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This mod is inspired by the Skyrim mod "Go to Bed" and does similar things.


- You can see the player go to a bed and lie down (with a seamless animation!) and also get up from the bed
- With a hotkey function this is also possible to sleep on dirty floors
- Unpleasant events may occur during the sleeping period
- You can define a sleepdress including Items from Devious devices (requires DD_Enchantings Reloaded version 1.61)


The mod is more or less still in alpha state and still has  problems, for example, sometimes you can see the player standing next to the bed.

None of my mods have given me as much of a headache as this one.
Unexpectedly, the biggest problems only occurred after the player was in bed.
I implemented 2 workarounds that still make it somewhat playable)


General Hints
Unless you are playing in survival mode, I recommend turning off the game option - Save on Sleep.

General information:
Create a SaveGame before installing.
Do not interrupt any animation - this can render key functions on the gamepad unusable: It is better to wait for the timeout
The Timeouts are approx. 20 seconds in both phases - walking to bed (1) and lying down (2)


(In the mod Sleep together Anywhere - a compatible mod - the whole problem is avoided by not doing that at all
Vanilla Sleepmenu is called up: The biggest disadvantage, however, is that the Papyrus OnSleepEvents don't trigger either!)


Some unpleasant outcomes either still need to be programmed or may require fine-tuning
Nevertheless playable is:
- Kidnap (Requires AAF Violate)

- Bound in Public and

- Commonwealth Slavery



If someone wants to adopt the "Go to Sleep" mod, they are welcome to do so, at least as long as it is not for

commercial purposes and I am mentioned.




Simply overwrite everything. 1.02 is intended for usage in survival mode.




Incompatible mods :
- Dangerous Nights (The mod simply waits as long as the player is in bed)


Possibly problematic
- Sexual Harassment (Because of the animation)



My special thanks goes to
- @EgoBallistic, who is probably one of the modders with a lot of experience for Fallout 4 at the moment.


Edited by Kanlaon

What's New in Version 1.0.2




- It fixes the sleeptime for the bed usage at the moment that was capped to 5 hours

- It gives survival mode the possibility to use the simplified version for opening the sleep menu, but at the cost of a black screen.


Nevertheless, I would strongly recommend enabling this feature. With the normal method for survival I had an unresolved problem on the first attempt using the 'Sleep on Ground' option. (perhaps for too long).


It's just an alpha version. Always one step at a time and when we reach the abyss we turn 180 degrees and take another big step backwards to be on the safe side. Lol.

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