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It does matter who you're into, be it your mom, dad, sister, brother, or whoever - you're here for incest. For all your incestuous and inbreeding needs.

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  2. Tengo fantasías con mi padre, quiero ver si su vello púbico es el mismo que su pecho. Quiero ver cómo se ve su polla y tal vez olerla
  3. thats nice was good not alot of ppl would be able to tell that im 27 my self going on 28 i have hear some thing but by far this one is the best
  4. well that kinda what i was wanting to see on here way to go @SedraX
  5. Not really interested in pursuing that. We're both well into our 20s and she is married. Not that close with her anymore, plus I'd rather work on actual relationships.
  6. keep trying but be smart and smooth about if its still passable just play the right cards
  7. My cousin (lives a few states away) used to always enjoy wrestling and playing rough when we were both teens, aside from just seeing who was better at doing what. Looking back I think she might have experimented with me if I had been more sexually curious back then, but who knows. Definitely no chance now though.
  8. but some time a fantasy can come true if u work hard enough and convince him or her or both
  9. That's why it's just a fantasy
  10. That's... Not how being a lesbian works but whatever. Good luck nonetheless, man.
  11. Well my sister turned out a lesbian but I'm sure she'd make an exception for me. I am her brother after all. My mom I'd like to repay for all the good she has done for me, and who knows? Perhaps my sister has the same ideas as I do! 😁
  12. These are both super hot, wow. Maybe one day you'll strike gold & get a threesome with them.
  13. Well firstly my mom. Walking in on her naked when I was much younger, and then thinking about that event much later started to make me make a big thing of it. A big hard thing. I love the thought of fucking her beautiful hairy pussy while she tells me how big I've grown since I was last inside her... And then my younger sister. We used to bath together also when we were much younger, and facing each other we put our feet between each other's legs and ground away, tickling with our toes. I distinctly remember how good it made me feel, and how I encouraged her. She was more shy and laughed a lot. I wish we hadn't seen other people...
  14. Yay! First thread! Tell us all about your incest fantasies. Personally, I'd love for my dad to just completely dominate me & fill my pussy with his cum, whether I like it or not. My body belongs to him, after all. He brought me into this world, so I should serve him while we're here. Maybe he'd even knock me up & give me a son to fuck or another daughter for him to fuck.
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