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Raven Go! ~ Teen Titans Game Review





You get a handful of choices after every few lines of dialogue. Try calm down Raven as best you can. If you make the wrong choices, you’ll get an instant game-over and be tossed out the window!


Beast Boy was actually jerking off to dirty thoughts and pictures of Raven. He has dirty photos of her on a big screen television! You better think fast and come up with a good excuse, or she’ll totally kill you! If you play your cards right, you can convince Raven to help relieve your aching cock. The only question is, do you cum inside of her, or pull out like a gentleman?


The game is very short with only a handful of unique images to see. While the lines and coloring are very simplified, Raven looks totally sexy. Variations to her standing pose give life to her character. You can watch her face change when she gets upset.




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