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About This File

After having several ideas myself, I decided to implement them and build them upon Lustful Void (LV is required for many things in this mod to work fully).
As stated in the title this mod is work in progress, very much actually. Please report any bug issues to me and remember to include screenshots.
You are also free to recommend changes or additions, especially regarding the exact values of modifiers and such things. I am not able to to know which is the best balance so I rely on your reviews. I am also open to suggestions to changes about the localization (meaning the dscriptions, names and all kinds of texts of things in the mod).

Current Feautures:
- 7 Traits
- 1 Trait with special mechanics resulting in additional traits 


Pops with Horsecocks will gradually cause other pops to become "gaped" (unless they have the elastic orifices trait) resulting in different buffs and debuffs.

- a few leader traits themed around my other added traits
- 1 archaeology site


reward is chosen and can be a relic or a unique deposit with additional mechanics (the more interesting option imo)

- a whole "Milking" tradition tree resulting on 1 additional building and 2 jobs and a few mechanics
- Amazon Warriors Civic (unique traits/leader traits, turns males into feminized "War Trophies" (Note that only enslaved pops will use the War Trophy Job, otherwise they will work normal jobs. This was made to give the player a choice.)

It doesn't sound like a lot but a few traits with some interactions, an entire archaeology site and a whole tradition tree were a lot of work and I hope you can still enjoy it.

Just like any other LoversLab Stellaris mod.
But remember to load it AFTER Lustful Void!

Should be compatible with most mods that are not a total conversion, so same requirements as LV.
I only overwrote 1 file from LV and as long as my mod is up to date with LV, it should work.

Should there be issues, just reply here or DM me.

Also obligatory please use UI Overhaul Dynamic before reporting any issues with things regarding UI. I run that mod and most people do to.

Edited by StarchildKiss
updated mod

What's New in Version 1.4


Version 1.4

- removed references to experimental content I forgot to remove from the official version
- removed my lv job overwrite because my edits are now implemented in LV (Thank you Lithia!)
- added a version where I removed the amazon civic. This was due to continued issues which I either didn't know how to fix or weren't described well enough for me to even find them myself. Overall I figured that continuing this part of my mod wasn't anymore worth the effort. If you still want to use that civic, feel free to use the version with the amazon civic, but I won't be trying to fix it anymore, at least not anytime soon.

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