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  1. maybe a dumb question , what is the SOS addon you're using in the video ? this one ?
  2. you can find it in the discord of dint999's https://discordapp.com/invite/jt5WKZU
  3. if you want a good start to mod skyrim , the best spot is some guide like this one : follow all the step and you will get a correct modded skyrim , the last step will only be to adapt the game to your taste
  4. nevermind i have found the solution and it's completly dumb for anyone who have the same problem don't test the physics of your game in the cell at the start of alternate life mod
  5. Hello Sorry if i revive an old topic but if i can find help that's will be so cool I have test to install your mod Adoh and it's just working fine to save my amor and player apparence but i have one question Is it possible to modify something in your mod to take the *DVA eye texture and not the vanilla texture ? *DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41634?tab=posts&BH=0 skyrim LE link of the mod because the SSE version is host in an other website
  6. thanks for the instructions , indeed it's easy to use and i have a last question but i don't know if it's possible and if someone know this is it possible to get the nude body with the physic of 3BBB and get all the clothes smp working with the CBBE SMP physic ? currently if i try to build all my armor set with 3BBB (use the batch build option of bodyslide ), only the butt have physic and boobs have lost all movement.
  7. i really like the giggle effect in your video just a simple question , have you success to make 3BBB working with an armor and if yes , is it possible to know how ?
  8. You need to edit some file in the stellaris folder SSX don't do that so i'm currently testing some tweak in the file to do that with a custom set a portrait
  9. Very good mod, great art selection , can't wait to see more races or new portrait in the existing collections Keep up the good work 👏
  10. hey @Bad Dog, Don't know if it's normal but i see this in the nexus : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98501 mod thief or real release in nexus mod ?
  11. Go download the main mod , in the folder you have all the pictures in dds (can be open with many image viewer (irfanview for me ) the path to the picture is sexysxenos\gfx\models\portraits
  12. you need to download the main mod and the trait mod (2.3)
  13. Hello , just return in skyrim to test the current version of the mod and it's amazing (last test was at the start) but i have one question anyone know a mod or a trick to stay in furry form with the beast form (same body but change the animation to the werewolf) ?
  14. Hello , I love use this mod and I have one question At each reboot of skyrim all amputed character is heal , is it normal or i have a problem with this mod ? If someone know how to memorize between each reboot the amputed people in the game , that will be so great .
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