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  1. Small change, sudden trainwreck. Thanks for answering this question here, @fore. You just saved the rest of my hair.
  2. Life has been sort of mad recently. I can’t make an official statement, but unless things change radically before the release version, there will be plenty of bounce and collision all over the place using CBP Physics instead of HDT. It’s not as precise as HDT, but it really doesn’t need to be, and it’s much easier to use.
  3. Because you are awesome, have spared us all a great deal of aggravation, and we're grateful af for it. ?
  4. Oh! I forgot all about the distillation of all that SMP agonizing. Thanks for the reminder! Will post the mini-tutorial within the next week or so. ?
  5. Love the Liara sketch you're using as an avatar. Your work? ?

    1. Benmc20


      No, ound it years ago on Deviant Art. Can't find it anymore...

    2. Aldebaran


      Well, it's pretty cool regardless. Liara's always been my best gal. ?

    3. Benmc20


      Same for me ?

  6. The female body replacer being worked on alongside the male body is what's based on UNP. I'll make that clearer. Thanks.
  7. Just an update, since some of you have been asking how this is going, and its own thread so it doesn't get lost. The project is going very well! Tooneyman has been at it hammer and tongs creating an entirely new scratch-built, high-poly, physics-enabled, anatomically correct male body (with nevernude option) that looks fantastic rendered by Skyrim SE's more advanced engine. Look at this gorgeous thing. ? The really exciting part though is that this body is fully adjustable in Bodyslide so you can play with whatever sort of body you want. Any tweaks and tricks po
  8. Holy shit, Gromilla, you are awesome. *backs up dumptruck of likes*
  9. Sounds like a ripe topic for a Nexus forum discussion. The mod admins can't delete anything from there.
  10. Don't feel bad if it seems utterly confusing. It's hard. It can become familiar and therefore seem easier with time and repetition, but that doesn't mean it isn't hard. ?
  11. So it sounds like CBP is a lower 'resolution' edition of the same type of physics framework as SMP which is truly excellent. From what I've seen so far, it looks like it may be possible to use both at the same time for different applications. So where lower 'resolution' physics is sufficient to provide proper motion in some places, CBP can carry it. Where more precision is needed and CBP looks awkward, SMP could pick up the slack. The net effect could be realistic looking physics everywhere we want with a much lower performance hit than using SMP for everything. I'm lik
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