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Chapter 17

Black Princess


Still featuring The Dust


- So Alana, where is your camel? 
- I left it here.




- If this camel is the same who brought me here, it should have went back to the tunnel. 




It doesn’t matter if I walk around naked or dressing this outfit. Bad things will happen anyway.




And I don’t care if someone kills me thinking I’m a Thalmor agent. I’m not anymore, but I wish I were. Oh look at me talking with myself. I’m going crazy.




Or am I already crazy? Maybe I am. If I wasn’t so selfish about Ruby I wouldn’t be here now.




- Dammit Elen, you tried to rape her and blamed her all your life. Where is she now? Is she still alive? 
-Shit. I ruined her life. I ruined my life!




- If she is still alive you should apologize her. 
- Yeah. I’m sorry Ruby. I’m sorry for being so selfish.




- Maybe I deserve all of this. Maybe I deserve to die alone in this desert.
- You don’t darling. Get up.




- Ruby, is that you? 
- We heard you screaming. 
- But how is that possible? 
- That’s a long history. But there’s no time to tell now. Let’s go away from this desert.






- Look at her. 




... She is so vunerable now. So older…




- What? Don’t listen to her. She is your only chance to leave this desert.




- Shut up. Both of you. Leave me in peace. 




… Two mirages are all I don’t need now.




- Finally we met again after all these years.




… Where is Leda? 
- I can take you to her. 
- Who are you? 
- Camila. I’ve been doing some dirt jobs for that dragon, but I’m tired. What about you?




- I’m Queen Emma and this is my ship that was stolen twenty years ago. 
- Well, I see we have a little bit in common.




- Now tell me where is she? 
- Inside a cave in an archipelago. It will take two weeks if we leave now. 
- How do I know I can trust you? 
- I need to come back to rescue someone who was kidnapped by her orders. 
- I won’t be coming back to Tamriel and I’ll take my ship back to my land. 
- Fine.






- No discretion is needed. We know each other well enough to know what happens next.




- What do you want? 
- The death of Morgana. 
- I can’t do it alone. 
- What about your sisters? 
- There are no sisters, it’s just me. 
- Really? 
- It was easy to get to you. Your crush on that peculiar woman. 
- My weakness. I can help you with two or three centurions. I didn’t find more of them and I don’t have the necessary equipment to build from scratch.




- Even with that, it’s not enough to get to Morgana. 
- But we can scare her. 
- We have only one chance to get to her. 
- What do you suggest? 
- Wait a friend come back from the desert. I hope she found who she was expecting to find. 
- And who this person is? 
- The dragonborn.




- The dragonborn? Isn’t the last one in Sovngard? 
- If it’s truth, then we can’t find against an army of falmers. 
- Or we can build our army of animunculi. I have three centurions and about ten spheres in my storeroom. We could go down Mzulft and get more. 
- I’m an assassin. I work on shadows. And I’m not crazy enough to fight against a machine. 
- I teach you how to turn them off before they can even detect you.




- It’s safe now. 
- I’m going to sleep




- Ruby, you got so older. 
- What did you expect? 25 years passed. And you look like 30. 
- I don’t eat meat, you know. 
- So it’s just what you eat? 
- Maybe. What happened to you these years? 
- Well, after your desperate need to have sex with me, I freaked out. You knew that I hated my body that way. 
- That way you mean you no longer have that?




- If you want to know if I’m a normal woman like you, yes. I have a pussy and periods every month, at least I had until last year. 
- But you didn’t come back to Skyrim. 
- The price I had to pay. 
- What is it? 
- To have a child and give it to someone else. They didn’t let me see her even after birth. All I know is she is 23 now. 
- It seems cruel. 
- It is. I don’t regret the decisions I made but that. 
- It wasn’t under your control.




- Yes, it wasn’t, but it is now, since I’m the oldest witch of the eight. 
- The eight… The coven? 
- Yes, the coven of the eight. 
- Wow, I wouldn’t have enough courage. 
- I made was necessary to cure that pain. I regret not raising that child but I’m proud of who I am now. 
- I’m sorry if I blamed you or spent years planning to kill you. I know where your daughter is. I kidnapped her.




- You what? Are you mad? 
- I think I am. Dammit I’m a kind of psycho. 
- Where is she now? 
- Somewhere even I don’t know how to reach. 
- I should left you to die in the desert. 
- I know and I deserve. 
- For sure.




Morgana is very well protected. It’s not smart to get to her now. I should find that crazy sister first. I hope she don’t be surprised to see me, since she didn’t honored her contract to kill me.





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Yeah but Elen's mirages were funny, and the whole chapter's aesthetics were well managed. And now that we've got the cast down, we can finally enjoy the story as well. :classic_biggrin: The « aging » thing gives more depth to it btw, even though the character's faces do not seem affected by it. :classic_smile:

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On 03/02/2018 at 7:08 PM, Tirloque said:

Yeah but Elen's mirages were funny, and the whole chapter's aesthetics were well managed. And now that we've got the cast down, we can finally enjoy the story as well. :classic_biggrin: The « aging » thing gives more depth to it btw, even though the character's faces do not seem affected by it. :classic_smile:

Elen is vegan, so she can reach 80 looking as if she's 40.


Younger (25) and elder (50) Ruby


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