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"You saved my life. No matter what our relationship was, I want that to mean something. You might believe I owe you nothing, but I do. Far more than I could ever pay. Perhaps you could stay, but that is not my choice. No, that I leave to you. It may be unusual, but I would feel terrible if you could not enjoy the life you have been given, and if you were always away from the children that you have helped bring into this world. Letting you live this life, is the most I can do, in return for what you have done for me. Although, can you do something for me? I know it is a lot to ask, and I know I should not. But, I want you to live a better life than the one you have here. Surely you have lived in luxury and pleasure, but there is more to life than that. You already know this, but I want you to truly, know it. You are a Ruby I have to give up, but...it is not mine to keep."


I still remember it. A night that started as any other, but it would not last. A few hours of the same, watching the other girls in their activities, not having any wish to join in. Perhaps the want was there, but it was not my place. Though I was not some whore in this place that was to be ordered around, no. Instead, I enjoyed the same attention from my, employer as the rest. He did not believe that having a cadre of dumb whores was a good way to run such a place. So, those he employed were intelligent, and allowed to learn if they were, less so. The same cannot entirely be said for me, since my own origins, as much of a mystery as they might be, I was perhaps beyond them in several ways. Knowledge of magic, history, and various other things, which I already possessed. The problem, would be where I come from. I have no reference, and it seems there are none to be found. 


Even if I have the money to pay for the information, it seems to be irrelevant, since there is nothing. There have been suggestions, but none of them verifiable. Ancestry among Redguards? It seems unclear. Perhaps it is that, which if it is, so be it. I will not let such a thing define who or what I am. I feel that is a mistake - to let one self be entirely defined by their past, or lack thereof. Perhaps it is important, but so to, is the future. 


But that night was to change, drastically. I first met with someone who was there, not for the charms of the other girls, but rather, to speak with Raven, my employer. I found out little of their conversation, as I was asleep in one of the rooms, which was one with a magical lock - and only I knew how to unseal the door. Something Raven chose to do, in order to protect the girls here. However, once their conversation was finished, I awoke to a fact I already knew - I was to meet with a client tonight, and Raven was keeping some of the details from me. I was only told that she was a wealthy and affluent noble, and that she was a charming woman that I should get along well, with. I remembered also that I had placidly agreed, thinking it would perhaps be as the usual adulterous noble that wishes for entertainment that she was not getting from her either work focused, or equally cheating husband. 


I could not have been more wrong. 


As with others, I was present within the entrance when she arrived. She stepped out of a carriage, it's driver not taking any care to assist her. Some would have taken this for negligence on his part, but to those who watched this scene intently, like myself, the story was obvious. Perhaps she was someone of affluence, as suggested, but she was far from the noble that would almost have everything done for them, save for when it comes to the important decisions, which they would make, and others would enact. If she ever made these, I do not know, but I could tell that she was among few who had more on her mind than simply, money. Or anything that relates to it. 


When she approached me, she briefly turned back to the driver, who was now standing next to the carriage, and told him to make the journey back without her, and travel back within at least two days time. This was curious. Surely some would perhaps view this place as a good place as any to stay, with the added bonus of company during the night. But someone like her? I seriously questioned what was going on, even without the reference to get any answers. Beyond what might be considered the improper asking of questions. 


Then, she looked me over, and I, her, and we both shared a smile. The dress she wore was mostly simple, though it was made of a fabric that could be seen-through, sheer black, and was at least ankle-length on her. Similarly black underclothes kept her mostly decent, and could be seen under the dress, and around her neck was silver necklace, with gems of a type that I knew very well, and her earrings were merely of silver, but still clearly of expensive make. Her blonde hair was just below shoulder height, with one side tucked behind her pointed ears, while the other sat over her shoulder, covering one of the straps of her dress. 


"You must be, Ruby? I am very pleased to meet you. I am Velya, and I would like to be, your company for tonight. Shall we?"


After we arrived in what was effectively my room, she sat herself down on the velvet sofa, while I poured wine into a pair of glasses. I brought them over, placing them on the small table only a foot from the sofa, and it took seconds for her to take hers, and almost drain the glass by half - by contrast, I started with a few sips. I went to ask if she was tense, but instead, she begun answering such a question before I ever asked it. 


"I know you are probably wondering why I am here. I wish to apologize for requesting that Raven, not tell you what I want from you."


I shook my head, but she insisted. "You are being polite, but you should not be. I am going to ask, well, a lot of you, perhaps more than anyone ever has. But...well, I guess I should just say it. " She took another swig of the wine, and then set it down. "Raven told me about you. But do not mistake me - I actually find it, interesting. As to that..." She sighed. "...I've been in at least two marriages by now. Both more devoted to their work, and not so much to settling down to raise a family, even if it would not at all mean that we would have to give up anything. So, what I have been looking for is, something, different." 


I was putting it together. Perhaps I was only just avoiding it, even though the thought itself was, enticing. The worry I quickly had, was not what would be done, tonight. But weeks to months ahead. What would she expect of me? What could I have to offer someone like her, since while I am no poor street whore, I perfectly understood my place in society. How could that be within the halls of a noble's home? No matter if it was me, or...


"I want you to give me, children." She paused, waiting for some response from me. When she did not get that, she continued. "You might worry about what people will think - what my family will think. But I do not care. I know I am being forceful here, but I do not mean to be. In fact, as much as I would not want to hear it, I want to give you, the choice. Not Raven, not me, you. I am asking for something trivial, now, but it means so much for the future, as I hope you understand." 


It was not that I, did not understand her. My lack of response was some degree of shock, though also a question to myself, of a simple sort - would what she asks for, even be possible? Though it did occur to me that, even if it was not, perhaps I just needed to do as asked, and entertain the thought with her for a while. If it did work, however, then I would indeed be giving her what she wanted. What would she do then, however? Though I made the effort to stifle these thoughts, especially when I looked over, to watch her finish her glass of wine, and move to begin undressing. 


Damnable tight leather.


There was no shame at all in her eyes when she stood before me, baring everything. I should have noticed it before, her body being unblemished, a curvaceous shape that must have been the envy of many Elven males, and other than her blonde hair adorning her head, she was otherwise hairless. She took my hands, making me stand. Keeping them in her grasp when at full height, she looked me in my pale red eyes. "Will you help my create some beautiful children?" I smiled, and moved forward, kissing her supple lips, and looking directly into her soft blue eyes. I could feel her surprise, her curiosity, and a slight warmth that I had felt from only few.  I told her...yes.


She returned the smile, and moved my hands to her breasts, and I could not help but grasp and rub them softly. "I have been...full, for a while, you know. Anticipation of something that has yet to happen. Would you..."


It surprised her when I put my mouth to one of her nipples, and started drawing on the smooth liquid coming from it. I heard her moan, as I placed a hand around her back, and my other hand reached between her legs. Sliding a finger across her covered slit, I felt my hand start becoming wet, and she lovingly placed her head to the top of my own, feverishly breathing. "You...are...going to make...me...love you...." I smiled, pulling off her nipple with a soft pop, and looked her in the eyes, smiling. I said nothing, as I knelt, and knew she had a look of confusion on her face. I also knew it would not last, as I placed my mouth before her dripping cunt, my lips finding a place to grasp between her legs, and my tongue finding a perfect place to lick. This was not my first time doing this, but it was still different. I always had the idea of reciprocation, but not everyone shared that. Some women would revel in my mouth pleasuring them, but wanted nothing to do with me otherwise. Not that I specifically asked, or really believed it was always appropriate, but it seemed so uneven when that happened. However, in this case, I felt as if, she was not going to be like the rest. 


She bared mustered an exclamation as I felt a flood of liquid in my mouth - nothing I had not dealt with before. Only in this case, I had to move to catch her, and we both ended up back on the sofa, her head laying on my shoulder, her own breasts pressed against mine, when she looked up at me, she smiled. "By the gods...I..." I kept my hands around her, and we did not need to say it. The warmth I felt from her, and her from me, was enough. Though, she sat up, her legs straddling mine on the sofa, and smiled. "You are so good to me. I want to be good to you, and I want to see it."


Moving off my lap, and onto the sofa, she watched as I stood, and sighed. With a shrug, I reached for the buckles at the sides of my chest, loosening them. Moving to the ones around my waist, these a set of two, I did the same to them, and then pulled the segmented dress aside, one of my hands undoing the clasp that kept the loose, but fitting collar around my neck. The leather dress falling to the floor, Velya's eyes lit up, looking at the bulge in my leather undergarments. I slid a thumb under each side at my waist, but then she grabbed one of my hands. 


"No, I...I want to do that." She was blushing as she said this. I had to smile, and nod. 


She did not start with that, however. Instead, she first placed her hands on my breasts, moving her head closer to kiss me. I had to blush as I put my arms around her, while she softly ran her hands around the dark, chocolate flesh. Moving her head to my shoulder, she looked at me. "I'm sorry for making you wait, but...you are beautiful. To think I get someone like you as a...no, the terminology does not matter."


Kneeling, she was about at the height of my stomach. I looked down to see a bouncy expression on her face. "That is cute, you know - it poking out like that." She put her fingers to the center of my stomach, softly rubbing the dome shaped nub. 


Looking down, she looked at my underclothes like one looks at a decadent meal, and put the side of her cheek up against the leather, rubbing against it. At this point, she seemed to abandon further foreplay, in favor of grasping the top of the material at my waist, and pulled them down to my knees. The look on her face at this point was one of shock and delight. 


(To be continued...)


Modlist [UPDATED]


Note: List order may or may not be indicative of this character's MO profile. Some texture mods may not be listed.



Unoffical Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
Skyrim Supplemental Patch

Cutting Room Floor

Schlongs of Skyrim

SOS - ERF - High Poly Addon

SOS - Pubic Hair For Females

SOS - Female Schlongifier(No Schlong Addon)

SOS Male Armor and Clothes Replacer

Fair Skin Complexion for UNP

Natural Eyes

Khajiit Wild Eyes

Teeth Plus(Redone)

Feminine Khajiit Textures(Grey Cat) UNP

Masculine Khajiit Textures(Grey Cat) SOS FULL

UNP Female & SOS Male Dragonic Argonian Textures

Argonians Enhanced


Extended UI

Immerisve HUD

Skyrim's Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered

Deadly Dragons

Andromeda - Birthsigns of Skyrim

Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion

Enhanced Blood Textures

Imperious - Races of Skyrim

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade

Improved Closefaced Helmets

Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade

Clothing and Clutter Fixes

Skyrim Immersive Creatures

Skyrim Immersive Creatures - Unofficial Patch

The Choice Is Yours

Immersive World Encounters

Atlas Map Markers

Run For Your Lives!

Timing Is Everything

The Paarthurnax Dilemma

Apocalypse - Magic Of Skyrim

Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim

Path of Sorcery

Alternate Start - Live Another Life

Guard Dialog Overhaul

Audio Overhaul For Skyrim 2

Immersive Sounds Compendium


Enhanced Camera

Skyrim -Community- Uncapper

HDT Physics Extensions

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

Footprints - Legendary

Diverse Skyrim


aMidianBorn Book of Silence

Noble Skyrim

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Ruins Clutter Improved

Realistic Water Two + ENB Textures

SkyFalls & SkyMills

ONE MOUNTAIN - To Rule Them All

Metamorphic Rocks 2k

Vivid Weathers

Vivid Weathers ENB Files

Ultimate HD Fire Effects

Rustic...(textures - most, if not all of them)

FNIS - Fore's New Idles In Skyrim

FNIS Creature Pack

XPMSE - XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

Realistic Animation Project - Movement and Idles

SexLab Framework

Zaz Animation Pack

SexLab Defeat

SexLab Cumshot

SexLab Solutions

SexLab Aroused Redux

SexLab Interactive Arousal

Creature Framework

Bad Dog's Immersive Creatures Addon

SLAL Nibbles Animations

Billyy's SLAL Animations

Immersive Horses

SexLab Tools

More Nasty Critters(SLAL version)

Fill Her Up

SexLab Inflation Framework

Horny Creatures of Skyrim

SexLab Animation Loader

Bikini Ascend Vol I

Tera Succubus Armor

MJ's Realistic Body - MRB - UUNP Preset

Forgotten Retex Project

Daedric Shrines

Floppy SOS

KS Hairdos - Renewal

Lost Grimore

Naturalistic HDT Jiggle and Collision Set

Disable Quick Save - SKSE (Forces the Quicksave key to make a full save instead)

iNeed - Food, Water, and Sleep

Book Covers Skyrim - Legendary

Immersive College of Winterhold

Settlements Expanded

Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul

Pale Beauty

Lind's Mer Eyes

2k Lips

Extensible Follower Framework

Immersive Weapons


Relationship Dialog Overhaul - RDO


Screenshots [UPDATED]







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Well written, with a well brought plot an twists, and a realistic ambience. A shame you're not into continued stories, 'cause you clearly have the writing skill for it. K5RIBNNq_o.gif



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1 hour ago, Tirloque said:

Well written, with a well brought plot an twists, and a realistic ambience. A shame you're not into continued stories, 'cause you clearly have the writing skill for it. K5RIBNNq_o.gif

Well, it is true that for this one, I intend for the writing to at least tell more of her backstory, explaining why she eventually travels to Skyrim. Possibly more, if I can get even close to finishing her story in-game. 


Though for most of these entries, as suggested, I'm trying to be cautious, with the idea in mind that I'd like to be a certain amount ahead of things in-game, before I either create the entry, or publish one.  For Viro and Lucia though, the real reason why I might not continue either of those, would be due to getting a new PC recently(hence the better screenshots for this character), and I'm unsure of redoing the progress for those characters in-game. 

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