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Death Alternatives



So, suppose you're using Death Alternative, and you lose a fight and end up in a blackout.


And when you wake up, it's still dark, but there's a voice:


Voice: Oh good, you're awake. No don't try to move just yet. You've been very sick and you need to rest.

PC ...

Voice: Here drink this.

PC: [ can choose to drink or be not - she has to drink either way. ]

Voice: That'll help you sleep. I'll look in on you later.




Faint images of people talking.


Voice A: ... so play alread! Whatcher got?

Voice B: All right!! All right. Seven swords.

Voice C: Huh. Five of Dagons.

Voice A: Yeah? Well nine Divines!

Voice B: Hey! Hey! Hey! You can't bid nine Divines!

Voice A: Oh yeah? Says who?

Voice B: Says the Thalmor. You're not allowed more than eight.

Voice A: Yeah? Well fuck the Thalmor. And fuck you too!

Voice C: I'd sooner fuck her. Anyone fancy picking some locks?

Voice A: Shhh! Quiet you! The boss is coming!


[ player passes out again ]


Voice: Easy now, it's just me. I thought you might be hungry, so I brought you some food. I hope you like chicken soup.

Voice: It's probably best if I spoon feed you. Open up now...


Player options:

[ open your mouth/keep your mouth closed/"W-what...?" ]


Open your mouth: "Good girl. We'll have you up and about in no time"

Keep closed: "Don't be silly..." An unseen hand effortlessly prises your mouth open

"W-What...?" : "Don't try to talk yet - you're still very weak."


Voice: Now, drink your soup...


[fade to black]


Voice A: ... is what they call a "cruel and unusual punishment"

Voice B: Dunno about that. They seem to be looking after her pretty well.

Voice A: Not for her, muttonhead! For me!

Voice B: Why? What you doing to you?

Voice A: What they doing? They're keeping me in here, looking at her but with only you to talk to.

Voice B: You could try and talk to her. I don't think she's awake though.

Voice A: I'm thinking about something a little less ... intellectual.

Voice B: Know what you mean. Hey, you think the boss'd be annoyed if we cheered for the other side?

Voice A: Huh? Why'd we do that?

Voice B: 'cause if she loses, we all get to take turns with her. That's why.

Voice A: Yeah? Well "come on you greens" then!


Recommended Comments

Just toying with a possible into for a quest. The quest will be repeatable but the intro will have to be a one-off; there's too much black screen and third party dialogue for most people. Me included I suspect.


I wonder if I can set it up so you can tab out of the screen.

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I must admit, I'm feeling quite keen to try my hand at modding again. I need to sort out a way to compile scripts using Mod Organizer though. There's a procedure on the STEP wiki, but it takes way too long to install and uninstall Zaz and sexlab each time I want to work on it.


Ah well, if it was easy, it wouldn't be so much fun :)

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