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About This File

Did you ever browse through the Stellaris mod section here and found the lack of futas disturbing? I mean Lustful Void has a futanari trait but mods with futanari portraits are mostly missing. So I thought "Fine, I'll do it myself" and so I made this mod.


Most of the species consist of only one artist but some more specific themes will probably be mixed.


As of now there are these species and classes:


- More Human Futas (the current class with humanoid futas)

          -[105] Dmitrys normal (mostly standing characters)

          -[53] Dmitrys slaves (characters that are sitting, laying, fucking, getting milked...)

          -[33] Boobgames (that's the name of the artist)

          -[27] Authoritarian Dmitrys (a mix of Dmitrys with futas that look very dominant)

          -[43] Aroma Sensei

          -[50] Bimbo Futa


-More Anthro Futa

          -[24] Centaur Futa

          -[26] Bovine Futa


- Robot Futa (This one was difficult because fitting content is rare. I decided to use one picture and edit the colors to create variety.)

          -[9] RobotFuta

          -[5] RobotFuta2

          -[8] Robotfuta3

          -[6] Robotfuta4

          -[8] Synthetic furry


Additional contet:

          -Primitive Futa Civilization (spawns with extra special deposits)


Optional content:

          -file which replaces a bunch of vanilla event pictures with futas

          -19 loading screens (put it in the "gfx" folder of any mod)

          -image to replace the background image from the launcher (put it in "Steam\steamapps\common\Stellaris\launcher-assets")


Planned content:

-more species

-maybe some traps/femboys


What's New in Version 2.1


Version 2.1

- sorry, no new species

- just a small update, I deleted some code that overwrites some vanilla code, my new mod takes over that function

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