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Just a text entry



At this point there's probably more text based entries than entries with images into this blog which was originally intended as an alternative place to place my  images other than the nexus.


But anyway it's been over a month since my last entry so I thought I'd jsut ramble a bit on various topics such as gaming and anime but first things first I won't really be uploading any Oblivion images for the forseeable future, I'll take a crappy quick shot to announce this on the nexus but you lucky fuckers get an early announcement about this. This isn't for anything bad, it's purely due to me having no ideas for images or anything else I will still try to get a GGC version of Shadow out for Xmas but that'll probably be the extent of me doing Oblivion stuff.


Additionally I showed off a new character for FO4 in my last entry, I didn't share her name which is Chloe and in addition to her I've created yet another character who I'll upload an image off soon(tm) I had ideas for her but at the moment I've playing with Heather Casdin as that character's primary companion (Chloe is very much a loner whereas Cris has Macready as her new packmule) but a weird bug is really pissing me off and if it's impacting Heather like it impacted Project Valkyrie I'll end up uninstalling the mod and using a vanilla companion. Basically the bug is that any interior that might be modded by a wuest mod (specifically, I've never encoutnered this problem outisde of quest mods) the game enters a black loading screen while it sounds like the AI in the area is still working while I can't do anything (not even load another save through the console) except exit the game which is pretty fucking frustrating.


So onto the anime, I actually started watching Goblin Slayer at the end of October purely because of its so called "controversy" were loads of snowflakes were up in arms over the "graphic rape" in the first episode and if that's what they think graphic rape is they're never watched any hentai at all the rape scene wasn't actually all that bad, not in comparison to Casca's rape in Berserk, given the amount of shite being spewed about it. Honestly Berserk (which I need to start readin, I only saw the first anime) could never be released now, not with all the faint hearted snowflakes around. As for Goblin Slayer itself, it's alright. It manages to hold my attention but it's not the best fantasy anime out currently (in my opinion) that title should definitely go to Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (sorry, couldn't find the English name) which is actually a fairly interesting take on the (seemingly) popular idea of a modern day person getting stuck in a fantasy world, at least with this series the main character was killed in order to end up in the fantasy world and their ability to be amazing at everything (which is a trope of tehse anime I've grown tired of, where the protagonist is a god because they can abuse the game like system most of these worlds have) is explained by abilities they gained based on promises and assertions they made as they died. Additionally the series has an intersting take on mini bosses in video games where regular monsters don't have names and get more powerful when they get given names. Overall it's a fairly enjoyable series.


On the gaming side of things not much has happened, I've gotten back into Warframe and the Spyro remaster got released I've not really been gaming all that much lately.


But that's everything for the time being. This post (especially the anime section of it) was meant to be a lot longer but I've just worked my first 8 hour shift in 9 months and I'm fucking knackered.


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