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Machinations of a Lich - Chapter 3 The Risen Lord



Machinations of a Lich - Chapter 3





The Risen Lord




Skana was enjoying the remaining hours of the night on the boat trip back to the castle and listened to Ylfa, who couldn't stop running her mouth about what she'd like to do with Skana. At one time she even mentioned a stretching rack, Skana had mixed feelings conerning those.




"Ylfa, let's keep that for a bit later, i feel uneasy with those rack things."

Ylfa inquired."Bad experience with those eh?"

Skana just replied dry."Broken bones."











Ylfa showed herself understanding while she steered towards a vampire of the clan which was sitting at the long table in the hall."Alright, nothing with that then, it's a matter of trustfulness with those games anyway."









Arriving at the table Ylfa spoke to the vampire. "Hey Modhna, any idea where Skaal is?"

Modhna was rather unperturbed by the interruption, as she was feeding right now. "I think he's still in the cairn, you know how long he takes with all that magic stuff."













Ylfa turned around to Skana with a smile on her face."That means we won't get disturbed."












Skana was still a bit reluctant though, as she had no experience with things like that. "Just remember, no broken bones and the like, i had enough of that."

Ylfa teased her."Aww, come on where's the fun without broken bones and missing heads? You silly, relax, this is for fun and pleasure not for harming you. Although you went berserk back in dawnstar, vampires aren't all about killing and cruelty and whatever others may think."












As Ylfa stopped in the room with the fireplace, where Skana dismembered the dawnguard thrall only one day ago, Skana was perplexed. "Here? Isn't that room a bit too central in the castle?"












"Not at all." Ylfa elaborated. "These are actually the private quarters, nobody except Skaal or Skaadi go in here. Now how about we get out of all that gear?"















After the two women, got out of their clothes Ylfa began to explain. "Now, we'll start small, since you're new to this. I doubt your former masters ever rewarded you for obeying, if you had any choice that is, but this is about fun anyway and since i'm in the mood today to be on top, I'll tell you what you do and if you do, you'll get rewarded, if not i have to punish you,playful of course. I won't do anything without your consent, now get on your knees."

Skana didn't liked the thought to kneel again. "So, is this about me being your slave or something?"















"Quite so."Ylfa elaborated. "But not the way you know it. Ever been to Morrowind? It's pretty common for Dunmer there to engage in a consentual form of roleplay involving a master and slave relationship between lovers. Now, do you want to kneel or not?" she asked playful.
















Skana pondered for a moment, but came to the conclusion that she at least wants to try that form of roleplay, as Ylfa named it, so she went down on her knees."Okay, i'm all yours, now please don't tell me to lick your boots or something, why do you still wear them anyway?"










Ylfa couldn't supress a hint of amusement in her voice."I had that intention yes, trying to find out your tendencies. Now, are you a good girl and do as i say, or not?"















She couldn't help herself, but Skana felt slightly aroused of the thought to give herself to Ylfa."Okay, i do it, but i will get back at you for that!"













Ylfa was quite amused when she told her."Oh i do hope you will, being on top all the time can be boring you know? Don't overdo yourself, it's about submission, not making my greaves shine."











Skana stopped licking Ylfas greaves."Orichalcum tastes kinda weird."

Ylfa gestured her to raise her head. "Well then, why don't you lick somewhere else? Pleasure your mistress."

Skana joked. "Oho, mistress now? Fine, i'll do as you say mistress."
















Ylfa began to breathe heavier when Skana did her best to please her.














When Ylfa came close to her climax, she pulled Skana back on her feet. "Not so fast, i want to enjoy this together with you. Over there onto the wall and keep your arms above your head."












Skana did as she was told and replied with an amused."Yes, mistress."

Ylfa was quite delighted about Skanas reaction."Getting into it are we? That's good."













Ylfa continued to talk as she led her claws gently down on Skanas belly."You did good so far, slave. I think a little reward is order."

Skana played a disappointed tone into her words."Just a little? That's mean!"













Ylfa led her claws further down on Skanas body."Shush slave, i didn't allow you to speak."

Skana couldn't avoid having a moan escaping her lips. This aroused her greatly.














Ylfa of course, heard that."Hmm enjoying yourself? I have an idea, let's put those cuffs of yours to use, turn around."













Ylfa inquired for Skanas consent while linking her cuffs together."You're alright with that?"

Skana was just eager to see what happens next in her aroused state so she replied still with the roleplay in her mind."Yes, i'm fine mistress."

Ylfa just chuckled."You really do like this, Skana. Well then, turn around and show yourself to your mistress."














Skana obeyed and turned back around to Ylfa, with her arms now cuffed behind her back, looking at her expectant.














Ylfa had a smile on her face as she eyed a slightly helpless Skana infront of her."Now you're really at my mercy and i like what i see. Come here, you're such a good girl, you should have a real reward now."















Ylfa went down infront of Skana and held her legs while she started to kiss and lick her.













Skana was literally at Ylfas mercy now. She couldn't stop what Ylfa was doing even if she wanted to. Ylfa was holding her and with her arms behind her back she had no means of pushing her away. Much to her surprise Skana found herself enjoying the moment.














All thoughts of doubt were shoved out of Skanas mind as Ylfas tongue brought her near the climax. She was trembling and her legs became shaky.













Skana gave in to her desires and enjoyed the moment, she climaxed with a loud moan.













Ylfa had no intention of stopping there, she laid on her back while pulling Skana carefully onto her."That's one for you slave, now you have to satisfy your mistress." She said while continuing to pleasure Skana.














The feeling between her legs was overwhelming. Skana could barely manage to please Ylfa, as she was now sensitive from her orgasm, but Ylfa kept at it. "Having a hard time to concentrate?" She teased Skana, while beginning to heavy breathe herself now.














Skana tried to answer but she came again, this time however together with Ylfa. Moans of pleasure filled the room.














After bringing each other a few times more to the heights of pleasure, Ylfa shoved Skana gently from herself and got up, heavy breathing."Better than feeding don't you think?"















Skana was still lying on the ground with her hands cuffed on her back."That was really something else. I enjoyed that."














Ylfa was eyeing Skana with an amused expression. "Told you, it's something totally different from what you have experienced."

Skana noticed Ylfas looks when she managed to get to lie on her side."You really like to see me helpless do you?"














Ylfa didn't deny that with an amused tone to her voice."I love it, you're quite wild i think and to see you like this is just adorable."














Skana played a snarl."Come on, make those cuffs loose and i show you how wild i am."














"Alright, alright, let me let you loose, but don't you dare to bite!" Ylfa laughingly said as she unlinked Skanas cuffs.













Skana joked."Me biting someone? No way!"

Ylfa just smiled into Skanas face."Naaaah, you don't bite, especially not your mistress. right?"












"I won't call you that outside of our private moments and remember, i told you i get back at you for licking your greaves." Skana replied with glee while she went over to the chair infront of the fireplace.










As Skana sat down on the decorated chair, Ylfa almost jumped onto her lap. Skana began to like Ylfas directness. "You know, when i think back about all this, me being reanimated and later getting turned into a vampire, i'm quite happy about it. Despite all the bad things i experienced, i wouldn't be here if it didn't happened."












Ylfa looked Skana into her red glowing eyes. "Are you implying, you're happy that you have met me?"













Sure of herself, Skana just asked. "What if...?















"Shut up and kiss me already!" Ylfa snarled before pressing her lips on Skanas and pulling herself closer to her.

Skana had no objections and they were sitting there kissing each other for a while.














Ylfa shoved herself gently off of Skanas lap after the intimate moment. "As much as i hate to say it now, we still have to find Skaal and inform him about what happened in Dawnstar."

Skana just agreed before getting out of the chair."You got that right, let's get into gear and see if he's not already back in the castle."












After helping each other into their armor Ylfa mused a bit about what happened."You know, next time we could make use of some of my toys."

Skana was intrigued."Toys? What exactly are we talking about?"

Ylfa elaborated."Well, i'm a resident of the castle, i mostly were just out on scouting, but i do have a few things here, gags, some restraints and such."

Skana playfully warned Ylfa."Careful there with what you tell me, you know next time your ass will be mine."

Ylfa just giggled.














As Skana and Ylfa went to leave the room, a conjuration portal opened infront of them.













A kind of dremora stepped out of it, one Skana has never seen before.














"Woah careful, this is one of Uthrangs!" Ylfa warned.














Skana, hot-headed as she was, drew her sword and threatened the daedra."You better state your business really fast, dremora! From what i understand, neither the Lord, nor the Lady of this castle tolerate intrusions like this."













The dremora began to speak with a hollow voice. "Stay your weapons, i have no quarrel with you. I got send by Lord Uthrang to inform you about a problem he and Lord Skaal are facing in the Soul Cairn, your immediate assistance is required. I will open a portal to bring you there at your earliest convenience."













Skana warned the dremora. "I'm at odds with dremoras, this better not be a lie or i'll find you and cleave you in half!"















The dremora didn't react to the threatening tone or Skanas choice of words, he just opened a portal to the Soul Cairn.














Little did Skana and Ylfa know, when they stepped through the portal, right into a nightmare.

Skana realized this was a trap as she eyed the assembly infront of her, Skaal was standing infront of Uthrang, having a discussion with him, behind Uthrang were multiple Israns and as she spotted the last person it felt like a punch in the face. "What in Oblivion...Auronus?"


Ylfa was also baffled. "Auronus? The auroran warlord? And why are there so many Israns behind Uthrang? What is going on here?!"













Uthrangs raspy voice could be heard, slightly deeper due to him being in his Lich form."Oh, so we're all gathered and complete, how wonderful, even the rabble will perish. Skaal you were a fool to think i'd do nothing, did you think i'm afraid of your power and just wait until the end of time? I don't know what the source of it is, but once i find your phylactery, i will have it all! And who knows, maybe you get destroyed here by Auronus, that would be even better for me as i would instantly inherit your title. The title that stands for absolute power among the undead and absolute power is what i desire!"













Skaal was disgusted by Uthrangs actions."Are you insane Uthrang?! Allying yourself with Meridias lap dog and now this, bringing others into this? Do you have even a sliver of dignity to do things yourself?!"














Uthrangs voice formed a laugh."It's nothing personal Skaal, but i decide to bring others into my affairs if i gain from it. And for the newcomers, please don't be confused, these fine redguard gentlemen are the auroran council, they have taken on a more...pleasing appearance to walk the towns and streets of Skyrim. Speaking of dignity, let me be dignified enough to step aside, i think you might want to see our special guest."














Uthrang floated aside to show the center of the assembly, Skaadi was kneeling next to Auronus. She called out for Skaal with a weak voice."Skaal.... help me...!"














Skaal couldn't believe his eyes."No, you bastards! What have you done to her?! Skaadi! Are you alright?"













Uthrang was preparing to teleport away when he spoke to Skaal. "We have done? No, it's about what you have done. Auronus exists solely to see the Dawnbreaker into hands of the living and just heroes, or whatever you call them these days. You see, Meridia is quite angry that you stole the Dawnbreaker and brought it to Molag Bal, i merely told Auronus who the one responsible for the theft was, the rest is yours to deal with." The last words before he teleported away were directed at Auronus."Lord Auronus, please feel free to begin to question the Risen Lord for the whereabouts of your ladys sacred blade, best of luck in your endeavor for i bid you farewell."












Auronus seemed to favor actions before speaking so he stabbed Skaadi in her back with his spear, his iron voice directed at Skaal."I am well aware of your relationship with this vampire, lich. I refuse to comprehend how abominations as you can choose to feel love as mortals do. But it will serve me, for this vampire will only be the first to die at my hand. Tell me where the Dawnbreaker is and present me your phylactery so i can end this quickly!"







Skaadi screamed in pain as the aedric spear pierced her body.














Skaal called out for her as he watched in horror. "Skaadi! No! My love, don't let this daedric bastard do this to you, get up!"
















Whatever Auronus did to her had its effect. Skaadi was too weak to retaliate. Only a few words escaped her lips with a weak dwindling voice. "Skaal... i ... love...."














Skaadi couldn't finish her words. She couldn't finish the one sentence that filled Skaal with the highest possible degree of joy from the day on he met her, that one saying he always returned to her, all these decades. That she loves him.
















Skana was speechless. She didn't knew Skaadi long, but she know what it means to love someone as she was about to fall in love with Ylfa. The loss of someone dear is possibly the worst experience a person can go through, independent if undead, living, man or mer.

Ylfa couldn't hold her emotions when she shouted for Skaadi as she saw her collapsing.














Skaal closed his eyes, the moment of Skaadis death burned into them. "No... this can't be.. not my wife. Not my Skaadi. My love. I refuse this!"


Skaal began to speak to someone. Someone not present in the Cairn.

"God of magic. The one who granted me the vessel for my soul. One day i wanted to show it to her, i wanted to give her my soul as a present no man else could give his beloved wife."













Skaal was surrounded by a red aura of magicka as he continued to speak, his voice intensifying due to his anger.

"God of magic. Forgive me for i act now in my own interests. I summon my phylactery onto this plane."

Skaal shouted the words.



















The impossible happened. Time itself answered. A rift in reality opened infront of Auronus and swallowed Skaadis corpse.

For the first time Skana saw the Auroran warlord in disbelief. "What?! How is this possible? What have you done? How can the laws of Mundus answer to someone as you? Only the Architect is able to form reality!"














Skaadi reappeared in the same moment next to Skana and Ylfa, being very confused. "Uh.. what the? Didn't i just....?"

Ylfa was baffled but found her posture mere seconds later. "As it happens, your husband hid something from you, have you ever seen his phylactery?"

Skaadi didn't understand at first. "I... no. Why? I think his soul is something that only belongs to him so why should i...?"

Ylfa interrupted her."Skaadi, your husband just manipulated time and reality itself to prevent your death while it was already too late. Now he's summoning his phylactery, your husband is going for a full transformation for the first time!"

Skaadi knew exactly what Ylfa meant. Seeing her die must've made Skaal mad beyond comprehension. "Well, suits that Auroran bastard, i won't spoil that moment for Skaal. With expressing his rage against Auronus he wants to show me how much he loves me. Men are like that. This is his moment and he wants me to see it, as do I."














Skaal continued to speak to the entity he referred to as the god of magic.


"The laws are reshaped, but with my own addition. No harm was done to the planes. There is no reason to object. I am honored to be the bearer of the eye. Permit me to summon my phylactery and to become what i embody, i take full responsibility. What say you?!"















After a moment of nothingness. A tremendrous combination of multiple voices could be heard halling through the Cairn like an earthquake. The voices spoke as one. The ground shaking as they did."You who bear my eye, earned my trust over several decades, as much as i am disgusted by this world, i don't wish to see it destroyed. You have no damage done to the planes and i trust your wisdom that you never will."



After that single word. Skaals phylactery manifested in the Cairn.





















His phylactery being now in his posession Skaal reached the heights of Lichdom. The epitome of necromancy.

"Skaadi is safe. All that matters now is to satisfy my ire."


















Skaal issued a spell through mere words. "Auronus, your council is dust."















The auroran copies of Isran were hit by something undefinable. They began to disintegrate into nothingness. Silently. No screams of pain, nothing.














Skaadi Ylfa and Skana were also hit, but to a different effect. Skana was shocked at first. "Woah what the ?! What is this?"

Ylfa however noticed the difference."I don't know, but this feels kinda good. And we're not disintegrated, like those Isran freaks."

Skaadi just watched her husband.















Auronus was standing at the remains of what is left of his council. "It does not matter, they will be reborn in the waters of oblivion to serve Meridia once more. I don't understand why the Architect would grant his eye to you, but then again, Magnus cares little for Mundus aslong as it isn't subject to harm. I shall count myself proud to be able to face the might of the Et'Ada. I challenge you formally, Lich. You face Auronus, Warlord of Dawn, Champion of Meridia. By her decree i will destroy you!"















Skaal was seething. This daedra had the nerve the issue a formal challenge after all that transpired just now. "Meridian scum, you got the nerve to challenge me formally after what you did?!"blogentry-31550-0-60137300-1407890143.png













Skaal began to float infront of his phylactery while becoming rapidly skeletal. His voice became deeper and several metallic echoes clung to it when he spoke, continuing to change as he did. "I will enjoy the moment i crush your pitiful existence to nothingness."













Skaal was now completely skeletal, no flesh remained on his body. "I wont be formal, i won't accept surrender. I won't let you run. I will chase you on all planes if you do. Your existence is forfeit, not even the elder scrolls will be able to tell of you."

Auronus being a daedra, knowing how the laws of Mundus work, knew that Skaal was capable of destroying him permanently with the knowlegde of the eye. This only hardened his iron resolve. "I will serve Meridia to the very end, my challenge stands, complete your transformation and i will annihilate you."
















Skaals voice became metallic and deeper than anything Skana Ylfa or Skaadi have ever heard, the unreal echoes to it were as if ten molag bals were speaking all at once. He completed his transformation, emanating almost infinite magicka, in a purple dome around him.















Skaal just laughed with his voice halling from everywhere around him.








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What a strong cliffhanger to see Auronus ass whipped in the next chapter.

Come on, do it! Show us how the scum from Meridia dies!

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What a strong cliffhanger to see Auronus ass whipped in the next chapter.

Come on, do it! Show us how the scum from Meridia dies!


Well, let's see what happens in the next chapter. ;)


I just corrected the writing on the last few images, that was horrible. I shouldn't write stories at 4am without sleep.

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Can't wait to see that a-hole Auronus get kicked in his, er, A-hole.


P.S. Huh, Skana's kind of hot... Wait, does that make me a necrophiliac?

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I loved this one. Really waiting to Auronus get his ass kicked.


Believe me he won't go down with a fight. ;)


Can't wait to see that a-hole Auronus get kicked in his, er, A-hole.


P.S. Huh, Skana's kind of hot... Wait, does that make me a necrophiliac?


If the fact that she's undead turns you on, as it does me, then yes. :P

But then again i'm pretty sure i am necrophile to a certain extent. :ph34r:

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