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The Succubus Talks




"Some of you ask yourself, why am I the way I am? Really, i don't know this too, it just happend. Sometimes i think my Mistress want it so, 'cause she is maybe like me." *she is silent for a moment, after three minutes she continues* "Hmmmm, well. I can't find an other option. But hey, it could be not the worst, that makes me unique. Of course i met an other Daedra and she is very kindly to me and we like us from the first Moment and we have talk 'bout different things - okay most of them were kinky and lewd. Well, we do not deny our way, at least not to ourselves, also i talk with her wife a few words. I believe she likes me, too. Such a nice and kind Person. Both Women makes me a bit nervous, because i don't know a lot of them, Still waters are deep, that is what i think about the reddish Woman, the bluish acts carefree on me, like a small child, hehe. Not so far from myself, i makes often stupid things." *starts to giggle* "Well, I am a succubus, that's a fact, but i like it, having fun. Of course I also Moments, when i am thinking about serious Things or I'm getting philosphic, but our life as Daedric Seducer on Tamriel is everything, just not easy. I cheating my way through life, but this is the wrong way, I know this. Sorry for this, but please don't judge me, if you didn't know me." *looks innocent*


"I travel a lot through Skyrim, but always when I see a Stranger person, i'll flew. I won't hurt them. I waiting a longer Time in a Hide, until they passed my way. Also i've seen a lot other Mortals and watched them, and sometimes i saw many cute and sexy Girls, but I am to afraid to show me... okay there's maybe an other reason, it could be confusing when they see me without Pants, 'because i didn't like Pants and when you take a look at my crotch then you know what i mean. There are always two options: 1st you run away and the 2nd you attack me. A red skin, a Tail, Horns and a large dick are not often really helpful, even if my intentions are well meant in danger Situations. I don't know what you are thinking about this, when you see me? Mainly Confusion will be at the first place. Often is no time for Thinking, I run and help. Now you ask yourself, why she didn't travel in her Mortal Form. Okay, damn strong argument. In my Mortal Form i have not the abilities when such bad Situations happen. I am so used to my true form and think that I can be more helpful. When the bad Situation is cleared, then i can choose between stay or run." *she takes a Mug with Wine and she drinks* "Sorry, my mouth gone dry. Where i Stop? Okay... in the most situation I get a simple 'Thank you, Daedra.'


"I answered them with a little smile and nodding my Head. Then i look foward, that i leave this place, only two times i got more than a Thank you. Wow, that was impressive and very important for me. We are in contact with each other till today and i can say, we are good friends. One is from Mournhold and the Other from Vvardenfell, both are Dunmer. That is maybe one of the reason, why they don't attack me or run away. The Drakelves and their fondness to the daedric Princes. I can't understnad this really, even as one of those not." *she looks at you*


"Oh, that was not my intention, I wont boring you. But thank you that you stay for a while. Do you want something to drink?" *She takes a look into her Bag, and takes a bottle Mead and reach it to you* "On your well-being!"


In an own thing



Today no Images, just some words. When you like her and you're interested to use her in your Stories as a Cameo, then i will share her Racemenu Preset with you. send me a short message :) 


Zilphia loves you all 



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