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Starchild's LV Expansion (WiP) 1.3.1 + 1.5 Beta

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About This File

After having several ideas myself, I decided to implement them and build them upon Lustful Void (LV is required for many things in this mod to work fully).
As stated in the title this mod is work in progress, very much actually. Please report any bug issues to me and remember to include screenshots.
You are also free to recommend changes or additions, especially regarding the exact values of modifiers and such things. I am not able to to know which is the best balance so I rely on your reviews. I am also open to suggestions to changes about the localization (meaning the dscriptions, names and all kinds of texts of things in the mod).


Information about the BETA:
I have now split my files into a "normal" and the BETA version due to too man issues that came up recently.
Use whichever version you want but be advised that the BETA may be unstable and cause problems.
If you use the BETA, please report any issues you may find and provide screenshots or any other relevant information so I can work on fixing it.

Current Feautures:
- 13 Traits
- 1 Trait with special mechanics resulting in additional traits 


Pops with Horsecocks will gradually cause other pops to become "gaped" (unless they have the elastic orifices trait) resulting in different buffs and debuffs.

- 7 leader traits themed around my other added traits
- 2 tiered Bimbo traits and their leader traits
- 1 archaeology site


reward is chosen and can be a relic or a unique deposit with additional mechanics (the more interesting option imo)

- 5 buildings (BDSM Dungeon and Isoprene Collecting are mutually exclusive on the same planet as they both provide/boost unity and consumer goods in different ways)
- 10 technologies
- a whole "Milking" tradition tree resulting on 1 additional building and 2 jobs and a few mechanics
- a whole "Latex" tradition tree available for "Latex empires"
- 4 new policies
   - 2 for feminization and chosing which pops to feminize and to what degree (requires a tech to unlock)
   - 1 policy for limiting or increasing the amount of my planet events
   - 1 policy or fauna interactions to limit or reduce fauna events and jobs
- 2 Ascension Perks (Bimbo Ascension Path)

Bimbo Ascension: (BETA only)
- 2 Ascension Perks (similar to how synthetic ascension works but your pops stay organic and it only affects female and futa pops)
- "Bimbofication" transforms all your female and futa pops into "bimbos", this merges all female and futa pops into one species, both for convenience and performance. 
- "Bimbo Perfection" does the same but also changes the "bimbos" to be your main species and gives you stronger versions of the trait and leader traits.
- Both give you a special project after which you can additional decide whether the new "bimbos" should receive the portrait from my other "Real Human Portraits" mod or the optional file with the "LV Bimbos".
- once you finished a project, all new female/futa pops will automatically be assimilated into bimbos 

Do notice:
BDSM Dungeon, Isoprene Collecting, Rubber 1, 2, 3 and Latex 1, 2 require you to be a "Latex Empire"

Latex Tradition requires you to be a "Latex Empire"
A "latex empire" is an empire which owner species has the trait "latex suits"
(I might add an option later to become a latex empire through a technology and special project)

New Planet Events (WiP)
- my planet events are a system of events for pops on a planet
- basically pops go missing which puts them into a "missing pop" job that just like criminals is forced to be worked (no worries, you won't lose all your pops to this "useless" job because I made a limit)
- pops can go annually missing based on a chance affected by various triggers
- like already mentioned, the number to go missing is limited to 5% on standard "planetary security"
- you can search for pops through the decision "contact planetary administration" where you can also "explore planet" which causes a pop to go missing; through this you can succeed the limit set for automatically missing pops, because there it is your choice
- after finding a pop the situation is revealed, though right now I only finished the "fauna events" branch
- this means right now all planet events will result in some kind of fauna breeder job
- because the other event branches (for example "captured by primitives" , "starport gloryhole" ...) are not implemented yet, I set the weight for manually "search pop" "explore planet" high enough to always succeed; later this will be reduced to be even with upcoming events
(this is an halt right now because I hope that with the upcoming "Situations" system I can implement it better)

Just like any other LoversLab Stellaris mod.
Also remember to delete the old mod version.
But remember to load it AFTER Lustful Void!

Should be compatible with most mods that are not a total conversion, so same requirements as LV.

Should there be issues, just reply here or DM me.

Also obligatory please use UI Overhaul Dynamic before reporting any issues with things regarding UI. I run that mod and most people do to.

Edited by StarchildKiss
updated description

What's New in Version 1.3.1 + 1.5 Beta


Version 1.3.1

- bug fixes
(bimbo ascension still in Beta only)

Version 1.5 Beta

- bug fixes and improvements
- added option in the LVEX Decision "Contact Planetary Administration" to remove all event deposits - this is so you can abandon colonies

I would like to make the 1.5 Beta version the next "official" version but I couldn't test it enough to ensure it works bug free

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