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Men of Naomiland, I call upon y'all



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Hello boys and girls, yer Generalissimo here. Drop your cocks and grab your socks, we are at war!377160_20190805223048_1.thumb.jpg.fb4f659255ced89144445afdcb849b49.jpg

Y'all remember my proclamation? All lands held by my Minutemen are now part of Naomiland, my All-American, All-Free Republic that ain't gonna answer to no Enclave Federal authority, no sir! Naturally, El Presidente Eden and the Nexus Enclave hate my brand of Freedom (the kind where I can show my tits wherever I want) so WE gonna fight them.


My eloquent speech to my boys:

"Men of Naomiland! Yer Sloot-In-Chief calls upon you to defend our land from the tyrant John Henry Eden! I hereby declare, in the year of our lord twenty two hundred and eighty eight, the Sloots shall rise again!"


But (heh) I can hear y'all sayin'. "Wasn't you an Enclave before?" Not anymore, boys. I never approved of their bullshit. I thought I was fightin' for freedom all along, but the Enclave is just here to occupy our lands. I learnt recently that the Enclave was actually funding raider groups throughout the Commonwealth, to make sure their occupation is justified.


[Leftenant Scarlet nods in approval]

Thanks for the Space Force Guns, Generalissimo. The boys and I love it. This gun makes me wanna shoot up a lot of bloodbugs for some reason...


Glad you like 'em, babe. Ya named yer gun yet? I call this here rifle (rye-ful) "Devil Dog." 


[This one's for you, Marines!]


Remember boys, my motto is "Live, Fuck, Kill" and if you ain't doin' that, you ain't livin' free!


I call upon y'all patriots to join my "Army of Naomi" to fight the Enclave. My most loyal Minutemen "Hellcat" Armored Corps are fightin' those Enclave Hellfire troops as we speak. Those Steel Blue Bastards are my best boys!


I'm personally takin' the fight to Eden's doorstep - I got good intel that he's holed up in the former Gunner's building down south. I'll have the Enclave runnin' for their mommies in a few days. Y'all watch.

[We'll get 'em, Generalissimo]





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The screens and (musical) ambiance are nice, but since the screens aren't actually following her talk (she's posing on them, not talking) can't help thinking it looks more like a collection of glorious moments than a story currently happening. So it looks like if some propaganda photographer accompanied her, and then use the pics for some TV propaganda speech (despite the speech itself being quite convincing). So it looks more like a propaganda ad than a full fledged story, yet considering she's trying to enlist people that's not necessarily a bad thing in that precise entry. ?

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