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Chapter I: You will know my name.



blog-0829207001415292883.jpgI have decided to start a little project that will tell the story of my 3 main character. Velestra, Klaus and Eris. The first chapter will feature Eris my witch character. Enjoy.




Chapter I:












Two month's on the sea trapped in a small cabin. Two month surrounded only by males that only thought on how to ravage me. Two month that I stopped myself every moment from incinerating them. Finally on ground.




Skyrim sure is chilly. My enchanted robes are not enough to keep the cold away. I will need to increase it's power. But first I need to sleep in a soft bed that does not rock every damn second.




Guard: Welcome to Solitude traveler. What brings you to Skyrim in this time of war?

Eris: Knowledge. Where I can find an inn in this dammed city?

Guard: Up the stairs you will find the entrance to the city. Once inside look for the Winking Skeever on the left.

Eris: Thank you.

Guard: Stay safe traveler.




Skyrim sure has an interesting place for it's capital. It does not look bad, but I will have to further investigate once the sun is up.




Eris walked up the dock's stairs and up on the paved road. Solitude welcomed her by it's big fortified walls and the sentinel guarding the entrance to the city. Once inside she asked another guard where the inn was located. He pointed the the first building on the left. Once inside the inn she was welcomed by bards music and the smell of ale and fresh cooked stew. The warmth in the building surrounded her fast and she felt how tired she actually were after the expedition on sea.




Corpulus Vinius: Welcome to the Winking Skeever, friend.

Eris: Thank you. Do you have any rooms to rent?

Corpulus: Ah, so you are not from Solitude. Now that I look better at you, it seems you are not even from Skyrim from the clothing you are wearing.

Eris: No, I am not. I've traveled by boat from High Rock.

Corpulus: You are in luck. I have one more room left. And if you decided ever to remain in Skyrim I also have a house for sale.




Eris: Is that so? How much does it costs?

Corpulus: The room is 10 septims and the house is 100.000 septims.

Eris: What's the catch with the house? The price is to small, or Skyrim is cheaper?

Corpulus: People say that the house is haunted. If you believe that, that is.




Eris: You have a deal innkeeper. Here are 120.000 septims. Keep the change.

Sorex Vinius: I cannot believe you have bought that. Have you not heard it's haunted lady?

Corpulus: Shut up. The woman know's what she is doing.

Eris: Now that we have settled his matter show me the room. The travel has put a toll on my body. I need some sleep.

Corpulus: My apologies, my lady. This way.


Eris followed the innkeeper up the stairs and to a locked room.




Corpulus: Here it is. It's yours for the night. We will talk about the house in the morning.




Eris: Thank you. Do not run with my money or I will make sure to burn down your inn.

Corpulus: Worry not. Sleep well. The key and the deed will wait for you tomorrow. Good night my lady.

Eris: Good night.


She closed the door and locked it once the innkeeper turned and left.





Warning small scene of masturbation inside!



Now to get undressed and under the sheets and relax for a night. But first I need some other kind of relaxation or I will go insane.




Two months that I could not do anything because of those small walls and horny sailors. I can finally relax now and enjoy myself. My pussy is aching for some attention.




So good to finally be naked and leave my breast's out of that armor. I was always harassed because of their size. Called a whore because of their size, even a milk cow. But now I love my body and the shape it has. If people hate them then so be it.




Now to enjoy myself a bit. Being so much since the last time I will be done really soon, which is a shame.






Ahhh, I'm almost there. I'm cumming.





After she finished masturbating she fall asleep in a moment still touching her wet pussy.





=Next morning=




Corpulus: Are you alright? I heared voices coming from your room last night.

Eris: Mhhmm yes. I must have talked in my sleep.

Corpulus: Here is the key to the house and the deed you have to sign.


He handed her a piece of paper and the key to her new home.


Corpulus: There is a boat at the dock that will take you there.




Just my luck....another trip by boat. I think the God's are making fun of me.




Eris: The innkeeper sure had a nice house for sale.


She walked to the entrance and unlocked the gate with the key from the innkeeper. Once she passed the entrance she felt something strange.




Eris: (she started laughing) Hunted my ass. It's just a spell to make trespassers believe this and stay away from it. Intelligent I must say




Eris: And you are the catalyst of that spell. So as long as you stand the spell will remain active. I could disable the spell but why bother. I like it like this. Now let's see the interior of this so called haunted house.


She unlocked the front door and entered, only to be welcomed by a voice.



The voice: Welcome home.

Eris: Great now i hear voices in my head. But that cannot be the same spell that was outside.

The voice:You are so inteligent my little girl. No I am not a spell nor a ghost. I am something more





Eris: Show yourself. NOW!! Or when I find you I will burn you to a crisp.

The voice: Why so much anger, my child? Fine I am Harmaeus Mora. I will not show myself just yet. I knew you would buy this house once you reach Skyrim. I have followed your steps since you left High Rock. I know you sorrow, your hatred, your story.

Eris: Don't make me laugh. I know perfectly fine what you are and what you want. Now get out of my head.

HM: I will not. Not until you hear what I have to say. Once I'm done you can decide. I know what you seek and i can offer you exactly that and more. I can offer you access to my Oblivion realm and from there access to the most forbidden grimoires ever created. Further more with those books you can gain the knowledge to bring your father back from the dead's and also become immortal. The last one I freely offer to you.

Eris: What is the catch, Daedra prince? Nothing comes free from your kind.

HM: Very intelligent indeed. Now I understand why your coven has exiled you from their ranks. The catch is you will belong to me. As long as I'm alive you will be mine. You can have as many lovers as you want but I will own you soul. And with your help I will enslave humans and only witches will be left on Tamriel.

(He knew exactly what to say in order to get her in his grip and own her soul)




Eris: So be it. I will be your's. But remember this I will destroy you if you lie to me.

Seems he is gone. I will make all the humans pay for their sins against us witches. My father will once again live and with him the end of human kind will come. Witches shall rule this world.








To be continued


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Agree with G.S.. great start and you vampire char is gorgeous.

Thank you :D. The chapter whit my vampire will come next.

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