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I've done this before, putting Cris and Shadow in eachother's clothes, but that was with the old version of Shadow so I decided to do it with the new one a couple of bonus shots are below as well.


But anyway the main part of this entry: MMOs. I reinstalled Guild Wars 2 (again) since it got an update I want to say at the beginning of this year? But anyway I've had characters in the game since launch so I periodically go back to check for birthday gifts but anyway since I got the collector's edition (with the Rytlock figure, seriously I feel that I effectively spent £120 on an awesome statue, some awesome prints, the artbook and the soundtrack with the game added in as a bonus) I thought I might get the new expansion with it (I think I got the second expansion for free as well) but no dice. I've probably ranted about Guild Wars 2 enough times in this blog but I will say my feelings towards the game have warmed somewhat and I will say I think the Mesmer class in GW2 is far more interesting than it was in GW.


Buuuuut anyway while I was at work I ended up ranking the four main MMOs I've played in order of best to worst, however since I'm remarkably risk averse when it comes to my games (I usually only go for ones I think I'll enjoy so the number of disappointing games for me is very low) I still enjoyed my time with these games (more or less.)


so ranked 4th is Aura Kingdom (yes I know not GW2) now AK is 4th because while I did enjoy it it didn't really do anything too interesting (the only interesting thing in it imo are the eidolons which are glorified pets) and at its height was filled with bot account gold farmers.


3rd is Guild Wars 2, yes I've ranted and ranted and ranted  about it but I do love the world and it does do interesting things liek the aforementioned Mesmers but also their way of tackling gold sellers however it does feel like a WoW clone wearing Guild Wars' skin and it doesn't surpass its predecessor in terms of story (from what story I played it's far inferior) and the levelling down gets fucking annoying but overall I still can find some enjoyment from it


2nd is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, I never played it before it became a Realm Reborn but the story did keep me engaged (even if the voice acting was a bit bad) and I like the fact that you just need one character to experience all the classes. However I DO NOT agree with attaching a subscription onto a game you also pay for and plan on having the players buy expansions, I admittedly got the game for free but still that shit annoys me.


and 1st is obviously Guild Wars, how could it not be? This game for me is the gold standard for my measurements of other MMOs, it has its flaws but not many and they aren't as frustrating as some of the flaws in other games, seriously this game is only exceeded by the masterpiece that is Final Fantasy IX in how much I love it.


So yeah that's MMOs I may play others in the future that I end up enjoying but (thankfully) there aren't any new ones really coming out.




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