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  1. I seem to remember reading in one of the guides the correct way to get erections to work. I'll post it as soon as I can.
  2. Thanks Khaahan. I didn't know that LOOT (you meant LOOT, right?) was such a necessity for sex mods nowadays since it's pretty dated (since Oblivion I think). If you have any links to good load orders and tutorials please let me know. I tried to switch from Four Play to AAF using a guide and ran into issues so now I'm going to follow a different one to make the two of them play nicely instead.
  3. I have tried the installation procedure and got several errors of the type "plugin required by content pack not installed or not activated" and "referencing a plugin that is not installed". While I have reinstalled and reconfigured files to try and make these go away (and gone over the installation procedure again and again), I'm getting a persistent error with "Prisoner Shackles.esp" in particular. Also, the white debug text is not going away after loading my savegame, and according to this link: https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/advanced-animation-framework/wiki/Main/Troubleshooting it is due to editing XML files which I haven't actually edited. The same link says that my error with "Prisoner Shackles.esp" may be due to AAF not recognising the correct case of ESP files. The suggested fixes are all difficult to accomplish using Mod Organiser 2 because as far as I know I cannot access individual files because of the virtualisation that MO2 uses, where the files aren't there until the game starts (unless I am mistaken). I tried AAF to see if it would solve the misaligned actors issue I was having with Four Play but it seems troubleshooting AAF is very difficult, much more than just installing the correct mods and compatibility patches in the correct order (which I did, aside from leaving out some optional content such as DD and CIWS). So now I'm wondering if I should just go back to Four Play (since it is a savegame in progress, I did NOT do this on a new game start) and see if something else will resolve the misalignment. Or is it worth figuring out what is going on here? I appreciate any help, thanks!
  4. Thanks for the link I'll definitely try this. I have most of the prerequisites already so I'll just install the remaining essentials. And reorder my load list.
  5. Thanks, sorry for the double post, I answered on the the other thread
  6. Thanks I'll check it out this evening. Listening to the first bit I see you say its on a fresh installation. I am hoping to do it on my current play through though. I want to swop Four Play for AAF though. I anticipate that if that is possible it will be more tricky than an installation from scratch though. So that's why I posted here rather than just following an AAF guide (which I did for Four Play).
  7. I have Four Play (and the community patch) installed along with RSE and lately I am getting misaligned actors basically every scene. I am wondering if I should remove Four Play and replace it with AAF but not sure about doing it mid-game. The guides do not mention doing this specifically (that I have seen) so I'm asking if anyone has done this and can give some pointers. I don't even know if this is the solution though. My load list is down below. Appreciate the help, thanks!
  8. I now have Four Play and RSE running and it does indeed do that. However I'm running into misaligned actors almost every act now and I'm wondering if I should rip out Four Play and put in AAF. Sorry I didn't install AAF instead from the start.
  9. Inajira

    Ben Daglish is in a better world

    I knew that name range a bell from my distant past! Ben Daglish, yikes. And The Last Ninja, the game I so badly wanted for my C64 but could never get hold of a copy. Rest in peace Ben Daglish.
  10. Inajira

    "Wearable" Dogmeat?

    I would be super-grateful too! *nods head violently*
  11. Noble and chaste... aaaahhh... but it never stays that way for long, does it?
  12. If you have installed OSex and SexLab you should have no trouble with Fallout 4 sex mods. Happy fucking!
  13. Questing around Enderal and the usual hijinks along the way.
  14. Inajira

    Why do you play as a MALE/FEMALE ?

    I'm a straight guy and I almost always play female charactes because I'm a horny pervert. I love customising the body details and using custom animations for sexy walking and so on. I like setting up one of the custom camera mods to place the third person camera right behind my girl's sexy ass as she walks. Have tried playing male characters now and then and play them as horny playboys. I have fun for a while but I miss the fem bum (and everything else)!