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Silliness and Open Worlds





Just a quick shot of Fallout Cris (she's dressed like that because she lost a bet, although I think I'll keep the piercing on her) I still need to find a decent way of improving the game's lighting (that isn't an ENB) I've tried Reshade but it doesn't seem to be working correctly for me. But anyway this entry contains two rants (well one and a discussion I guess?) in the follwoing two spoilers, one abut the Space Wolves in Warhammer 40k and one about open worlds.




So the Space Wolves, there are rumours of them getting an update for 8th edition which means there's probably going to be a lot more silliness with them. Now I know 40k's universe isn't supposed to be taken seriously in the first place but there is such a thing as going too far and with their 7th edition update GW definitely went too far with the space wolves and it's a shame because the Space Wolves in 3rd edition were pretty awesome having a good balance between their totem animal and their vikingness (especially if you take some of the more recent fluff into account where certain unit names are mistranslations) but their 5th edition changed things dialling up the wolf references up and causing the vikingness to take a back seat (the sagas where a nice viking addition though) and hte biggest offenders are the Thunderwolf Cavalry, Canis Wolfborn (or Dog Wolfborn) and the "Wolf Claws" which are essentially lightning claws and then 7th edition released and the silliness got dialed up even more giving them some stupid looking fliers and giving their chapter master a hover sleigh pulled by fucking wolves. Now I can suspend my disbelief for 40k but they're getting stupider and stupider with each codex release starting with Dog Wolfborn and his Furries, the Space Wolves have access to bikes with fully automatic grenade launchers attached to them yet these """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""elites""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" insist on riding on wolves the size of rhinos (the animal, not the APC) instead it's fucking retarded add to that they tend to wield wolf claws which are the lightning claws that every other space marine chapter usesand the lightning claws are just as thematically fitting for the space wolves as something with the word wolf pointlessly tacked on is given that another part of the Space Wolves is their use of storm magic and what occasionally happens during a storm? FUCKING LIGHTNING! they changed the name for the sake of changing it.


So that's 5th editions silliness now onto 7th edition's where they added two fliers that look like wolf heads, and while the Imperium have aircraft that are incredibly un-aerodynamic having fliers that look like wolf heads is taking the fucking cake, not to mention they look incredibly stupid and there would be literally no reason to use them over Thunderhawks, Stormbirds or Stormravens (and what do all those have in common? You guessed it they have a storm theme which again fits the other part of the Space Wolves' theming) except for muh wolf iconogrophy they are some of the stupidest looking fliers I have ever seen. And finally the Wolf drawn carriage, the Space Wolves chapter master escaped 5th ed unscathed in regards to the growing silliness of the Space Wolves but not in 7th where GW decided that old man Grimnar needed a sled pulld by wolves to cruise around on and he looks ridiculous and even in the crunch the sled tends to get left behind because it makes him a huge fucking target. Honestly the Space Wolves seem to be getting sillier and sillier with each update with the storm and viking themes getting pushed further and further away, at least the Black Library writers are rebelling against this because in the last Space Wolf related novel I read there was no mention of their new fliers (it was released after the 7th ed codex) or Dog Wolfborn and his furries or fucking wolf claws.



As for open worlds, I'm starting to find that it's only really Bethesda's open worlds that keep me engaged (yes even FO4's one, which is the weakest of all the ones I've played in) since they actually seem to be interesting and at least manage to keep me occupied for extended periods of time. This is the case with both Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild both games I was looking forward to playing and both games falling short in regards to my enjoyment of them (I still don't regret buying Horizon though since it's a new IP) basically both games commited the same cardinal sin of video games (in my eyes,) they were both boring however Horizon is still better than BoTW due to its enemies seeming fairer, it doesn't feel like it's punishing you for having fun and it's not so fucking quiet but I digress basically both worlds were far too empty (from what I've seen of them) and had nothing interesting to see or do. Outwith Ass Creed Odyssea I'll probably be avoiding most non-Bethesda open world games as they all tend to follow the same formula (yes I know Bethesda's worlds follow a similar formula as well but those worlds actually seem more active and engaging than the others.) which is getting very boring, especially with the overabundance of RPG mechanics and fucking crafting in these games.


I actually had more on the open worlds but I completely forgot what it was.


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