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Boston Devious Helper ALPHA 2020-11-20

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About This File


This is an alpha version!

Don't expect a complete, working, fun mod!

Any help testing or giving general feedback would be appreciated!

English is not my first language, so all the dialog is pretty bad!!!



This mod is intended for a female player character with a female companion (Piper | Cait).

Used adult themes:

  • Humiliation, FM, FF, Dom/Sub, BDSM, Bimbo, Bestiality


  • There is no fixed story/quest to follow.
  • Events are mostly triggered randomly.
  • Not all content is available from start, the PC unlocks new content over time.


When locked in Devious Devices the PC can ask friendly NPCs for help.

  • Some NPCs will agree to help her, some will not.
  • Sometimes NPCs will demand sexual favors for their help.


The PC can ask her companion for help with Devious Devices. The follower will only help if the PC agrees to enter a Dom/Sub relationship with her.

  • The PC can ask her Mistress to help with devious devices.
  • The Mistress will demand humiliating tasks from her sub from time to time.


The Mistress will occasionally dress her sub in slutty outfits. (requires additional mods, see Outfit mods below)

  • NPCs will notice and comment when they see the PC running around in an outfit.
  • Sometimes they will try to have some 'fun' with the PC.

Bimbo Collar

The PC can obtain a Bimbo Mind Control collar which will trigger various bimbo themed events.

  • The collar is given by the companion after completing the basic companion tasks (will take a while to get one!)







Boston Devious Helper v0.3.21.7z

The main mod


Boston Devious Helper v0.3.9 - Voice.7z

Silent voice files so the dialog scenes work correctly


Boston Devious Helper v0.3.9 - Voice collar.7z

Audio voice files for the bimbo collar


Boston Devious Helper v0.3.10 - Fusion Girl patch.7z

Fusion girl patch for body morphs (thanks @Greyholder)

YES (if you use FusionGirl Body!)

Boston Devious Helper v0.3.21 Ru.7z

Russian language patch (Thanks @stas2503)


Patch - Plugs of the Commonwealth Slot54.zip

Changes the slots of the plugs so they don't conflict with the other outfit mods



  • You want to install the files in the order like they are in the table above!
  • Patch - Plugs of the Commonwealth Slot54.zip goes after Plugs of the Commonwealth




Fallout 4 runtime v1.10.163
F4SE v0.6.20

Advanced Animation Framework
Devious Devices


Outfit mods (optional, recommended)

The Slutwalk event requires the following mods to be installed. The mod should also run without them, it will check if the mods are installed or not...


Outfits are randomly chosen from the following mods


Fusion Girl Versions/Patches

Thanks @Greyholder for the links (Source)



These mods add additional items to outfits




Thanks to everyone who helped and/or created content this mod is using...
dagobaking, EgoBallistic, an3k, Nebuchadnezzer2
ugibber, izzyknows, stas2503, Greyholder

Kimy, Konata Inoue, lordescobar666, darkconsole, Indarello
Dikr, Dickyftw, Bumex and Newmiller, ousnius and Nezzar84, Bluto Blutarsky

What's New in Version 2020-11-20



  • Boston Devious Helper v0.3.21.7z
  • Boston Devious Helper v0.3.21 Ru.7z


  • Fixed issue which prevented the bimbo collar quest to start when Pillory|Bestiality tasks were disabled.

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