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UN7B - A New Body Replacer made by Alan from ANK 140619

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About This File



.XML used by HDT_PE for the pussy is Wanted!


Any problem when using this body, just PM me.


Sorry for the bad English.


Brief Description


UN7B is a new body replacer made by Alan from ANK MOD TEAM. It combines the upper body of Sevenbase Bombshell and the lower body of UNPB, allowing you to enjoy the buxom breasts, lithe belly, jiggling butt and slim legs at the same time.

And the most important difference between this one and the other body replacers, is the Existence of Vagina, which means this body has a pussy, if you don't like the description using scientific terms...





1.Buxom breasts from 7B and slim legs from UNPB


Well, I don't think this have to be introduced in detail as almost everybody know what they looks like.


2.Skinned pussy


A Skinned pussy means that it's attached to some bones and can be animate by HKX or HDT_PE, and certainly the second one seems to be much more expected. A screenshot shows the “Opening of the Pussy” is provided as a sample.


3.Fully support to HDT_PE


The Breast is TBBP supported and the Butt and Belly is also attched to the skeleton.


4.Fix the Asymmetry Weights of the UNPB legs


Alan said that the original UNPB legs have different weights, it's fixed in this body.




Find in the bottom of the download page please.

I don't have a good computer and the screenshots are took without ENB. The skin colour is changed by ECE.




Maybe nothing. But Attention Please:


1.The skeleton is already packed with the meshes together so don't use other skeletons.It's base on XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended X.93ar50 and Alan added some bones for the pussy(name as vagina and labmin)


Repeat Again: Don't Use Other Skeletons you can get at present, including XPMS AND XPMSE! JUST USE THE SKELETON PACKED WITH THE BODY



2.Because of the Existence of Vagina (scientific terms again), the texture of UNPB or 7B is not completely suitable, so just use the textures Alan provide.


3.Some of the clothes of UNPB will clip because Alan fix the asymmetry weights, stockings for example. But it seems that highheels like DF_T19

is just fine.


4.The pussy of the mesh files femalebody_0_skin.nif andfemalebody_1_skin.nif is not attach to any bones, modders can use them in conversions .




Someone may feel that UN7B has a bigger breast even than 7B. Although they use the same meshes of the breast, the weights of TBBP is added to UN7B, so they looks different.




Thanks to XP32 for the UNPB Redux and XPMS


Thanks to Sevennity for the 7B Body Replacer


Thanks to Groovtama for the XPMSE


Thanks to MrTroubleMaker for the Better Hand Mesh


Thanks to Leito86 fotr the FemFeet Redesigned




You are allowed to use the assets in this file. Just remember to credit Alan and add a link to this page.

What's New in Version 140619


  • 14.06.19
  • Fix the seams of hands and feet
  • 14.06.12
  • Fix the disappearance of feet
  • 14.06.11
  • Version 2 released.
  • Fix some skinning problem on toes and butt
  • 14.06.11
  • First version released.

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