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I understand that you're gathering tutorials found there and there into your blog, Aldebaran ; but may I suggest your gather those into themed entries instead of just creating one entry per link ? Each entry you create takes the place of another in the blogs main page, and as storyblogs require quite some work per entry, it's a bit unfair to consider they should lose the spotlight to entries that took mere seconds to create.


Why not structure a bit more your blog, and gather the same links but sorted into one to three entries instead of one per link ?


Thanks for your attention. :classic_smile:

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Oh, I had no idea it did that. I wonder if it's possible to just keep them from showing up there. This really is primarily for my own reference, so I don't really care if other people see it anywhere else.

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There is a way indeed : instead of using "publish now" you enter a past date in the menu just aside. It will appear in previous publications, and not with the most recent ones.

Now, your gathering of tutorials seems to interest some viewers anyway. So if I were you, I'd rename one entry « Tutorials for HDT SMP », and just add the links in that entry. If you want your updated entry to be seen, tick the "publish now" box ; if not just save your changes directly. K5RIBNNq_o.gif

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Excellent! Thanks for the tip. I rather prefer my tutorials separated, but I will backdate these to sort out the front page.

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