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Sanguine Debauchery API



blog-0787803001410471894.pngI will use this page to document the API functions I am adding to Sanguine Debauchery.


The principle of the API is simple - it uses messaging through variable in StorageUtil.


Here are a few commands already available.


Check if the player is enslaved:

StorageUtil.GetIntValue(Game.GetPlayer(), "_SD_iEnslaved")

Check if the player is infected by a Spriggan host:

StorageUtil.GetIntValue(Game.GetPlayer(), "_SD_iSprigganInfected")

Prevent an NPC/Follower from being stripped if enslaved (for special cases using Outfits, like the SexBot in SexLab Stories or Ali the Succubus in Alicia).

StorageUtil.SetIntValue( akActor, "_SD_iCanBeStripped", 0)

For more detailed commands, check out the wiki page in the Github repository:




Recommended Comments

Will it be possible to sell the PC into SD+ slavery?


I'm contemplating penalties for lazy racers in QAYL :)

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That's the goal. 


I am introducing options little by little. 


For now, it will be about allowing other mods to detect the state of SD+ enslavement and plan accordingly.

Eventually, I will add triggers for actions inside SD+.

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Oh, triggers, can't wait.  I seem to have a whole harem of players that want to get enslaved for talking to people with too many (devious) devices on them.

I do like the racers in QAYL getting punished for being slow.  That'll teach me to take the scenic route!  (Although, on the other hand, I do need a strong hand to guide me...)

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A small request, if it's not already there: can I have a way to temporarily suppress visits to the dreamworld? I have people going to sleep in a cage in QAYL and waking up Riften. I'd like to be able to ensure normal sleep while they were in that particular cage.


You could probably get away with a flag that reset after each sleep. I'd need to set it back again when they woke up, at least until the door opened.

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Sorry for the delayed response. Somehow, I am not getting notification that I have new replies waiting on my blog pages.


I made a note to add a flag to control dreamworld visits on sleep. That will be easy to do.

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