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Open Worlds again





Yeah not Fallout 4 Cris, in my usual habit of having multiple characters per game this one will probably be the other character I upload images of as she's the best looking character that I've somewhat customised outisde hair and makeup (I took one of the many Lara Croft presets and slightly tweeked her face and I may tweek her some more.) Also mucking about with expressions, I don't really like them though. But this isn't about that this entry is about Open Worlds, more specifically Spider-Man PS4's open world and Breath of the Wild's open world.


So I've mentioned before that I don't think open world games are for me but I think I may have to revise that after how much I loved Spider-Man (despite a few flaws knocking its score down a bit, it's still a fucking amazing game) which is an open world game so I'll compare Spider-Man (a game I loved) to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (a game I did not like.)


So first things first the open worlds themselves, what does each game do? Well I personally found Spider-Man's open world to be far more interesting than BoTW's, New York city is far more interesting to look at and explore than Hyrule is, sure it's just a city but it's not so fucking EMPTY and while Hyrule has a more diverse number of biomes but that's meaningless when they're all as boring as each other. Additionally New York has people, cars and pigeons wandering around to make the world feel lived in, now I know BoTW is supposed to be post apocalyptic but even Fallout 4's post apocalyptic world feels like its lived in whereas Hyrule is just filled with horses, monsters and the occasional stable of settlement.


Secondly we have traversal and exploration and for obvious reasons Spider-Man wins here as well, his webslinging is just so much more fun that Link riding a horse or just plain walking (yes he has his glider but come on WEB SLINGING AS SPIDER-MAN) and even the fast travel in Spider-Man is better as it's actually pretty funny whereas BoTW's is just a boring loading screen. If your game is has a boring travel system I'm not really going to want to use it to explore that world and on teh topic of exploration; Spider-Man doesn't punish you for exploring its world, yes I have been killed by enemy mobs in Spider-Man but it didn't feel like I was being punished for just wanting to explore unlike in BoTW and as a final note on exploration; Spider-Man's lack of a stamina meter again helps with the exploration as I don't find myself running out of stamina after climbing halfway up a skyscraper and falling to my death which also links into being punished for exploration again. Stamina meters are fine when the lack of stamina doesn't result in instant death, I can see why your character would use up stamina when climbing but I'd also assume that they'd have enough stamina to at least climb a cliff or if not have a prompt to tell you that you can't do that yet, a stamina gauge when done well can be a nic ebit of immersion but when it's done badly it feels like a punishment for playing the game.


So that's a bit on the kind of open worlds I think are actually good. I may have a nudey shot of this new FO4 character up sometime in the future.


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