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Note about the Harsh Realities story.



For this story I am trying something different. I thought it would be interesting to see a character grow up through the course of the stories. I haven't done a story like this for LL before and I haven't seen one like it either. I'm talking about a bit more than just character progression.


I intend for Alania to meet some of our characters (Tamaria has already been seen) and for her to show us a piece of Skyrim we've been missing. Things like the side stories sprinkled around and expanding on some of the more minor things that occur. In other words, she won't be the dragonborn or an evil queen or anything like that. This story will be very long running. While I work on my main story, I will take some time to add to this one.


For the child-like shots I'm trying to be careful with the screens. There's a fine line and I don't want to cross it. As she gets older though, expect plenty of adult situations and humor.


I have a lesson in mammoth taming planned but I would welcome any other ideas for what she may do.

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