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Ellie [Fallout 4] - Updated



Holotapes released to Director, Ellie.


>Playing Earliest entry,,,


Old Man's voice: What news do you have?


Younger male voice: Bad, sir. We sent the signal to end cryostasis for the last occupant of Vault 111, as per your orders. However, the routine placed into the vault's systems sent a signal one hour ago - no active lifesigns.


Old Man: This could mean she escaped the vault.


Younger: I'm sorry, but the Vault's systems have not recorded a log of the door being opened since before the vault was sealed - before the war.


Old Man: Are you...certain?


Younger: I am, sorry, sir. 


Old Man: Collect her body for memory imprint collection.


Younger: Sir? 


Old Man: The board will resist my intentions, but there is still time to save what may be lost forever.


>Tape End...


>Playing Next...


Irate Voice: You want to waste the project on this?


Old Man: The project needs a test subject, and there is none better. 


Younger voice: This courser line is one of the most advanced we have ever created. So dissimilar to the agents we have currently, and of this new line, none are even in production. The reason for this, is that we need a mind behind this, that will take to it. If they do not, it will be a failure. I would rather that not happen. 


Irate Voice, no changes: And you believe the sentimentality of Father has nothing to do with this?


Young voice: Perhaps it does, but this is an opportunity we cannot ignore. As per Father's instructions, the memory imprints have been scanned, and production on this Courser line has started. It will be-


Irate voice, again: Enough, Max. We all know the details, but the more important question, is why this should be used for her? We no longer have a use for her. In spite of what Father believes-


Max: Do you know her background? A combat veteran, and military lawyer, the former, along with the equally similar commendations of her late husband, earned her family a place in the Vault. But more to your point, this line of courser seeks to do what our current ones, cannot. Act as a force of will in the Commonwealth, but can equally blend in, and act in every possible way like she is human, which she mostly will be. Beyond some basic directives, she will have the free will to-


Female voice: How wise do you think that is? Allowing her do whatever she wishes?


Max: It is a risk, I am aware of that, Doctor Li. The directives she is to be given will mostly make her more favorable to the Institute, even if our active combat Synths might still attack her on sight if she encounters them. However, if she does, it becomes a test to see just what she is capable of. 


Doctor Li: How much will she know about her, former life, and about the Institute? 


Max: Some basic information about us, and as for her former life, she will have all the details, baring her time in the Vault - but she will have knowledge of said Vault, along with some basics on others. 


Doctor Li: Why the other Vaults?


Max: Should she visit them, for any reason, it gives us more Intel on these places. 


Irate voice, last time: And should she, by some miracle, reach us, what do we do, then? What if she joins us, will she assist us personally then, or not? 


Father: That depends on her making it this far, but it is my hope that she would make such a choice. 


Max: I hate the idea, but the Railroad are a group that to even the Coursers we have, would prove a challenge. Certain members, we have already disposed of. But the groups as a whole? We only have a lead like most eventually do, but it is not enough. But I know what you refer to. Should we sent her against them or any other group that poses a problem, how would she react? Well, that depends on how we sell it to her, or what her experiences show her before we have any hands in it. Perhaps she would be perfectly compliant with our request, or see past it, for it's significance to our efforts.


>Tape End...Playing Next...


Father: So where have you sent her?


Max: The target was random, and perhaps foolish...I'm sorry about that. But she has been sent to...Quincy? Dammit.


Father: Do you think she will be able to survive? 


Max: I do not want to say this, but...I'm not sure. She was not given full Courser equipment, but what is standard for our other Synths, instead. I am fearful for if she does not succeed, but hopeful that she can.


Father: Do you have any idea what she might do? 


Max: I'm not sure. She has no Courser chip, she is not being controlled by us, in any way. She may head straight into Quincy itself and get killed by the Gunners, or she may seek some kind of help, be it begging or pleading, or something far more, tactful. 


Father: Keep me...updated.


Max: Are you, okay?


Father: Yes, but I must...


Max: I understand, sir.


>Tape end. Playing Next...


Max: I have an update for you, Shaun.


Shaun: Is she still safe? 


Max: Have you heard of Vault 88?


Shaun: Was that one not unfinished? Why is it relevant?


Max: In spite of some dangers, including a group of raiders and radioactive waste dumped in the quarries near Qunicy, she braved them to reach this vault. I'm honestly not sure why, as of yet. 


Shaun: Do we have any other information about the vault?


Max: It was an experiment, like the rest, intending on beginning before all other vaults. Tests on human subjects, and due to the bombs, it never began.


Shaun: What of the Overseer?


Max: Valery Barstow. There is no record of her after the war, and I would assume she was either killed in the vault, or at worst, and this is guesswork on my part, became a ghoul, due to radiation poisoning, which may or may not be due to the bombs. 


Shaun: What?


Max: Ah, yes. The caverns are rich in uranium, intended to be used for the construction of the Vault, and it's experiments. 


Tape Audio corrupted. Playing Next...


Max: Everything she comes across, proves my point about this project. Super Mutants, Ghouls, Raiders, you name it. The majority of our Coursers might see some kind of issues, in spite of their programmed skills and bravado. THIS is what I was referring to. The abilities, knowledge and skills of our Coursers, along with the skills she had in life, she is beyond my expectations. 


Shaun: Good results. Anything unusual?


Max: There is one thing I was not expecting. for two reasons. She apparently wandered across an old fridge, and from what I understand, she heard voices.


Shaun: Are you sure of this? No errors?


Max: Not from what the visual scans suggest. She shot the lock off the door, and the occupant of the fridge was a pre-war boy, who saw fit to hide in a fridge, to possibly escape the fallout, and/or bombs.


Shaun: That must mean the boy is....


Max: Yes, a Ghoul. But it seems he still had living family, and I'm sure you can follow the logic here. Of note, is something else, however. 


Shaun: What is it?


Max: A man approached her with an offer to..."buy" the kid, likely a slaver of some sort. 


Shaun: What action did she take? 


Max: Um...it seems she was lacking in ammunition, which was her first thought, but her next was to use a wrench she found somewhere in the Vault to....beat the man to death. I know, I know. I'm trying to make sense of it, but I can't entirely fault her for the decision.


>Tape end. Playing Next...


Max: It seems she has picked up the trail. Including gaining a companion.


Shaun: Of what sort?


Max: Somewhat...my doing. One of the synth teams had a project for a canine model he felt wasn't going anywhere. Even if the programming, along with the imprints, where good enough that the model acted just like a real dog - even when looking mechanical, without any kind of metal or flesh shell. So I made a few changes, and sent this one somewhere near Vault 111. Though the pup has a holotape with some things I'm sure she can build to make him more, presentable.


Shaun: Is it capable of defending itself? 


Max: Certainly. He should take to her easily, and I think from her memories, she once owned a dog, so it should be easy for her to accept him as well. 


Shaun: Do you know if she has entered the Vault?


Max: Ah, yes. It certainly seems so. Though I was not expecting her to realize so quickly - even if the body she saw, to sell the unfortunate lie, barely looks like her. Who knows why she has that unusual hairstyle, but if the synth in the Vault had it...well...


Shaun: And from there, do you know where she is going next?


Max: Well, no matter what she has realized, she may see a "crime" having happened there. So seeking out ways to uncover the mystery may be what she will do. And as far as I am aware, there is only one person in the Commonwealth who can assist her with that. 


Shaun: You mean one of our prototype synths?


Max: We all know of Nick Valentine, but he is one we have little reason to reclaim. Still, he is going to be useful to her, and perhaps by extension, to us in the long run because of that. What I wonder is, will she be pointed in his direction? Or will the shills in Diamond City, act in our stead, and prevent her from learning the truth?


>Tape End. Playing Next...


Max: Vault 81 had a...good god.


Shaun: What? How is Vault 81 important?


Max: I'm skipping over a few details, but they are minor things. She has created a fair chance at a thriving Vault, seen a few mysteries of the Commonwealth, things like that. Though it seems Vault 81 has taken her interest, and with a successful bartering of Fusion Cores, they allowed her inside. Odd how they looked at her like just another wastelander, when she is all but resistant to the effects of radiation. Eh, it does have an effect on her, sure. But does of RadAway easily takes care of it, and it makes her near 100% uncontaminated with radiation. Maybe a few...dammit what is the term...well, the barest amount that most counters can even pick up. Or that of the average early century microwave. 


Shaun: What is the status of Vault 81?


Max: Well, I believe you are aware of the terms Vault-Tec used to consider vault, really only two, but still. Anyway, essentially it has functioned as a Control Vault for some time. 


Shaun: Was that it's original purpose?


Max: No. It was originally a test bed for diseases, in order to perfect cures. The Vault was designed with two sections, a section for the scientists, and one for the rest of the Vault's population - the test subjects. 


Shaun: You are saying the experiment, failed? 


Max: Not entirely. Well, the truth is that, the first Overseer was the only member of the Vault's population, other than the scientists, who knew what was really going on. They sabotaged the experiment, and as a result, the Scientists continued to work, but eventually expired, while all the other Vault Dwellers thrived. Currently, they are somewhat dependant on resources from the Commonwealth, but the current Overseer is still guarded when people wish to enter the Vault. 


Shaun: You mentioned cures. Were any created?


Max: Yes. In fact, a study was done on Mole rats, and actually...a test was done on one of the Vault dwellers.


Shaun: How? If the....


Max: It was a boy who knew of a way into the sealed off section of the Vault, thanks to another dweller working in the Reactor section of the Vault. The boy rashly chose to explore that section, and was bitten by one of the mole rats. 


Shaun: And the cure you mentioned, became involved how?


Max: Your...mother. She ventured into the sealed off section herself, finding a Miss Nanny bot, that offered the last known sample of the cure. 


Shaun: Can we make use of the formula?


Max: Possibly. We may have to synthesize some of the ingredients, but it should be possible.


Shaun: Good, good. Wait, who is this person she is traveling with?


Max: The...former Nanny bot, CVRIE. 


Shaun: Why is it registering as G5-19?


Max: Thanks to the Memory Den, in Goodneighbor. The processes and memory of CVRIE was transferred into G5-19, whose wipe by the Railroad went awry. Essentially, that is Curie, not G5. 


Shaun: So this happened, because of their, relationship?


Max: Well, in addition to Curie's wish to experience the human form, or as close as she could possibly get. She is a scientist, and part of that in her robotic form, meant being forever numb to the knowledge she possesses, no matter how much she cares.


Shaun: I see something more. 


Max: Indeed? Yes, well...people change. She has in various ways since the life she once had was ripped from her, twice over. She made a choice, and I can't fault it. 


Shaun: Yes, that...is her choice. 


Max: Are you...okay, sir?


Shaun: Yes, yes. We can continue this later. Keep me up to date.


Max: Of course, sir.


>Playback paused...


>Display archived files...






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