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SeXtreme Statues - TS4 Edition


Mod Description:

This mod adds a collection of erotic statues to your game that you can place around your lot.

The statues are higly detailed as the are made from sims I have made.

The collection will keep growing in the future and new statues will be added to it.

Each statue cames in a variety of textures, like Marbel, Stone and Wood.

As more Statues are added to the collection, the will first be released on my Patreon page, and after a while they will become public here.


Erotic Auras:

When your sims are in the same room with one of the statues from the Sextreme Statues collection, the statues will cause them to become flirty.

You can also make you sims to admire them to give you sims a Romantically Inspired moodlet.


WickedWhims Compatibility:

Some of the statues are used as a Sex location for Wickedwhims so you sims can have sex on them, if you have WickedWhims installed.

Moe animation and more statues will come in the future.




12-14-19_8-33-29 PM.jpg


12-15-19_8-09-21 PM.jpg

12-14-19_8-34-42 PM.jpg


12-14-19_8-37-25 PM.jpg


12-14-19_8-38-31 PM.jpg




Patreon releases:




02-03-20_5-08-14 PM.jpg


01-08-20_7-03-16 PM.jpg










CmarNYC for the tool used to extract the sims.

Hiroky for BetterBody that my statues are using.

All the athours who's hair and other accesories (nails etc.) my sims are using.



If you like my work please consider supporting me on Patreon.

By supporting me you will also get access to early releases of my animations, mods and extra and exclusive content.

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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