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Chapter II:Death has high heels and fangs



blog-0981395001417982737.jpgThe second chapter in my story. I have no idea on how long it will be but at least 3-4 more chapters will sure be. The second chapter is featuring Xil'Roth and Molag'Bal (present only in her head at this time).


Warning: There is a dick in this chapter that is not attached to a male body, continue if you want. You were warned :D .





Xil'Roth: "Were the fuck am I?! Fuck this is no longer Coldharbour."


Molag'Bal: "No it is not, my child. It's Tamriel. I have sent you here as I want you do to something. There is one particular mortal that I want you to destroy, The Dragonborn."





Xil'Roth: "Why would you care about a mortal, father? Why send me and not some of the lesser Dremoras. They would be more then enough for him."

Molag'Bal: "I don't want to risk it. Plus I want to be a better father for you, and not keep you stuck in my world. You can get in and out as you please. I do not. It is true that you are not my real daughter, but I have created you. From the slave in my realm to the Xivilai that you are now."




Xil'Roth: "Spare me the lies, you have raped me until my mind was broken then when that happened you turned me into what I am. You do not love me nor do you want to bond."

Molag'Bal: "As I said, I want you to kill the Dragonborn. But first I want you to recover something for me. My mace. It will serve you well. Last time I remember it was in Riften. Then there is a witch that might be a good asset to me once I broke her down. You know what I mean by that."




Xil'Roth: "You want me to rape her?"

Molag'Bal: "Yes. With the thing that I have given to all female Dremoras in my world it should not be a problem."

Xil'Roth: "No wonder they don't want to mate with us no more. We have dicks bigger then them. We ended up mating with other females while our males fuck the slaves and brake them."

Molag'Bal: "And do you think that I care? It's not like I took your reproductive system away. I just added..something. In this world people will treat you different because of what you are."




Xil'Roth: Do you think I care about the mortals in this realm and how they seem me? I am a Xivilai."

Molag'Bal: "Yes you are. And as I said so many times you are my prized creation."

Xil'Roth: "What about Velestra? Your Snow elf whore?"

Molag'Bal: "She is not a whore. But she is on Tamriel same as Lamae to create more vampires. Nothing more. You should hide your wings and dick when you do not need them."



Xil'Roth: "How do you think I can hide this? Is not like there is any pair of clothes that can hide it, nor my wings."

Molag'Bal: "who said anything about clothes? Magic my child, magic."

Xil'Roth: "And why you never told me the spell before? Never mind I don't want to know."


She performed the spell and make her dick disappear, returning her body to normal.




Xil'Roth: "Ahhhh, that was an amazing feeling when my dick disappeared. I am so horny right now."



Molag'Bal: "You are perfect. With or without the dick. I would fuck you right now, and let my creatures do the same."

Xil'Roth: "I'm already your plaything in Coldharbour. It's not like you don't fuck me when you want already .... You are doing so from the moment I set foot on Coldharbour."



Xil'Roth: "Ah it's so good to be able to touch my pussy without my dick in the way. Do you like what you see? Father."

Molag'Bal: "You know I do. Now hide your wings using the spell I learned you and start searching."




Xil'Roth: Damn, you sure are killing all the fun."



Xil'Roth: "Fine. How is this?"

Molag'Bal: "Perfect. You can use the same spell to show or hide them again. I will leave you alone now. I hope next time I talk to you to have some news."


She went to the river near Riverwood and walked into the water to wash the scent that Couldharbour left on her skin.


Xil'Roth: "The water is so cold and yet it feels so good. I love how it feels down between my legs. It's so good to finally be out of that damned place. Finally no longer a voice in my head to tell me what to do."


She walked to the road and was welcomed by one of the entrance guards.



Guard: "Miss you are almost naked. You will freeze in this cold."

Xil'Roth: "Hey! my eyes are up here. And no I am not freezing. This is Riverwood correct?"

Gaurd: "Yes. Welcome."


She walked passed the guard and leaned near the west entrance wall.




Xil'Roth: "So this is how real world looks and smells. It's amazing. I don't want to go back to Coldharbour soon."



Xil'Roth: "Seems that there was a fight here. Those bodies on the ground, thief's from the look of it."



Xil'Roth: "So i need to find a mace, a witch and a dragonborn."



Xil'Roth: "Think I'm gonna start with having a nice time alone first."


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Awesome stuff dood im gonna hope for a new chapter soon.


Yes there will be a continuation. I hope it will be soon too :D

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