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Sakura has four stats, which can be customized at the start of the game.


Charm will give better results when flirting. Intelligence will give better pay at the Academy. Strength will increase your HP and battle power. Chakra will increase your daily energy and also help you in battle.


There are three bachelors for Sakura to pursue. Sasuke likes intelligent girls. Naruto likes a girl with advanced chakra. Rock Lee likes a girl with lots of strength! Find a guy and initiate conversations with him to improve your relationship. Soon you’ll be able to spar with him, which will reward you with a huge relationship boost.


Work jobs and go on missions to earn money. Spend the dough on gifts, and give them to your date for a relationship boost.


There is no way to save game, but that’s fine, because it takes less than an hour to complete. The game ends when you finally have sex with any of the guys. A satisfying ending for your awkward courtship.




More Info - https://hentaireviews.moe/2019/04/19/hentai-game-review-naruto-dating-sim/


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