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Piper - Dangerous Dames



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...this is Radio Free Diamond, calling any patriots out there... we need help... raiders are at our doorstep... please help us... they'll kill and rape everyone in here...



Warning 4k image heavy!


I remember that day well. When she came and saved us.


After the core Minutemen were defeated at Quincy, all the scumbags of the Commonwealth rallied - some of the more powerful Raider gangs organized themselves into armies and began attacking Diamond City directly.




The City was besieged, and all citizens were asked to aid in the defense. The surviving Minutemen gathered at the City and began transmitting a distress call to anyone.



In truth, as I found out later through my investigations, many former Enclave soldiers from the Capital Wasteland had volunteered to be military advisers to the Minutemen, hoping to gain power here in the Commonwealth. But here again their proxy army was about to be wiped out...



The Raiders were better equipped and bolder than usual, as if they were sure of their success.



...Radio Free Diamond, do you copy? Two friendlies, south gate. Hold your fire.



I remember some of the troop's reactions that day, and even did interviews with them later...



"I was so pumped up on adrenaline ya know? So it didn't really matter to me at the moment but yeah, boy were they a sight for sore eyes! Two angels landing on the battlefield."



...the fuck is this bitch?



Men! Form up!



"She givin' orders? What the hell? I thought. But ya know, I realized she's the real deal when she started poppin' raiders left and right with that gun of hers. Zzzzzzt! Wow."






Raiders: Fuck! Cover! Cover!



"Was she distracting? Yeah, maybe. But let me tell ya, my fear disappeared. I was pissin' my pants earlier when them raiders come yellin', but now I see this gal and all I can think about is her. And I sees her gettin' shot up, but she seems fine! Regardless, I jump in, ya know. Lady needs help. Can't be a coward now, man up Jim! I tells myself."



And then I remember, I don't know where she had it, but she had drawn a large, Japanese katana out. (Seriously where does she keep it?) And then the carnage started.



As beautiful as she was, she was terrifying.



"Aaaaaah! Fuuuuuuck!"



"...her wounds plug up... what the fuck is she?!... Aaaaah!"



"...get a shotgun on her pointblank!"



Eventually her bikini either slipped or tore, but she kept fighting on.



"...get a nuka grenade... gah!"



She was now right in middle of them, having cut her way through dozens of men.



I could never tell if she was even phased by her wounds, but the terrified raiders were screaming the truth - her wounds plugged up faster than she bled out. Only close range shotgun blasts seemed to slow her down.



...and then...



[Nuka grenade goes off]






...luckily it didn't hit her. I'm not sure if that would've even hurt her, though.



I... was terrified. I just knew she had to be a synth. Or even one of those Assaultrons, which the Enclave seemed to send out as forward scouts. But her... she was something else.



...but... she was helping us. Bleeding for us.



I didn't know why. She was adorned with pre-war American symbols, and she reminded me of paintings of women that soldiers made during the Second World War. She seemed to have walked out of a painting like that. She was even fighting with a pre-war handgun, like the one Dad had, that he got from Grandpa.



The Minutemen by now were rallying behind this new heroine, who had almost beaten back the Raider Army by herself.



She also seemed to have a companion that looked a lot like her, except redheaded. She seemed just as capable as the blonde.





The raiders were beaten back, confused, aroused, and terrified.



Whoever these women were, they just saved us. But boy are those distracting...



Naomi: Some good shooting there, sugar. What's your name?

Piper... Piper Wright... and umm... thank you. You just saved us from those raiders.



We heard your distress call. Where's your CO?



General, Ma'am! We Enclave veterans are ready to fight! These Minutemen are Federally sanctioned militia, ready for your orders, Ma'am! As per direct Presidential Order, I am transferring command of these militia units to you, Ma'am!



I see we already have friends in the Commonwealth. Very good soldier, under my authority, we'll establish an outpost here in Diamond City.

Yes Ma'am! God bless America, God bless the Enclave! Hurrah for our beloved President!



Setup more barricades there! Move!



Ms. Wright? What's the City like right now? Any chance of resupply?



Afraid not... Ma'am...

Call me Naomi.


Yes. Easier that way. You will however in front of the men address me as "Generalissimo." Presidential orders.

Uh... sure... of course... *writes word down*

Piper? May I call you Piper?

Of course...



You seem to be liked by the locals. I see the word PRESS in your cap, so therefore I ask you frankly - would you like to work for me? I am here in the Commonwealth on behalf of the Federal government. Aside from your journalism skills, I need every man and woman who can fight, to fight. Your country needs women like you to join our fight to restore peace.



Yes... Ma'am... I mean, uh, I'll do my best, honor to serve, Ma'am. I mean, Naomi, Ma'am, uh...






"Phew... now I really want to try it with a girl... I mean... well this isn't the first costumed... person, I guess... to come to the Commonwealth. I mean, the Mechanist is still on the loose, Bosco still runs his gang as a teddy bear, and then there's the Pack..."



"...I'm going to help her. She helped us so it's the least I could do. Besides, with the war in the Commonwealth this bad, I'm glad I can do any reporting at all. It's gonna be an interesting case of embedded journalism..."


To be continued.





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Take that Raider Scum! America ass saved the day woo!


Nice detail that her "bra" would slip during battle and her nips would be out

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2 hours ago, Agent Tex said:

Take that Raider Scum! America ass saved the day woo!


Nice detail that her "bra" would slip during battle and her nips would be out

Thank you! Yep the outfit has a "tactical distraction" mode that can be used in combat, hehe ?

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52 minutes ago, Jayomms said:

Nice :mrgreen: at least the raiders died with boners. God bless America :wink::thumbsup:

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Love that movie! Definitely an inspiration, bringing freedom to all, one bullet at a time! America one, bad guys zero! ?


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29 minutes ago, dickyftw said:

Love that movie! Definitely an inspiration, bringing freedom to all, one bullet at a time! America one, bad guys zero! ?


:classic_laugh: :wink::thumbsup:

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4k is just too much for my internet ? great shots, would be cool if somebody released animated poses for fo4, some lewd gifs of your characters would look great ?

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1 hour ago, NikoNeliko said:

4k is just too much for my internet ? great shots, would be cool if somebody released animated poses for fo4, some lewd gifs of your characters would look great ?

Thanks, and yeah I couldn't get these processed in time as jpg this time - sorry everyone for the initial releases! I'll be going jpg from now on, thanks for your patience!

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