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bodabira 01



After Leandra retrieved the mask of Clavicus Vile she set off to Windhelm, to go to the Shrine of Boethiah.



As she arrived near the stables the vampire and her father heard a deafening roar and a dragon which seemed to be made of lava attacked them. Leandra drew her new sword, Dawnbreaker, which she acquired in a mission for Meridia and channelled a spell in her left hand.







As soon as the dragon landed its final hour had arrived. Leandra was able to plunge her sword into its eyes and watched as its life left them. “Let’s go pa.” The vampire said after she cleaned her sword of the hot dragon’s blood.



Even though they arrived in noon at the shrine, it seemed as if it was midnight. “Welcome.” A dunmer woman said as she saw the two. “Welcome to the shrine of Boethiah. Our lord already told us of your arrival and we prepared the victim of yours.”

“Who is this victim?” The black-haired woman asked.

The priestess chuckled before she answered. “You could say it’s a friend of yours. Brought here at your command and from your ship, he awaits your blade. Not knowing that he will die for the good of the followers of the daedric prince he despises.” She answered.

“Let me see him.” Leandra demanded and followed the priestess towards a pillar. Near it stood a man in Dawnguard armour which Leandra knew she could trust. He stole the armour but wasn’t a member of the now rotting Dawnguard.










Leandra went towards him and licked her lips in anticipation of what to come. The man didn’t understand what would soon happen to him and misinterpreted her actions.

“Oh, are you this horny that you want to do it right here?” He chuckled.

Without an answer she forced him to touch the pillar, which made him float in the air. The man screamed in pain as his arms were clenched together. A few seconds passed before Leandra shoved a sacrificial blade into his throat which made him bleed out in mere seconds.






A few moments after his death, his corpse went back to life, the only difference was, that his armour was removed and he only wore a common shirt. “Who dares to wake me?!” He yelled. “My wrath shall be upon you!”

“My lord! We found a worthy champion for you! You told us of her!” The high-priestess screamed.

“Ah. Leandra you’ve come. Come with me now. I have to tell you something.” Boethiah said. “If you want to be my champion you have to prove it. Kill my followers. They’re weak. Every single one of them. Do it now when they don’t expect it.”









The vampire didn’t answer in words, but in actions. She slaughtered the followers one after the other. They didn’t understand what was going on and as they did, it was too late for them.

“Good. Go now to the bandit hideout in Falkreath. There lives my former champion, but he defiled the ebony armour. He uses it to entertain his companions but doesn’t fight in it. Don’t give them the chance to defend themselves. Kill them silently.” The daedric prince ordered and vanished out of her mind.



















A few days later Leandra and Aedthaer arrived at the bandit camp. The vampire herself acquired a new light armour and a few new weapons. Leandra began to shoot at the bandits and even though she tried to stay undercover it didn’t work. So, she began to help her father and went into melee combat. After a few minutes of fighting, the bandits all lay dead.

“You never seize to amaze me with your combat skills, Leandra.” Aedthaer said and proudly smiled at her.

The half Altmer laughed. “Oh, you’re so sweet! Thank you!” She answered.








They went on inside and saw some bandits. This time Leandra was able to hide in the dark and cause terror among the bandits in their last moments.

“This has to be the Ebony Mail.” Leandra said as they stood before the corpse of the former champion. “I somehow thought it would be different.”

“I wonder how it’s gonna fit you. I mean he was a strong man and well you’re not the tallest or strongest woman.” Aedthaer said.

Leandra touched the armour and it began to convert into a female version. “I guess daedric armours don’t necessarily fit into the nonmagical ones.” She chuckled. “Come on. Let’s leave.”










Some minutes later, as Leandra and Aedthaer were chatting with each other, a horde of bandits ambushed the two. Leandra and her father drew their weapons but did not attack.

“What’s the meaning of this?!” Leandra demanded to know.

A bandit went forward to talk to her. “Leandra, a pure-blooded vampire, the Second General of the Imperial Legion and the Dragonborn of legends. I hereby demand that you surrender and nothing bad shall happen to you.” He said in a surprisingly polite tone.








The vampire looked around and recognized she didn’t have any other option, since they were outnumbered. Leandra threw her dagger away and raised her arms. “Very well.” She said to the bandit.

The bandit laughed in response. “Strip her and bind the man!” He ordered and before Leandra could act the bandits grabbed her arms and began to strip her off her armour.

“YOU BASTARD! YOU PROMISED NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN TO ME!” The vampire screamed and tried to wiggle free.

“You’re a fool to believe me. Do what you want with her.” The bandit leader answered and walked away.






A man and a woman stripped themselves and walked towards Leandra who put her hands up in defence. The woman got on her knees and moved her hand as if it were a claw. “Oh, are you afraid little abomination? Don’t be. We’re gonna feel good… I don’t know if you will, though.” She said.




The man forced Leandra to bend over and shoved his member into her pussy. “Oh, that feels good! Even though you’re not wet, but I’m gonna make ya!” He said and moved his head towards his female companion. “Kiss me.” She said.






The bandit darted more and more until he finally came into her sex. “Now you’re wet!” He chuckled. “Bring her to the boss!” He ordered as he dropped Leandra on the ground. “And don’t clean her pussy. I want her to get pregnant.”


I hope you enjoyed this chapter! ;)


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Unexpected turn of events. Leandra doesn't usually fears the numbers, but I suppose her father's presence could explain her surrender. Oh, and the fight's screens at the start of the second part were quite good, well done. :classic_smile:


Malicia : « You're still killing everyone Leandra ! That's very meany !  You should try to dress pretty like me, this way they'll be okay to go honey-honey with you. :classic_sleepy: »

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On 5/15/2018 at 2:04 PM, Tirloque said:

Unexpected turn of events. Leandra doesn't usually fears the numbers, but I suppose her father's presence could explain her surrender. Oh, and the fight's screens at the start of the second part were quite good, well done. :classic_smile:


Malicia : « You're still killing everyone Leandra ! That's very meany !  You should try to dress pretty like me, this way they'll be okay to go honey-honey with you. :classic_sleepy: »

That's right. She doesn't want him to get hurt or something else. ;)


Leandra: That's not something I'd do, but maybe you are right. :classic_huh:

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