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  1. Nymphonomicon

    Instinct Program V.030c (24/03/2013)

    Does anyone have a backup of this game? I have been getting back into lewd games over the last two months and this one was suggested to me, but it appears to be long dead. Sorry for reviving a dead thread.
  2. Nymphonomicon

    Is there a slaver centric mod for New Vegas?

    The closest I could find are the It's a Slave's Life and NCR CF mods. The latter sees a female Courier bargain their way into the Powder Gangers' base to become the prison's bitch and introduces a line of quests for her to perform, while the former is an all-around "you are a slave, prepare to suffer" simulator that seems to imply a few times that sexual content could happen to the enslaved player, but it never does.
  3. Nuska's profile states they give permission for others to use their mods so long as they credit appropriately. Would that not extend to hosting their mod files?
  4. Here's a thought, why not just host it in the LL files and direct anyone that asks for it to check our files?
  5. I don't know if or how much work is being done on Sexout NV any longer, but a thought occurred to me while browsing the site. It seems a little unfair to have to spend one of your precious Perk slots on a Perk that defines your character's sexual preference. What if there could be an addition made to the character creation sequence in Doc Mitchell's house at the start? It wouldn't have to be anything complicated, it could be something like Doc notices your character eyeing a pinup poster on the wall and he asks, "Oh, you like 'em like that?" which would open up a choice for the character to choose from one of three options that boil down to "I like guys," "I like girls," "I like both." Afterwards they would be awarded one or both of the perks relevant to their gender... since this is Sexout we're talking about, there could even be a chance for an "interaction" with the Doc if the player chooses an option that involves men.
  6. Nymphonomicon

    Soul calibur 6

    They retired too many legacy characters in the last outing. I can't imagine things will be improved by moving further forward in time...
  7. Nymphonomicon

    Breeder Content Expanded

    Don't know if anyone else has asked, but do you have any plans to include the earlier Super Mutant breeding quest or something similar?
  8. Nymphonomicon

    Naked gun

    You mentioned the mod's author doesn't want a Sexout plugin, but the perks in this mod got me thinking... are sex scanners able to find the player if she is [Hidden] from view?
  9. I am quite thankful that this texture replacer is modular so I can use parts of it at my leisure, making it feel more "custom" as part of my game.
  10. Nymphonomicon

    Sex Screenshots - Post your ingame adventures here!

    Not bad, but Niner looks like he needs a plugin so he'll call you "Six" afterwards...
  11. Nymphonomicon

    Mass Effect 3 - Sexy Squad.

    This is just a thought here, but wouldn't it be relatively easy to work modded armour into ME1? Seeing as that game worked with a more traditional RPG shop system, you could make an armoury license for a "company" that sells only modded items.
  12. Nymphonomicon

    Sexout Tryout - OUTDATED

    By "local population" do you mean the generic "Local" NPCs or just bodies in general? More Freeside Thugs will give you more hostiles, Atomic Wrangler Sex Workers will increase the numbers inside same, and someone already mentioned Populated Casinos...
  13. Nymphonomicon

    Fun in Goodsprings v1

    hopefully, one day, we can replace all: *go there and kill thema all with: *go there and kill or enslave them all. Can't you just make the two of them essential so they're just 'unconscious' if they lose against the gangsters?
  14. Nymphonomicon

    Sexout Tryout - OUTDATED

    Not sure if this has been reported or fixed (again, I haven't updated yet because I'm trying to finish the playthrough I'm on), but I ran into a bug with WorkingGirl last night. I was trying to break the bank with Blackjack at Gomorrah, but whenever I went over one of the winnings thresholds, the Floor Manager gave me the "so you want to work for us?" dialogue instead of the rewards for winning a large number of chips. Personally, I think it would work better if there were a unique, named floor manager to speak to for WorkingGirl rather than messing with the vanilla Floor Managers...
  15. Nymphonomicon

    Sexout Tryout - OUTDATED

    What little I could understand sounds good... but what is a compact? Ce qui peu je comprenais sonne bien... mais ce qui est un appareil compact ?