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A Succubus in the Wasteland - FO4



Well, on Friday i bought Fallout 4 as Gotye. I was a long time interested in this game, but I never dared to do that. 

I am happy with Skyrim, but i want to try an other Bethesda Game, also i Install it. During the installation i searched for some Mode, 'cause i want to play FO4 on the same way like Skyrim - Adult.


After i installed all interesting Mods, i started the Game the first time, but it doesn't. I forget F4SE xD 

I learned that FO4 Mods works a bit different, than the installing of Skyrim mods., per Exammple there's no FNIS or similar.


As have finished this small problem, i've seen ingame are the settings are different, ^ is here ö, Inventory is avaiable on Tab and so on. In the first hours it was very difficult, because i was in my Head always on Skyrim Settings :D


After the Character edit my Char look so.



But i wasn't happy with her look, so i searched for a Succubus Armorpack and I changed her to this look.






Okay, in my mind she looks now much more better than her first look, but she was not perfect. So i start to look for an other Skin colour and other Horns. Well, the horns of the TeraSuccubus Modpack are nice, but too big. Even i looked for pointed ears. And now she have the look, what i want for her and this is her current look, the Tail is hidden.






Only with her Face i am not really happy, but i will change it, in the next days. I miss here the Racemenu from Skyrim, The Looksmenu is not really my cup of tea. I miss a lot of sliders. 


But now my Succubus can explore the Wasteland!


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