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About This File

Non-consent and slavery-themed extension to the CaptivityEvents mod for Bannerlord. 



This mod is still in Beta state - bugs and inconsistencies are to be expected. Please:

a) report them in this thread

b) help me distinguish between issues that crop up in the base mod (CaptivityEvents) and those which only crop up when you have TBCaptivityEventsExtension installed.



This mod includes sensitive content of a sexual nature relating to the following subjects:

  • Non-consensual sex
  • Slavery / Mind-break
  • Bestiality, including: wolves, horses, insects (chaurus)

I assume by being a non-trash human you object to noncon and slavery in real life. 

If, however, you object to noncon or slavery in your gaming experience as well, and still want more events, you're welcome to use this mod - just remove any images you object to (or all of them) and delete the Events files which you find objectionable - each file should have the above associated tags listed in their names for easy removal.

Please let me know if you find any that are mislabeled and I will fix the issue in my next update.



  • This mod adds events and images to extend the behavior of CaptivityEvents.
  • Please refer to the associated License (Modified MIT) for legal concerns.
  • If any party associated with any of the content provided by this mod wishes for its distribution to cease, please let me know.


  • More captor scenarios, both for slaves and captives.
  • Enjoy a deeper slavery experience: Balance your health with your servitude and try to escape before you find yourself your master's willing slave.
  • Get sold to the Arena for a day for the crowd's entertainment.
  • Dream of freedom and better days to regain health - but beware nightmares!
  • Keep your men's morale up by showing them your marital skills.

If you're looking for captor events, I recommend installing one of the other event mods. If you're looking for captive events, you're in the right place.



  1. Make sure you have CaptivityEvents installed This mod does nothing without it.
  2. Download the TBCaptivityEvents file.
  3. Unzip the file into the Modules folder of your Bannerlord installation.
  4. Open the Modules folder and check that the TBCaptivityEvents folder is present.



If something is broke, let me know in the LL support thread, preferably with your best guess as to the event that caused it. Please check that the issue doesn't occur in base CaptivityEvents first.



  • The Bannerlord team, for making a great game and continuing to support it.
  • BadListener, for writing CaptivityEvents and being responsive to questions and suggestions
  • The various modders of LL, specifically those involved in Skyrim Special Edition
  • Various other modders who have improved my Skyrim experience (In case you hadn't guessed, all of the original images included in this pack are generated by screenarching a Skyrim installation)
  • I guess I should technically thank Bethesda for making a game so buggy it inspired an entire community to work for years to make it worth playing.

What's New in Version 0.1.11


7/10/2020 - 0.1.11

  • Added a celebration event which has a chance to initiate either the alley slut event or a noncon roleplay event
  • Updated to the cleaning event to have a chance to initiate a (declineable) noncon roleplay event
  • Updated the slavery recovery event to have a chance to initiate a (declineable) noncon roleplay event
  • Added a male version of the Thief event (thanks Skeleton for the idea) which includes both a femdom pegging and a revenge / punishment scenario with forced impregnation or tattooing themes
  • Added a few more generic random events to increase variety (rescue prisoner, deserters, victory)
  • Added a kidnapped by bandits event (uses much of the same dialogue as the bad ending of the thief event)
  • Added a few slavery events (creep, forgotten, and bitch) to add more variety to events for enslaved players
  • Fixed an issue with the capture event which could block progress by providing no valid option
  • Added an event allowing the player to blackmail a captive into joining their clan (thanks Skeleton for the idea).
  • Added more outcomes to some of the random/consensual sex events with your troops
  • Added solo versions of many of the random events to increase event variety after escapes / in other circumstances with no troops (so you don't just get kidnapped constantly)
  • Added a solo version of the slavery recovery event
  • Reduced chance of initial enslavement to allow non-slave captive events to actually trigger once in a while


7/8/2020 - 0.1.10

  • Updated a number of events to trigger when not enslaved as well as when enslaved to increase variety
  • Added overrides for a number of default events which triggered too frequently for my liking
  • Replaced the 'you lost your pouch' event with a thief event with multiple outcomes depending on chance and skill, ranging from catching and punishing the thief to being caught and punished yourself, including an extended kidnapping scene.
  • Added HeroIsFemale as a restriction to some more events to stop them from triggering when the player is male
  • Added a new event to replace the initial Capture event, allowing the player to try to escape or to submit completely if they are a sufficiently trained slave.
  • Added a new event to replace the initial Escape event, allowing sufficiently trained slaves to opt to return to their master despite escaping.
  • Added a new event to replace the initial failed escape event, allowing the player to react in different ways to being recaptured.
  • Added a minor / placeholder Captive event allowing you to blackmail enslaved nobles to join your clan.
  • Rewrote or changed writing in a number of other events to improve dialogue flow or fix grammatical errors.


6/28/2020 - 0.1.9

  • The package installation method is different now to make it easier for people to install manually. Installation instructions have been updated.
  • Cleaned up a lot of events to remove consequences or requirements with invalid or missing values
  • Updated several images, particularly clothed images, to increase quality / better match the default images.
  • Added reputation / relation loss/gain to most events
  • Added skill gain / requirements to many events and choices within those events. (Currently mostly Charm / Roguery / OneHanded, but there are some others in there)
  • Get blackmailed into playing the part of a slave even while not enslaved
  • New outcomes / behaviors for the catcall and tavern drugging events
  • If your men don't think you have enough money to pay them, they may request (or demand!) that you do some intimate work to make up the gap.
  • If you have enough men and keep captives (sorry, no gender detection here yet), they may decide to molest them. Will you condone their behavior? What will they think if you don't?
  • Probably more things I've forgotten while I was doing a cleanup pass on the events and moving to a new framework
  • Known issue: The Slavery Recovery and Blackmail events currently trigger even if you've never been a slave. This will be fixed as soon as the base mod is updated to allow player slavery level to be checked while not a captive.

6/28/2020 - 0.1.8

  • Added support for package management (you can now enable/disable this mod from the Bannerlord mod menu. Make sure to enable it if you want its events to load or fire).
  • Reduced weight of non-slave pillory event from 10000 (debugging) to 100 (standard high)
  • The easiest way to remove standard events during initial install is just to uncheck the option in the launcher's mod menu now.

6/28/2020 - 0.1.7

  • Reduced trigger chance for slavery recovery event. It should still be more frequent (until you get below 50 slavery) than other events, but should not trigger constantly unless you have no one else in your party (and therefore no one to distract you from your plight).
  • Added several generic random events to increase variety. Most of these give the option (but not requirement) for you to pleasure your men, and add some color to your party's behavior. Most of them are player-initiated (you're the boss of your own party, after all).
  • Added an event allowing you to berate / execute your men if they decide to take advantage of your captives (and for them to retaliate...)
  • Added two events to towns which may result in you being drugged and left bound in an alleyway, free for anyone (or thing) to use until you escape or are rescued.

6/26/2020 - 0.1.6

  • Many revisions to event tags and weights to hopefully improve settlement experience and add event variety
  • Reduced requirements of morale random event so that it triggers <25morale with 5+ followers
  • Added a new random event type: slavery recovery. This is barebones (only 3 options, with ~50% chance of good/bad outcomes for the latter two), but the intent is to provide the player ways to reduce their slavery outside of being a slave. The fantasy is that after being a broken slave it's difficult to go back to freedom, so > 50 slavery your character will periodically become extremely horny, and it's up to you to decide how to react to that.

6/5/2020 - 0.1.5-H1

  • Fixed typo on waiting event 2

6/4/2020 - 0.1.5

  • Updated file structure to meet new file structure in zCaptivityEvents
  • Updated events to meet new conditionals
  • Added an alternate messier ending to the town pillory event
  • Changed the way the Slavery events trigger so they should be a little more reliable (less chance of being immediately sold into slavery, but it will happen eventually, and thereafter you shouldn't be constantly being sold)
  • Improved chance of being sold to a noble after being sold to a merchant (to avoid the issue where you become a merchant's slave and then are led on a merry chase around the map forever)

5/31/2020 - 0.1.4

  • Changed waiting events to not require removing the default ones
  • Changed waiting events to properly use the conditional syntax. Thanks to @Plaguetard for the insight on how those worked. Hopefully this will stop the crash-on-enslavement bug we keep seeing.
  • Added insect / oviposition nightmare events to the dream event (no spiders, yet)
  • Fixed a typo in some of the slavery events which was making them not trigger. Thanks to @Plaguetard again for the tip.

5/30/2020 - 0.1.3

  • Fix pillory public use events to go to the proper concluding event
  • Add or alter a number of improperly labeled or missing images. Thanks @sen4mi for the tip.
  • Add Giant event to dreaming
  • Fix some of the events selling the player into slavery that were not triggering because of improperly defined flags. Thanks to @Plaguetard for the tip.

5/30/2020 - 0.1.2

In 0.1.2+ it will be necessary to delete certain default files manually while installing if you want my events to replace the default ones. For now, this file is DefaultCaptiveRequiredEvents.xml. I leave it up to you to decide which you prefer, and will also list the necessary files in the installation section of this mod. Please also note that this mod replaces the DefaultWaitingMenus.xml file completely, as this was the only way I could get these events to be replaced without crashing the game.

  • Arena event: your captor or master sells you to an arena master for a day of 'entertainment' (50% chance of bestiality)
  • Morale event: When your party's at really low morale, they may ask you to take action to raise it. (Consensual)
  • Bonus event for players who've managed to get to extremely high slavery and relation with their master (Requires your master to be a noble). 
  • Updated and randomized values for essentially everything, so that you gain/lose renown and relation as things happen
  • You should no longer lose your slavery points should you escape, meaning if you get re-enslaved all your training sticks. I'm hopeful this will let me set up slavery-specific PTSD / recovery events going forward to allow characters to grow more organically.
  • More randomized slavery and noncon event outcomes
  • All rest actions should now lead to the dream event
  • Preparation work for a future overhaul of the dream event
  • All-new images for the Dream event (okay, actually most of them aren't new, they just now have a dreamy overlay)

5/25/2020 - 0.1.1

  • Added missing events to the required override file. Thanks @Plaguetard for identifying the issue.
  • Fixed a few other events and replaced some of the images I most loathed. 
  • Trying out a new image filter on these newest images to try to improve painterly quality and avoid ML-paint-look

5/20/2020 - 0.1.0

  • Fixed a number of instances where slavery events would not result in lost health
  • Added a bestiality scenario (Alchemist is doing science on you with a wolf) 
  • Added a dream / escapism scenario at low levels of slavery that can be used to quickly gain health at the expense of becoming more obedient...
  • Fixed a few more events that weren't working quite right
  • Added new default slavery screens (you'll need to delete DefaultSlaveryEventsFemale.xml for these to show up):
  1. 1-50: defiant
  2. 50-100: resigned
  3. 100-250: broken
  4. 250+: eager

5/18/2020 - 0.0.5

  • Removed or altered several events which were causing crashes. If you see more crashes triggered by my events, please let me know which event(s) so that I can remove them.
  • Removed all Captor events because my flaying arm is tired and no other events will trigger for me so I can't test them to guarantee they don't cause crashes.

5/17/2020 - 0.0.4

  • This is a temporary hotfix to change these scripts to fit with the new changes to CaptivityEvents. Probably won't stop it from crashing until BadListener figures out what's going on, but it should at least get the events to load appropriately. As a side effect, most events won't grant or remove relation / renown anymore.

5/14/2020 - 0.0.3

  • Replaced and/or modified EVERY SINGLE IMAGE using the photoshop oil filter (and some drawing of my own to make things, well... messier) to make the art style more consistent and closer to the Bannerlord art style. (It's not quite there - mine are oil vs bannerlord's more acrylic style, but c'est la vie).
  • Every image used by this mod's events is now mine, i.e. created by me using Skyrim and Photoshop. Please do not redistribute without permission, per the attached license (though you are welcome, again per the license, to download and use them yourself).
  • Refactored almost every event, fixed a bug causing players who were not captive to see my captive events, number of other bugfixes, 
  • added several new slavery and captive events
  • refactored slavery events to try to create an obey-or-take-damage mechanic, where if you're low enough health you can't resist, so the player has to manage health vs. getting screwed (literally), and needs high enough health to escape. This refactor also makes resisting dialogues more difficult to use the more trained you are as a slave, so be careful - you may become broken and unable to resist! If you do, all's not lost, there are also three random (low-chance) consensual events which can free you (whether you decide to reward your rescuer or not). Note that some events only happen at very high (100+) slavery, so if you want to see them you'd best behave!
  • added a bestiality event as a proof of concept (though I've never seen it trigger, so I assume something is wrong with the way the Bestiality flag conditional works)

5/10/2020 - 0.0.2

  • added HeroGenderIsFemale to a few more events to make sure they don't pop up when playing a male character. 

5/10/2020 - 0.0.1

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