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This is still a work in progress


Bodyslide is a great tool and generally works really well. There is a problem with the implementation of TBBP on the Caliente Advanced Body however, that leads to breast distortion and not letting armor and clothes fit correctly.


If you've spent a great deal of effort and time making your body preset be the way you like and then find that what ends up in the game doesn't look at all like what you were trying to create, then this may be just the fix you need


The main problem is with bone-weighting on the default Bodyslide mesh and a misalignment of the mesh's armature. This patch fixes that to a great degree. See the screenshots



Using your favorite installer, just allow overwrite. Or to install manually, unpack into the Skyrim directory and allow overwrite.


The file replaces the DragonflyTBBP nif in the Bodyslide Shapedata Directory.



Install, then open Bodyslide, Choose the CalienteAdvancedTBBP Body, use what ever preset you wish or create your own, then build the bodies, and also all the armor and clothes so that they fit the new body


It all work on my system---please let me know if there are problems on yours

What's New in Version 0.5


  • 5/24/2014
  • Testing release for fix to the CBBEAdvancedTBBP mesh in Bodyslide

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