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What a mess.


So... I happen to like game concepts pertaining to love, and relationships. Meanwhile, the typical game is more about killing and violence. Oh, and life is insane, in how we deal with all of these issues.


So never mind that. My blog subtitle looks like a mess.


So never mind that... I shall ruminate, instead.


When I first played skyrim, there were various conversational issues which I wish had played out differently. I wanted NPCs to admire me. Or, failing that, to react to me. It turns out they are all fake with no real intelligence. Who knew?


Still, I want story lines, I want romance, I want nudity, I want attractiveness, I want reactions, I want to rebel, and I want to be coerced into situations I really like but cannot admit. Most of that will never happen, but I can't give up on that either.


So... what gameplay elements can I think of which give a feel that approximates things I like?


What I seem have to work with is a mixture of artsy nude mods, rape mods, gameplay mods, overpowered mods and bad dialog with bits of gold mixed in. Plus a game engine with a lot of promise which crashes for the silliest reasons. So what are "classic game elements" which I can stomach and adapt to my own quirky tastes?


Here's a few concepts:


Stripperific armor - I want verisimilitude, I want my character to be attractive. I do *not* want too much competition from npcs but I do not mind some. So stripperific armor needs to be pruned back - only really high level gear should be allowed to look ridiculous, and it should have enchantments or other handwavy game elements to justify its utter lack of physical protection. (That right there eliminates most gameplay mods.)


Rape - I do not really like rape. Not in real life anyways (been there, done that, and not just once - I've been beaten a lot also - I spend most of my time in games instead of with real people because it's just better that way for everyone). But I do like fantasy rape. And by fantasy rape I mean the idea of being forced to have a good time. But I still like verisimilitude, so ... that's something of a mess. There's no way to get this right. So... instead... I want a mix of out-of-character configuration and in-character surprise coercive sex, mixed with a fair amount of tension and "almost sex".


Bondage - the problem with kids these days, I've been told, is not enough discipline. Or maybe that was supposed to be not enough bondage? Whatever.. there's a lot of lovely bondage elements available, and they deserve to be put to good use. But they need integration with gameplay. SO...


Different kinds of entities within the game should be changed:

  • Bandits (if the win) should rob and rape you (assuming you are their type). Robbing should be a mix of value and weight limits. Robbing should not take your gear off the board but should hide it. So... each robbery gets implemented as a chest and an id token and the id token should be periodically be placed back on the board in appropriate places, with an on-death event to pull stuff from the chest. Make a hundred such chests and add an algorithm to rotate through them... Oh, and bandits should leave you for dead - except you have incredible recuperative powers and usually survive that (I want to use this rationale a lot - it's tougher to play than reload after dying, but it makes more sense and gets over some of the other craziness of game play).
  • Draugr should leave you pinned and/or mummified - they want you for one of their own, but that takes time. Each draugr instance should have its own "stash locations" where you wind up along with a different location where your gear goes. I am not sure if getting out should be combat with disadvantages or puzzle.
  • Wild animals should leave you alone sexually unless you were loaded with pheromones (whatever that means - that might be induced or might be implemented as high arousal). Also, they will maybe eat some of your food and/or stash you somewhere convenient because you will be their food. This also should have lots of varied stash locations.
  • Dragons? Traditionally dragons loved chaining people so that they had to be rescued. And traditionally there were sexual overtones here. I can't quite think of anything which makes complete sense, but they are dragons, they do not owe you an explanation.
  • Organized groups of people should do... whatever they do. Armies traditionally raped and pillaged. So they are like powerful bandits. Let's have civilized towns be basically the same but better at pretending otherwise. So you get carried out of sight first. And, they toy with you longer - maybe setting you free even, if you can be considered to be coerced enough. Plus there needs to be laws. So one town might have a law against you wearing pants, anther might have a law against you wearing concealing clothes, and of course do *not* wear imperial armor in stormcloak territory, and viceversa. Maybe do not wear any military gear in Riften, and no mage clothes in Winterhold.
  • Training - NPCs which train armor skills would be a perfect place to use beating animations from Zaz.
  • Bondage gear, when equipped, should significantly change npc reactions. If you are bound you are harmless, so combat itself should be changed to simply taking advantage of you.
  • Sneaking should much more heavily penalize armor and give significant bonuses to going without. And getting caught should probably involve something humiliating. Plus getting caught should favor coercive outcomes instead of death (except if you get caught in combat). This might need new enchantments to make the game feel right. And carrying armor should be a problem which might need game economy changes - perhaps the thing to do there is make it so dropped armor never fits the player character until after it has been modified at a forge or crafting table or whatever. But that needs an explanation for why armor that fits is a problem... which implies an interesting backstory.
  • Spy missions, like the Diplomatic Immunity quest totally need sexual alternative options. And strong coercive pressure to use those options (like making the combat approach be much higher level). Also that spell at the end of the "return to custody" path of the "In My Time of Need" quest needs broader use.
  • Vanilla armor needs to be made to fit this kind of game play without changing the fundamental design. And *that* is actually a tough project. Most "skimpy armor" sounds intriguing but looks just stupid.


I will try to flesh out these ideas if and when I remember this blog and also have ideas close enough to being expressible in coherent english.


Recommended Comments

I've a few comments:


Stripperific armor: I fully agree. Most of the "skimpy" armor sets in existence are way too brief... Nice to look at, and I get that most people like armor and clothing that isn't really armor or clothing at all, but I like a little more... not realism, but as you say, verisimuilitude. Daedric armor, if the entire set consists of a thong and a bra, should not give full armor protection. It's too bad there isn't some way to calculate the amount of covered skin and then multiply it by the material type... so you can have your skimpy leather armor at hide-level AR, or your full leather gear at full leather AR.


Bondage with draugr: It would be nice if there was something similar to the Arachnophobia mod. Like, the Draugr, after defeating you in combat, put you in their chastity belt and then place you in one of those cubbyholes... and the longer you wait while bound there, the harder it is to get unbound. Some sort of skin texture overlay that changes depending on the time you spend bound would also be interesting (longer time = more grey skin).


Training: That would be great... to learn restoration, you pay for the training, and then spend the next three hours in-game using your wards and healing magic while the trainer shoots destruction at you. Most of it can be done easily (i.e. light and heavy armor just being beaten) but some of it is more difficult...

  Alteration: Do we force you to cast waterbreathing then dump you in a tank for a while?

  Conjuration: I'm picturing some sort of pokemon-like battle system...

  Destruction: Cast your magic at a target

  Illusion: Something like Oblivion's master pickpocket quest, where you have to do something while hidden with muffle

  Restoration: Use wards/healing while being attacked

  Archery: Something like Angi's archery training

  Block: Blocking while being attacked... training ends when you are out of stamina

  Heavy armor: Stand there and take it

  One-handed: Attack a target... must try all the different ways for the training (standing, forward, sideways, sprinting, etc)

  Smithing: How about you smith me an iron dagger?

  Two-handed: Attack a target... must drain your stamina fully using power attacks

  Alchemy: Craft a potion, a poison, and learn a new ingredient effect

  Light armor: Like heavy armor, but maybe you must dodge instead of just taking it?

  Lockpicking: Pick increasingly difficult chests... the first time you break a lockpick, training session ends

  Pickpocket: Um... just like Oblivion's master quest

  Sneak: Uh... also like Oblivion's master quest or illusion training

  Speech: Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate the trainer

None of these should have explicit fail states - after all, you are paying for the training - so, for example, the speech training challenge will always succeed, or breaking a lockpick with lockpicking is considered the "end" of the challenge and not "failing" the challenge.


To the rest of this, I can only say... Yes, please.

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I like your thoughts (and I did not even notice the comment system until just now *blush*). Thank you.

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