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Salacious Intent



My original plan after getting Dwarven Modular Automaton out was to get Fallout 4 running again, but that's hit a couple of snags. For one thing, it's been around two years since I last put any time into it, much less paid attention to its mod scene, so figuring out what I actually needed to get going mod-wise has been a headache. Not helping this is my decision to use Vortex for this and SE in anticipation of actually needing it when TES6 eventually comes out. I am... Less than impressed with some aspects of it. I mean, is overwriting files really something that needs to be struggled with that much? Even less helpful is the fact that I can't seem to get any of the available physics bodies working quite right. Don't know what I'm missing, but each of them is weirding out in various ways.


But the main problem is that when I did get it going and started poking around in the game again, it's still remarkably boring. I wanted to have it as an alternative time-waster to retreading Skyrim over and over again, but five minutes into some random wandering around and I already felt like I had retread every last bit of FO4. I don't know if I can actually work up enough enthusiasm to replay any of it. 


So, fuckit, I'll just waste time by retreading Skyrim some more. Decided to do a quick new character for a dedicated DMA-equipped run, in part because I wanted to play around a bit more in-depth with the possibility of mixing it up with some non-DMA items...





Just about any slot 31 or 42-based headgear works fine, with how the heads are built. I've had the idea of doing some non-Dwarven armored chest parts to go with this capability in the back of my mind for a while, although it'd be limited to materials I can find workable models of given some of the physical constraints of the shoulder and mid-torso jointing. Could probably at least get an iron and draugr chestplate version running, though. Getting non-purpose built stuff onto the torso is tricky to do without clipping in general. 


Along that line of thought, the other part of why I did this as a new character was to run them through the Dwarven Sexbot alternate start in CCAS, which tags the player into the Dwarven Automaton faction. (Figuring how to do that via equipment has been on my 'ought to do but never taken the time to figure out' list for a while, now.) But roleplay-wise, while the Modular Automatons are certainly a bit sexualized, they don't actually have, y'know, parts. 


But they can add parts.




The Dwemer model in the old Skyrim Strap-ons mod is a really nicely executed piece of work, and I've been wanting to figure out some way to use it with all my Dwarven content for a while but couldn't really find the gap. There just wasn't any place where it would make all that much sense to be using it. But if you're going to make a full-body automaton into a sexbot, well... 


Problem is that while the phallus itself was positioned pretty well, the rest of the belt had exactly the problems I was expecting. 




The obvious solution was to extract the phallus from the rest of the belt and build a new mount for it. This is actually another idea that had been in the back of my mind for a while, but I hadn't gotten around to trying it out before some of my other 'explicit parts' ideas hit snags and I back-burnered all of them to focus on getting the main elements of the mod out. I hadn't put much thought into exactly how to build it at that time, though, so after I got the phallus separated I just threw some parts together in whatever way they seemed like they would fit. 


Sometimes that really works out well.




Initially I just built this up without really checking to see how it would fit on the various pelvises, though, and was a bit discouraged when I saw how much the rings clipped with the pubic plate on the Type G...




...But when I tried it on the Type B I knew that this was an avenue I had to explore. I hadn't planned this at all. It's pure serendipity. 




How fuckin' awesome is that?


But there was another thing that was bugging me while I was doing my initial in-game tests of this design. For whatever reason lost in the mists of time, just about every female-use phallus in the game, from strap-ons to the SoS add-ons, is about one dick-width higher on the torso than the male schlong models. I have no idea why this is the case, but the practical effect is that every time a female-modeled character gets slotted into a 'male' animation position things get misaligned, as you can see in that first image with the strap-on above. So I figured that since I was rebuilding the damn thing anyway, I might as well re-position it, too. 


As it happens, this solved a lot of problems.




This positioning leaves it more 'centered' on the Type B pelvis, and significantly improves the clip on the E and G pelvises. 






After filling in the coinpurse with a re-shaped Falmer jewel and adding in some connective tubing for visual interest, I've got something entirely workable visually and that works much better with the animations.




And as a bonus, this also works to at least some degree with the regular human bodies. It doesn't have any Bodymorph settings whatsoever so I can't promise it'll work with everything, but it turned out pretty decently with my UNPB-based bodies, at the least.






Only problem here is that I'm not entirely sure how to implement this. The in-game shots here were made by simply subbing it in for the original strap-on's model, but I haven't yet found out how to make this function as a SexLab-aware strap-on independent of that, much less if there's any low-effort way to get a character wearing a DMA body to only use this as a strap-on. The simplest way might just be how I've got it working right now, with my character set to male in SexLab (which also lets her fulfill the male role in SGO) and manually equipping the phallus before a scene. It's a bit clunky, but it does work.





(Sexrobot, Sexrobot)


As an aside to all this, downloading stuff for FO4 reminded me that Bodyslide had updated a couple of times since I'd last bothered to check it. The new version has some issues. Most annoying is that the sensitivity of the masking tool seems to have gotten borked up; I used to be able to crank the focus setting up to ensure that it would actually mask the triangles under the cursor instead of trying to be all fuzzy about it, but that no longer seems to be the case. Made getting the phallus off the strap-on belt much more of a chore than it ought to have been, certainly. Also annoying but less of a problem is that exporting meshes to a .nif file from the meshes tab no longer works at all. It writes a file, but the meshes you selected to export no longer bother to show up in it. Given that in the older version doing that would strip any changes made to the mesh's weight painting this kinda just puts the final nail into that option's coffin, but it's kiiiiiinda annoying to have to strip out extraneous meshes to save off a sub-model and then reload the whole thing to build another part, given my usual 'giant pile' method of building stuff. 


But they did manage to add in a version of the 'mirror mesh' function I've been jonesing for ever since I first started working on this stuff nearly two damn years ago, and it seems to work fine so far. Kinda wish I had noticed that they had done that before I did a whole bunch of stuff manually, but hey, water under the bridge. And it did immediately give me the chance to do something that I had put off doing manually because it seemed like too much of a chore: swapping the Centurion weapons back around. 




A couple of clicks and a quick re-weighting, and that whole potential headache was done and dusted. This'll be a seriously handy tool to have going forward.


And of course, given how I built these having the weapons swapped makes it super-easy to do this:




So yeah, I've got a few things lined up for a DMA update already. Gonna play around with some other stuff and see if I can get a fix figured out for the broken SE horse mask, so no promises on it coming out any time soon. But this is sooner than I expected to be working on one at all, so.




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