostile NPC's within 500 'units' will go non-hostile.
  • The first two hostile NPC's that have LOS on the player will be tapped as the ones to assault the player.
  • The player will be subjected to a brief beatdown, stripped of their equipped weapon/shield and armor and all of their gold. This will be put in the inventory of one of the two NPC's (Or the lone NPC in the event of a single encounter), so it can be reclaimed by killing the NPC. (Or making *them* submit!)
  • If surrendering to a single NPC, a 2-way aggressive animation will play based on the types you have chosen from your MCM Framework.
  • If surrendering to two (or more) NPC's, a 3-way aggressive animation will play based on the types you have chosen from your MCM Framework. ***BE AWARE*** By default, there are no 3-way animations (Devil's 3-way and Tricycle) selected in the aggressive animation pool, so you must select at least one to see any sex animations!
  • Followers currently only surrender and cower, getting stripped and giving currently worn gear + gold to random opponent that is abusing the player. Their default outfit will also be changed to a custom one so that if they are later dismissed, you will find them in their starting location wearing rags.
  • Followers will not engage in sex with any extra NPC's beyond the first two that take the player, simply because I couldn't get them to trigger properly. Perhaps in a later update, although frankly this feature is not one I plan on spending a whole lot more time on beyond nasty bug fixes as required.
  • There is a MCM option to disable the surrender portion for those that don't care about it and/or don't want to accidently trigger it at an inopportune moment! :P
  • Added a 'Bound & Gagged' feature to the Player Surrender, along with an option to not have all of the Player/Follower gear stolen.
  • If the option to have their gear stolen is turned on, after the player recovers from the assault, they will be bound and gagged for 10 seconds, during which time they cannot move, use the menus, or use the wait function.
  • If the option to have their gear stolen is turned off, after the player recovers from the assault, they will be bound and gagged for 40 seconds, during which time they cannot move, use the menus, or use the wait function.
  • In either option, all currently carried Gold is still stolen by the first assailant, and can be recovered from them if possible. (Stolen gear will also be on that NPC)

Improved Speechcraft Support

This feature was added on 26JUL13 and was aimed at helping to make Sexlab Submit a "One-Stop-Shopping" mod. While the mod already had various non-consensual situations, this feature adds several consensual scenarios as well. It functions as such:


  • Talking to an NPC that has > 90% health will offer an option to chat them up.
  • There is a Seduction (Persuasion), Bribery, and Coerce (Intimidation) option the player may attempt.
  • Seduction, Bribery, and Coercion all have a success chance algorithm, each slightly different than each other, with various modifiers that can affect the success chance.
  • Seduction & Bribery Base Chance = (((PSpeech - TSpeech/4)/2) + ((PIllusion - TIllusion/4)/2) + _SLConfig.Difficulty + _SLSubmitSpeechBonus.GetValue())
  • Coercion Base Chance is the same, only it also has a (PPRime - TPrime) component, similar to the Ambush/Shout/Grapple algorithms.
  • The SpeechBonus value is a combination of several factors that differ depending on which of the three is attempted:
    • RelationshipRank() * 10 (-40 to 40% swing)
    • +5 Alduin defeated
    • +5 Companion chain completed
    • +5 College chain completed
    • +5 Thieve's Guild chain completed
    • +5 Dark Brotherhood chain completed
    • +5 Dibella bonus obtained
    • +5 Mara bonus obtained
    • +5 Allure perk
    • +5 Hypnotic Gaze perk (Seduction and Bribery only)
    • +5 Persuasion perk (Seduction only)
    • +5 Bribery perk (Bribery only)
    • +5 Aspect of Terror (Coercion only)
    • +5 Intimidation (Coercion only)
    • + (Gold/10 - TLevel) (Bribery only. If it's a really high level NPC, this can actually be a penalty)
    • -40 Target is married
    • -20 Target is courting
    • -10 Target is same gender
    • -5 Target is a different race

    [*]Mods that affect the base perks and potentially remove them, you may not have access to some of the bonuses. I am making this mod for myself and am simply happily sharing it with any that are interested. For now, I have no intention of worrying about any mods that may or may not modify the default Skyrim perk system.

    [*]Given how large of a penalty they carry, there is a debug notification option that tells you if the NPC in question is married or courting, since, unlike race/gender, it may not be readily obvious if they are already spoken for.

    [*]There is a maximum chance of 90%, just like the Ambush/Shout/Grapple

    [*]There is a minimum chance of 10-35%, just like the Ambush/Shout/Grapple, except in the case of a married or courting target. Those penalties are applied at the end, and could result in a negative % chance. So noob Dragonborn are not likely to seduce some married NPC off the street.

    [*]A successful Seduction or Bribery will trigger an effect called 'Post Coital Bliss' with that NPC, which will raise their RelationshipRank by 1, up to a max of 4.

    [*]A failed Seduction or Bribery will simply incur a -15% penalty on subsequent attempts until you succeed with that particular NPC once again.

    [*]A penalty (or a bonus) on one NPC does affect your chances with another one.

    [*]Coercion is considered an assault. Success will be just like using the Ambush on them, and a failure will cause them to AssaultAlarm() and attack.

    [*]Guards do not like people having sex in public. If you Seduce or Bribe a NPC, do not have sex in the middle of the street or you will be fined 5G (Trespassing) by any guard that sees you. Instead, use the "Privacy" option to lead the NPC to a more secluded location.

    [*]Your active follower can also join you in a 3-way with any current conquest you have in mind. Simply ask the NPC you chatted up to follow you to somewhere more private, then talk to your active follower. You will still need to pass a Seduction check with the active follower in order to initiate the 3-way.

    [*]If you pass the Follower's check, the 3-way is played. If you fail the follower check, you incur the 12 hour CD with your follower, but you can still just have a 2-way with the NPC you had already chatted up.

Hostile NPC Bounty Turn In

This feature was added on 02AUG13 and was just another addition to help make Sexlab Submit a "One-Stop-Shopping" mod, giving the player an option to do something with the hostile NPC's that they finish with other than just killing them or leaving them to wander aimlessly. It functions as such:


  • After you force a Bandit, Necromancer, Warlock, or Forsworn faction NPC to submit, you will have a dialog option available to turn them in for a bounty.
  • Once this happens, the NPC will adopt an Alias which gives them a Follow package. They will then follow you.
  • Their package has them flagged to ignore combat, so they *should* ignore combat. I don't experience the re-agro bug, so I don't know how they will react for those that do.
  • Once you have a bounty to turn in, simply find any guard and talk to them. There will be a dialog option available so long as your current bounty can see you.
  • Once you turn over the bounty, you will be given a gold reward and your bounty will be turned over to the guard.
  • The gold reward is scaled off the NPC's level. The formula for the reward is simply: (Level^2 + 100)
  • Guards are not very fond of criminal scum, and are known to execute them on the spot! Your bounty turn in is no exception!
  • After the poor NPC meets their fate, their body will despawn out after ~30 seconds, so don't worry about dead bodies cluttering the streets of Whiterun or anything.



You just unpack the .7z file into your data folder, enable the mod like normal. It is recommended that it is placed higher in the load order, shortly after SkyUI.



If you are using the Death-Proofing feature of the mod, make sure you turn it *OFF* via the MCM menu before removing the mod. Failure to do so will result in the player being left in a Protected state. Beyond that, it should be a simple matter of deleting the .ESP and .BSA files.


Upgrading From Past Versions

If you have a version earlier than 'SexLab Submit 26MAY13 0100' then you have one from when I wasn't packaging everything into a .BSA file to make things easier for you.




The reason is that loose scripts override scripts found inside .BSA files. Those loose scripts are old and are likely either 1) No longer used, in the case of all of the BleedOut and Flee scripts, or worse 2) Don't have the current working scripts and will do things like break the MCM functionality of the new Submit Shout feature.


There are only about ~30 or so, and they all begin with '_SLSubmit', so they should be grouped together nicely. They should be in your Data/Scripts and Data/Scripts/Source folder.


Known Conflicts

With the re-agro issue finally addressed, there *should* be no major conflicts with other mods, SexLab based or otherwise. 100% of the files are custom and I removed all default Skyrim files I edited in past versions.


Known Quirks


If you do something like sneak into a house, kill the husband, and then expect to rape the wife, understand that there is an overriding quest script called WIKIll05 or something which basically takes over if you kill a 'family member', and this state lasts for 240sec real time. Which means that for 4 minutes, you can't even talk to them. This doesn't just affect my mod, it affects *everything* related to that NPC other than just killing them. So while my mod doesn't cause this, given the nature of my mod and some people playing really bastard characters ( :P), it is possible people will find themselves in this situation.


Also, certain other overriding scripts and/or factions may take over even if the shout succeeded. For instance, guards will auto-agro you if your bounty is really high, so don't think you can go on a killing spree in town then just use the 'Submit Shout' to make them ignore you. ;)


Apparently, the Submit Shout can be used during the actual sex animations which will potentially send your victim flying mid-coitus. Personally, that to me sounds like a bonus, being a source of much hilarity, but I suppose I should look into it, see if I can stifle it during the animations. :P


Mod Status


I have no new features currently planned.

I will update with bug fixes and tweaks as necessary.



Ashal: both for making the SexLab Framework and for answering my questions along the way. Also, his Matchmaker demo was borrowed liberally from in order to add the follower support feature! :)

Redneck2k: Providing base code to implement optional Arousal support without making a hard reference to it.

TheDudeGuy: His Serana dialog modder's resource for the Serana Plugin. (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/26307-shared-serana-dialogue-modders-resource/)

Spaceman: For his Romance mod, which gave me the idea for this one.

CG!: German translation for the MCM menu.

Monababii: Spanish translation for the MCM menu.

RockMic: Italian translation for the MCM menu. (http://www.loverslab.com/files/download/208-italian-translations/)

Aravis7: French translation for the MCM menu.

id8888: Chinese translation for the MCM menu.

Dual Wield Parry: For insight how to add a hotkey that can perform an action.

Mercy Mod: For insight how to use a Papyrus Fragment to force an NPC to drop combat to make the idea work.



I give full permission to use anything in here if anyone finds it helpful in their own work, which is why I released the script sources in the .BSA file. All I ask is credit being given if that happens, just as I have given credit to all of the mods that have influenced me in the creation of my mod.


At any rate, feel free to enjoy, and go smack some naughty bandit lady down and sully her right and proper like! :D