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About This File

First off: If you have a problem with breast implants, this mod probably isn't something for you.
I made this mod for another mod I'm working on which is about traits and more. Therefore the themes of the portraits.

There are 4 species which are added to the humanoid class:

-[88] Women with medium implants
-[81] Women with big implants

-[56] Kate Lambert aka Kato (I ended up with lots of images of her so I made them into an additional species)
-[100] Latex Catsuits (species lore from my wip mod: "This species developed latex suits very early on. Since then they adapted to them and evolved with them. Now their suits are an essential part of them.")

-[20] Anisyia

-[18] Candy Charms

-[31] Jennifer Ann

-[20] Samantha Saint



Edited by StarchildKiss

What's New in Version 1.4


Version 1.4:
- more latex portraits

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